Getting Deeper Podcast #71 mixed by Mark Tarmonea

For Getting Deeper’s 71st podcast, Mark Tarmonea has taken us back to our soulful roots. It’s really refreshing to go back to something more melodic and warm after a long stretch of deep, spacey sounds. What I particularly love about Mark’s set is his choice of tracks and how he has strung them together to create a wonderful progression.

The set begins with lush, rooftop tracks. The vibe is of open air, sunny rooftop sessions with a cozy and comforting functionality. What happens next is a gradual blooming of grandiose stretches and soaring melodies… and boom, that’s when the set opens up into hypnotic beats and intoxicating… almost enchanting synths.

This is one of the few sets on Getting Deeper that’s absolutely banging for most kinds of dancefloors. Moving to the set is a direct result of beautiful and heady trips that are so easy to get lost into. I love it. I love how easy it is to lose yourself to this set.

We hope that the set does the same to you as it does to us.

Thank you Mark for such a heartwarming set. It’s absolutely lovely.

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Electric Feel – Henry Green (shagabond edit)

Shagabond’s edit of ‘Electric Feel’ is the deeper, sexier and more sensual sister of Kygo’s edit of Henry Green’s cover. It’s gentle, with soft beats and echoing synths… and feminine, with a light and airy texture. Feels like your heart is beating to it.

The end result: a beautiful and intimate sound perfect for late nights and candle lights. Enjoy 🙂

And it’s available for free download.

Dirty Vegas – Setting Sun (Audio Units Unreleased Remix)

India based Audio Units’ unreleased version of “Setting Sun” by Dirty Vegas is a perfect portrayal of what happens if you transform an otherwise commercial sounding tune to a gorgeously deep sound. Never failing to add their own signature style of sparkling melodies, rooftop vibes and spacey soundscapes… Audio Units have, once again, given us a lovely plate of colorful exuberance perfect for the deep palette. Satisfaction guaranteed.

The track is available for free download here.

RÜFÜS – Take Me (Miguel Campbell Remix)

Easily my favorite part in Christophe’s podcast for Getting Deeper, the coming in of “Take Me” by Rufus, remixed by Miguel Campbell is when the set takes off on another level for me. So I naturally had to search for it on Soundcloud and listen to it again, and again… and again.

Summery, disco beats are paired with very hot vibes in this track. The end result is a flirtatious and groovy sound packed with so much goodness that a lot of times it is hard to contain. Very tasteful and very handsome <3

Getting Deeper Podcast #49 mixed by Christophe De Laurentis

Getting Deeper’s 49th podcast by Christophe De Laurentis pays homage to the warm and soulful vibes that come with summer. It’s lovely how we can create stories within stories with music. Small, micro stories can be embedded in universal truths and emotions. In this case, I am referring to how we’ve been able to pair all these lovely podcasts with all the seasons that each year brings.

Christophe’s podcast is a set perfect for sunny Sundays, rooftop sessions, afternoon drives… and love; Love in its purest forms – not particularly in between relationships, but a love for anything in life in general, and how it brings feelings of liberation and warmth with it.

Lush, gorgeous melodies are bathed in timeless vibes in this set. The end result is an intoxicating, creamy and stunning 1 hour journey that will remind you of everything you have ever felt passionate about. I know that this might sound too intense, but sometimes… even without realizing it, our musical affections are influenced by all the various micro and macro experiences we have had, the ones we want to have and the ones we feel nostalgic for even though we have never had them. If I cannot do justice to both the music and these experiences, I truly haven’t explained it well.

Thank you Christophe 🙂 this set is a lovely package of heartwarming goodness.

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Felix Cartal – After Dark (Ex Boyfriend Remix)

We end this lovely night with a smooth, chill and sensually smokin’ track called “After Dark” by Felix Cartal, remixed by Ex Boyfriend. Chopped trap elements are incorporated with clear beats, heady synths, heavy vocals and wrapped around lush vibes. It’s intoxicating, it’s hot and it’s going to make you come back for more. Truly made for those after dark moments.

Tinashe — Vulnerable (Dave Luxe Remix)

Dave Luxe’s remix of ‘Vulnerable’ by Tinashe is everything sensual a Chillwave track can contain. Packed with melodic, echoing synths, airy vocals and a sparkling, electric vibe… ‘Vulnerable’ is going to make you explode as and when it blooms. Absolutely lovely.

The track is available for free download here.

Moody Good – Grumbles n Sparkles (feat. Rejjie Snow & Joshua Idehen)

Rap is not something we usually post about on Getting Deeper… but my God! I have never heard anything like this track. ‘Grumbles n Sparkles’ by Moody Good feat. Rejjie Snow & Joshua Idehen is a grimy, dirty and raw track with a power so strong that it will shock you inside out. Industrial beats are placed over melodic instrumentals and under a perfectly synced dialogue. Not only does it sync beat wise but every single line spoken in it is compliments the track’s vibe. This is dark. It’s mysterious. It’s powerful, very hard and deeply banging. Believe me when I say this. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea… but if you find yourself liking this, I can guarantee you that you will be going back for more.

The Angelcy – My Baby Boy (Junge & Mädchen Remix).

Junge & Mädchen’s remix of The Angelcy’s ‘My Baby Boy’ is a luscious Deep House track with melodic undertones, deep seated beats and a soulful vibe. It takes you to tiny, European alleys, old school cafes and love in the Noir. I love it when soundtracks have a very distinct style… an essence so strong that it is immediately recognizable. And what is even more wonderful is when artists carry that with them wherever they go and in whatever they produce. I have a feeling Junge & Mädchen are going to be like that!

Sebastian Carter – Stranger Sights (feat. Henry Green)

Britain’s Sebastian Carter just released ‘Stranger Sights’ feat. Henry Green… and it’s already making waves. Deep beats are paired with airy vocals to produce a sensual, atmospheric and rooftop vibe in this one. It’s one of those tracks that, while being played, touch you deep in your soul to the extent that you can feel all your senses responding to the music. The resulting experience is wholesome, heartwarming and incredibly good.

The track is available for free download here.

Check out the video for ‘Stranger Sights’ made by Jack Toohey:

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