Sebastian Carter – Stranger Sights (feat. Henry Green)

Britain’s Sebastian Carter just released ‘Stranger Sights’ feat. Henry Green… and it’s already making waves. Deep beats are paired with airy vocals to produce a sensual, atmospheric and rooftop vibe in this one. It’s one of those tracks that, while being played, touch you deep in your soul to the extent that you can feel all your senses responding to the music. The resulting experience is wholesome, heartwarming and incredibly good.

The track is available for free download here.

Check out the video for ‘Stranger Sights’ made by Jack Toohey:

Emancipator – Minor Cause (Video)

‘Minor Cause’ is one of the best tracks in Emancipator’s most recent album ‘Dusk to Dawn’ on Loci Records. Once again, Emancipator’s music never fails to enchant us. He creates a magical world with ‘Minor Cause,’ that, together with its video (directed by Ben Moon)  is deeply hypnotic and majestic. Melodic intricacies, soft beats and drifting sounds make up the hallmark of Emancipator’s music, which is divine and stunningly beautiful.

Emancipator is still the most respected and admired artist here on Getting Deeper. Play this loud, and let it carry you to another dimension.

Solar Fields – Breeze (Video)

An old favorite called ‘Breeze’ by Solar Fields. Both the song and the artist hold a very special place in my heart. Beautiful video, and an even more beautiful artist.

Alfi – Believer (Video)

Alfi gives us another masterpiece created out of his immense talent. The first time I saw ‘Believer’ was in my friend’s place late at night, and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. Today, I visit Alfi again, and let myself be swept away all over again. The video is a series of clips from the movie ‘A Space Odyssey.’ The surreal and mind blowing characteristic of the track goes perfectly well with the outer worldly nature of space. It literally takes you out of this world and suspends you in time.


Eskmo – Cloudlight (video)

Videos like this is what the VMAs should be nominating.

Solomun – Kackvogel

Love love love love!!!

If this doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will.

Nicolas Jaar live in Budapest (2012)

This is the first video to be featured on Space Ambient. I guess I just had to write about it because it’s so epic that it deserves to be featured and written about. Plus if I find something I really like, I can’t help but not share it. I haven’t seen such a dark, deep, creative and powerful electronic music act. What you will be seeing here is Nicolas Jaar’s performance of ‘Time for us’ and ‘Space is only noise if you can see’ at the Electronic Beats festival in 2012  in Budapest. I love the lights, the sax, the guitar and Nicolas Jaar’s addition of electronic sounds. There is so much soul in the entire act… so beautiful. Nicolas Jaar truly is king. I haven’t come across anything to match up to this; not in the electronic sphere at least. Ecstatically soul shattering, piercing beauty.

Remain – Ignorance

Remain – Ignorance

Album: Dependance EP

Year: 2008

[embedit snippet=”hp”]

Solar Fields – Breeze

Both the song and the video are mind blowing.

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