Yulya Dahl

Pusteflocke – Since 1999

Pusteflocke’s ‘Since 1999’ is a melodic and dark deep tech set that is going to bang you out of your body. Right from the beginning till the end, the french lady promises to serve you a wholesome platter of subtle yet vibrant sounds. She builds an atmosphere of spacey and timeless vibes, and places them on top of sinister beats. The final package is a tasteful, deep and classy set. Very, very nice!

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Getting Deeper Podcast #24 mixed by Filthy Duke

Berlin’s Filthy Duke aka Pascal gives Getting Deeper a unique and sinister set for its 24th podcast. When I first listened to Filthy Duke’s ‘Raum’ and ‘Downdraft,’ I knew this man had taste. A taste that not only picked great tracks but picked them from various genres and vibes, particularly those that carried immense depth and a unique sound universe. And that’s exactly what Filthy Duke has packed in this 1 hour musical journey of outer worldly and surreal vibes.

In this set, he builds a unique atmosphere of futuristic, spacey and ecstatic sounds that will leave you suspended in time. By exploring the wide possibilities of combining ambient and industrial soundscapes with slow deep house, minimal and downtempo, Filthy Duke cultivates a beautiful and sublime timeless  progression of magnificent tracks. Individually, each and every track adds great depth to the set while at the same time makes the entire set a whole, giving you the impression that this is a 1 hour journey of one long track designed to take you out of your body and into space…. and slowly bringing you back to Earth.

If I had to pin down music that represents existentialism, it would be this. Absolutely beautiful.

Thank you Filthy Duke… this is a one of a kind set on Getting Deeper! It takes me back to those times when I only found pleasure in slow and dark music. This is amazing 🙂

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Getting Deeper Podcast #21 mixed by Marcel Drache

For Getting Deeper’s 21st podcast, we’ve got a combination of deep tech, minimal and tech house mixed by Germany’s Marcel Drache. I’ve got so many Germans on Getting Deeper’s Podcast series that it really makes me wonder why I am not there already. But lets keep my far reaching dream of going to Germany aside for now, and let’s talk about this wonderful set instead.

Beginning with a tech style minimal intro, Marcel Drache pushes this set forward with many swirls and ups as well as deeper downs to create a nice 1 hour, 20 minutes ride of both spacey and concrete tunes. At times the set gets so banging and at other times it gets so dreamy that you won’t realize from where to where you’ve gone. On a larger level, the end result is wicked vibes that come out in discrete and mysterious ways.

Yes, this podcast inclines more towards the dark side, and that’s great because as much as we love summery and soulful tunes, we also love their dark counterparts that come with sinister beats and mischievous sounds.

Very nice set Marcel! Thank you for putting Getting Deeper a step higher in the ladder of dark house 🙂

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Robert Solva – August Mix 2013

Good Afternoon 🙂 We have a holiday here tomorrow in India, so we have a long weekend ahead of us! Let’s welcome the upcoming weekend with our set of the day – the banging ‘August Mix 2013’ by Robert Solva from Belgium. Nice, tasteful deep house is delivered through this set by combining some of the best sounding tracks that don’t have any frills attached. Get ready for some killer breakdowns, wicked progressions and minimal beats.  Enjoy 🙂

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Getting Deeper Podcast #19 mixed by El Chriso

El Chriso from Vienna, who is the one half of Wetliner, has a long list of sets and podcasts that are sure to give you maximum satisfaction if you are the soulful type. And here on Getting Deeper, we delight in all this abundance of soul and love… so it is not surprising that El Chriso meets Getting Deeper for its 19th podcast.

El Chriso’s 19th podcast for Getting Deeper is a mix of sugary concoctions and hard hitting beats. Comprising of a slow, deep intro that slowly leads the way to more groovy tunes, this set is going to take you down a pure deep house journey. But the essence of this set lies in its comforting and warm vibes that make great figures not only in your room but also in your car, especially during late nights and cold weathers.

Melodic deep house tracks together with banging beats are blended and swirled together to give a seamless 1 hour ride in this one. While the progression is seamless, it actually takes you up and down quite surprisingly. And ironically, the reason it is surprising is because it is seamless… Smooth enough to not make you realize when the set turns from soft and sensual to banging and funky.

Thank you El Chriso for this lovely podcast! It’s great to have you as the 19th member to the Getting Deeper family <3

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Getting Deeper Podcast #17 mixed by World Tour Diary

World Tour Diary aka Lucas Fischer gives us the 17th podcast for Getting Deeper with a heartwarming effort and lots of love. And how it shows in this wonderful set. Incredibly soulful, with an abundance of instrumental melodies, beautiful vocals and deep beats, World Tour Diary has curated this set with perfection.You will notice that right from the guitar infused intro to the sensual mid and right till the sentimental end. For this and so many more reasons, this set is going to touch you deep into your heart and your soul.

It took me on a journey of down to earth memories and moments where I have fallen in love. It made me fall in love again with life and with this day, and I cannot thank Lucas enough for that.

Thank you Lucas for gracing Getting Deeper with such a lovely set <3 It is absolutely beautiful.

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LMC x Wayvee – Me & You

What a lovely song to spend this Friday with. Me & You is a marriage between Wayvee and LMC, giving you even more than what you expect out of them. Welcome a soulful guitar sample with airy male vocals that are topped with a massive, trap influenced beat. I’ve never got summer vibes from trap… never… until now of course. Trap has either been very hardcore or sensually late night. This, however, as the lyrics suggest, is pure sunshine placed on you like a warm blanket. Enjoy <3

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Garry Woodapple – Fly me to the moon

And now we have the set of the day by our very own Garry Woodapple called ‘Fly me to the moon.’ Well Garry, I can definitely say that I am flying right now while listening to the set. The best part about his sets is that he carefully picks sublime intros and incorporates them in such a way that their end will be a beginning to a very surprising deep house beat. ‘Fly me to the moon’ comprises of an ethnic intro with organic instruments, slow beats and a beautiful vibe. After this long and relaxing intro, the set moves on to a minimal deep house track that will truly make you fly. Get deeper into it, and you will see that the set is an exotic package of ethereal, earthy and slightly dark sounds that are very fresh to listen to.

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Wayvee x Elaksi – The Reason

Good morning <3 Such a smooth way to start this Thursday morning with ‘The Reason’ by Wayvee and Elaksi. Trap influenced beats with atmospheric undertones lay a bed of sensual softness in this one. I can see how this genre is growing in the electronic music sphere, and for all the right reasons. It is clearly a product of today’s highly electronic generation, but with a strong touch of exclusivity and class! And that’s exactly why it’s on Getting Deeper. Enjoy 🙂

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Getting Deeper Podcast #12 mixed by GeräuschKulisse

On my way back from work I was thinking about how I am going to post this podcast today. I am noticing that I am beginning to perform some sort of a ritual before I listen to these wonderful sets made by even more wonderful artists for Getting Deeper. And I knew exactly what I wanted to do before I started writing about this podcast. There is one thing that I absolutely will not miss, and that’s listening to the set (no matter how many times I have played it before) while writing about it.

So, I am currently listening to it… and, here it goes:

This time, GeräuschKulisse brings us this deeply soulful podcast with melodic tunes, warm beats and summery vibes. It’s quite cold outside, perfect because there is nothing more comforting than this set right now. And comfort tastes the best in cold, wintery nights. There is nothing like a warm cup of tea, or the comfort of your own bed or a warm soulful deep house set in winter… what we call the simple pleasures of life.

Infused with both English and German vocals, this podcast still retains the same warm vibe throughout. Each track is placed with the others in a perfect position. Not to mention that the tracks themselves are so damn lovely…. giving you exactly what you want: a wholesome 1 hour, 30 minutes treat for your ears. So nice.

Thank you GeräuschKulisse 🙂 This podcast made my night.

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