CloZee – Electric Forest 2018 Mix [YourEDM Premiere]



Watch my interview on YourEDM: http://bit.ly/2Gax1pV

Electric Forest was the most beautiful festival experience I’ve ever had. Lots of incredible surprises and moments: between moving to the Sherwood Court on WKND1, to play on Tripolee during a hot day (but still having so many of you guys hanging out with me!!), and to have an additional set on Jubilee at night on WKND2… I came back to France sooo inspired!

It was a must for me to share this mix with you, as playing there was one of my dreams, and I want to thank all of you for being there during this amazing journey. I’m now very happy to share with you my mix from the Sherwood Court Stage (The Tripolee set was 90% similar).

JUBILEE Stage Mix: http://bit.ly/2FUTibX


CloZee – Intro
ID (CloZee Remix)
Mazde – Neverland (MEMBA Remix)
CloZee – Apsara Calling
Sumthin Sumthin – Moon
CloZee – Drip (VIP)
Senbeï – Lucy (CloZee Remix)
CloZee – The Golden Mask
CloZee – Spiral
CloZee – ID
CloZee – Red Forest
CloZee – Lonely Island
Zephyr – Camouflage (mashup with ‘Intro’ by Weval)
CloZee – Black Panther
CloZee – Harmony
Tha Trickaz – Heritage (CloZee Remix)
Milano – I Love You
MEMBA – O.D. (feat. TITUS)
CloZee – Desert
Senbeï – Shinjuku Street (edit)
CloZee – Secret Place
Ratatat – Loud Pipes (CloZee Remix)
Barbatuques – Baiana (CloZee Remix 2.0)
CloZee – Our Voices
Tha Trickaz – Robbery Song (Senbeï Remix)
Giraffage – Earth (edit)
CloZee – Koto
CloZee – Inner Peace
Hataah – The Goddess
RJD2 – Ghostwriter (CloZinger Remix)

11. Silence Ft Sina.



For Marcus
releases September 28, 2018

All tracks written and produced by Andrew Hobbs & Daniel Blishen

Refuse by Andrew Hobbs, Daniel Blishen & Delroy Pottinger

Another Sunlight by Andrew Hobbs, Daniel Blishen & Cerys Cooper

Beat Fate by Andrew Hobbs, Daniel Blishen, Charles Vann & Illingsworth. Scratching by Jon Furst

$$$ by Andrew Hobbs, Daniel Blishen & Mitchel Ruiz

No One Man by Andrew Hobbs, Daniel Blishen & Charles Vann

November by Andrew Hobbs, Daniel Blishen & Stephen Zales

Silence by Andrew Hobbs, Daniel Blishen & Barry Gordon

Artwork by Simon Buckley

Mastered by Bob Macciochi @ SC Mastering www.scmastering.com

MNMT 141: Ness (Live at Fuse)



Ness returns to the Monument podcast with a live recording from Fuse. Get ready for an hour of his trademark deep and driving sound.

Getting Deeper Podcast #116 mixed by Henheimer

Henheimer is back on Getting Deeper this time with a GD podcast – an electric, deep future disco set with a dark and sexy vibe.

Henheimer: @henheimer

Getting Deeper: www.gettingdeeper.de

KALIFER | Hadra Altervision Records Series Vol.2 | 17/01/2019



The Hadra Altervision series continues. Carefully blended for RadiOzora, Alexander presents you this set that contains tracks from his latest compilation and some of the finest tracks released the last year.


1-Aora Paradox- Pulsar Alpha
2-State Azure- Emerald Veil
3-Iorie- Creep
4-Jacob Groening- Kopru Ortas
5-Serkan Kalgor- Mystic Codes
6-Shai T- Jericho
7-Shkoon- Ala Moj Al Bahr (JAVID Remix)
8-Karhua- Kugelfisch auf Abwegen
9-Birds of minds- Flying Through the Souls Just_Emma_Remix
10-Shkoon- Letters (Timujin Remix)
11-Shkoon, Fruiterama- Napauken Feat. Fruiterama
12-Jugurtha- Sophonisbe (Jacob Groening Remix)
13-Tony Casanova- Dreaming of Space
14-Jugurtha- Khayyam (Original Mix)
15-Elfenberg- Bazaar
16-Hannes Fischer, Coss- Kabuffeule (iorie Remix)

Dj Kalifer aka SolEye (his PsyChill side project) is known to fill the most beautiful European Chillfloor like Psy-fi , Hadra , Harmonic , South Nature , Karma Kusala , Stone Moon etc …
His connection with the public is hypnotic, intense and favorising interconnections.

2018 is marked by the release of his first compilation “Deep Resonance” release by Hadra Altervision Records.

He is a DJ of ten years of experience. He integrates 4 years ago Hadra Altervision Records.
he is also involved in the programation for Hadra Trance Festival. He is also stage manager for this international festival.

DJ Sol Eye on Facebook | Soundcloud

Premiere: Solink – Masks [Poyptych]



Our latest track is hypnotic, melodic techno dance piece by Solink called ‘Masks,’ released by Polyptych.

Solink: @solinkk

Poyptych: @polyptychmusic

Getting Deeper: @getting-deeper

Nico Tober Live @Be Brave 18.01.19



Have fun with my 1st Live Set from the year 2019.
Be Brave and listen. <3

More info :

Nico Tober
SC: http://bit.ly/2jxQvHd

SC: @katahaifisch
FB: bit.ly/2QHNUOz
IG: bit.ly/2QOp937

Download for free on The Artist Union

Premiere: Anton Lanski – Never Knew Her [Seven Villas Records]



Our next premiere is from Anton Lanski on Seven Villas Records with ‘Never Knew Her.’

Anton Lanski: @antonlanski

Seven Villas Records: @seven-villas-records

Getting Deeper: www.gettingdeeper.de

Premiere: Timo Veranta & Henheimer – Escape (Original Mix)



Today we premiere the 3rd Track ‘Escape’ by
Timo Veranta & Henheimer on their ‘Hustle’ 3 Track EP
(incl. Dave Wincent remix)
released on italian label Frequenza Records.

Timo Veranta: @timo-veranta

Henheimer: @henheimer

Frequenza Records: @frequenza-records

Getting Deeper: @getting-deeper



11. Ich Hab Bock auf Alpha Particle Assembly



The 11th set in our ‘Ich Hab Bock auf Techno’ Podcast series
is an exclusive mix by Alpha Particle Assembly who is based in Haarlem/NL.

Alpha Particle Assembly: @alphaparticleassembly_x

Getting Deeper: @getting-deeper