David Hasert & Matteo Luis – Watermelon (Tim Engelhardt Remix)

Recently released on Dantze, Tim Engelhardt‘s remix of David Hasert & Matteo Luis‘ ‘Watermelon’ is an infectious tune best suited for orange skies and lush vibes. We like to call that a sunset.

Melodic and hypnotic, the track is a juicy package of warm, fruity vibes. It’s hard not to feel mushy and fuzzy inside while listening to this gorgeous track… and extremely difficult to stop referring to it in terms related to… well… a watermelon. You just can’t get over its melodic goodness. Yummy.

Steve Huerta – Bear Witness

‘Bear Witness’ by Steve Huerta is an upcoming February release on London based label Anjunadeep. Deep, with warm beats and groovy overtones… ‘Bear Witness’ is a feel good concoction that immediately transports you to a fuzzy, warm setting with lush vibes. Real smooth and real deep. We love it!

Ghosts Of Paraguay – Needing You (Kaiori Breathe Remix)

An old favorite, I ended up rediscovering Kaiori Breathe‘s remix of ‘Needing You’ by Ghosts of Paraguay all over again on Digitally Imported radio. Apt to its genre, this track is a chilling piece of divinity. It is beautifully haunting… and a complete relaxing experience to listen to. Enjoy.

The track is available for free download here.

Lennart & Federweiss – Depart (Original Mix) – Snippet

Industrial yet deep, ‘Depart’ by Lennart & Federwiess comes under the third release of Hamburg based label LikeBirdz. True to its description put forth by the guys from the label, ‘Depart’ is clean track with a timeless and intimate quality that transcends typical dance music into something you would like to listen to over and over again… with or without the floor.

Aparde – Erosion

Released on Stil vor Talent, ‘Loom’ by Aparde is a 4 track EP with a dark and deep atmosphere made up of  dense beats and  subtle progressions. ‘Erosion’ is a free download, released under the same title but not included in the main EP. It does a killer job of representing the essence of Loom. Spacey, ambient soundscapes together with drifting vocals makes this track a stunning companion to grey, steely winter skies. A must listen for anyone who loves their beautifully haunting electronic music.

It’s available for free download. 

Electric Feel – Henry Green (shagabond edit)

Shagabond’s edit of ‘Electric Feel’ is the deeper, sexier and more sensual sister of Kygo’s edit of Henry Green’s cover. It’s gentle, with soft beats and echoing synths… and feminine, with a light and airy texture. Feels like your heart is beating to it.

The end result: a beautiful and intimate sound perfect for late nights and candle lights. Enjoy 🙂

And it’s available for free download.

Madbliss – Lust

It’s been such a long time since I’ve set out to explore individual tracks on my own. I have only been listening to sets and podcasts especially because they give such good company during long journeys, which take up an important part of my day. My commute to and from work is almost 2 hours, and there is nothing better than an hour long beautiful aural story to go along with it. While sets are absolutely amazing for such situations (or any situation for the most part), they also have a big downside in the eyes of music aficionados like me. Downside because it really limits you to a particular genre, makes you lazy to go out and explore music of your own, and generally just reduces your music library to an obsolete collection because you get so comfortable in the space created by sets.

And so, today I deliberately told myself that it is (without a question) time to go back to where I started from – plain, raw and ruthless song (and soul) searching. Plus, it’s not nice to see Getting Deeper’s first page filled with (mostly) sets. As much as I love them, I feel like I am not fulfilling my duty well.

Now, enough of the back story. Let’s get to the point: this gorgeous, creamy and sensually stunning track: ‘Lust’ by Madbliss, released by Future Beats Records. In my first 5 minutes of song searching, I found this and it reminded me of how much good music there is for me to discover and write about.

The track is a short, 3 minutes piece packed with goodness. It is a perfect combination of sexy, classy and downright smooth… and an absolute must for your beats playlist.

The track is available for free download here. 

Chet Faker x WKND – Lover

It’s been a while since we have gone back to our soulful roots. And so, it’s nice that the charming Max Seethaler aka WKND from Germany has given Getting Deeper the pleasure of posting a soulful deep house interpretation of Chet Faker’s ‘Lover.’ Groovy, summer melodies are a perfect accompaniment to Chet Faker’s warm vocals in this one. WKND has tapped into that and created a lush package of love, deep house and warmth.

The best part? It’s available for free download. 

Enjoy 🙂

Oliver – Control (Topi Remix)

Topi’s remix of Oliver’s control is a futuristic, synth heavy track with a divine vibe that I absolutely love. He has paired a magnificent intro with a mind blowing progression in a 5 minute package that will make you want to play it again and again. If you were listening to music on a spaceship, this should be it… and that’s one of the reasons why I have rightfully called it Space Disco. It’s sparkling space disco goodness. Yummy.

And it’s available for free download.


Boy Next Door – Living A Lie + Benotmane + Oliver Koletzki Remix

When I saw releases on Stil Vor Talent today, I knew I couldn’t pass them without giving them a listen, and they are magnificent, as usual. If you’ve listened to other stuff on Stil Vor Talent, you’d know about it’s tendency to release melodically cohesive tracks with a sublime and emotional element.

Boy Next Door’s ‘Living A Lie’ has similar elements of majesty and beauty. It spells Stil Vor Talent.

Our favorite, though, is Benotmane’s remix of ‘Living A Lie.’ It’s deep, divine and extremely gorgeous.

Next comes Oliver Koletzki’s remix of the original. His remix has a more hard character better suited for dancefloors. If the original is soft, melodic techno, then Koletzki’s remix is the badder, harder brother of the original. Enjoy 🙂

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