Lennart & Federweiss – Depart (Original Mix) – Snippet

Industrial yet deep, ‘Depart’ by Lennart & Federwiess comes under the third release of Hamburg based label LikeBirdz. True to its description put forth by the guys from the label, ‘Depart’ is clean track with a timeless and intimate quality that transcends typical dance music into something you would like to listen to over and over again… with or without the floor.

Agnes Obel – Riverside (Federweiss & LennArt Remix)

And now we have Federweiss and LennArt’s interpretation of the already famous ‘Riverside’ by Agnes Obel. I must say that this remix  is a big up in my list of good deep tech/deep house tracks. Not to mention the fact that it is the best remix of ‘Riverside’ I have heard. It begins with a minimal beat accompanied by an ever more simple piano melody. About 2 minutes down and the track elevates to a much higher level. Obel’s beautiful vocals are placed perfectly at such a point where the track gets even more deeper. Electric and sensational, ‘Riverside’ is going to go deep into you. Enjoy!

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