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Getting Deeper Podcast #70 mixed by Kai Hillman

For Getting Deeper’s 70th podcast, Kai Hillman has given us a beautiful and clean deep tech set perfect for long drives.

What you will find is deep, repetitive music laced with swirling, spacious melodies arising from a post-techno style. Which means that the set embodies softer, deeper sounds that contemporary techno carries, as opposed to old school, raw techno that is more fast paced with harder edges.

It is that repetitive character in the set’s functionality that makes it so timeless. Subtle transitions and hypnotic melodies make it an absolute must for any kind of journey. It’s slow and steady with grandiose stretches, just like a long therapeutic drive in a big but empty city late during the night. The set captures that feeling of being comfortably lost and provides an accurate snapshot of the drive that quite often accompanies that feeling.

It wouldn’t have been possible without a good hand that knows how to work with the technicalities of mixing sets. Kai has, indeed, made a set that is mixed in such a way that it never loses its balance. The result is not many tracks, but one deep and timeless sound… swirling around its own axis, and gently taking you into the cosmic world of deep, lush techno.

And that gives the set a clear musical identity.We love it.

Thank you Kai for such a heartwarming effort!

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Getting Deeper Podcast #57 mixed by V i v i d

Pakistan’s V i v i d aka Hassan Malik has given us an exquisite set that we are very proud to publish. It is much more massive and divine than expected. We know Hassan’s sets as one of those that carry a very impressive consistency. This set however, has a richer, more gorgeous consistency that will blow your mind away.

Choice of tracks is incredibly deep with a strong dose of dreamy melodic goodness. Each track is made to sound better by a thoughtful and intelligent order in which they are mixed. It’s perfect… and done in such a way that the set starts with a slow, spacey sound and gradually moves on to more mesmeric and intoxicating melodies.

The consistency is mature and smooth. Hassan has masterfully molded it into something divine, timeless and absolutely stunning. It’s hard to find other sets than can match up to the craft of this one. I wish I had more words, more analogies and more metaphors stored somewhere in the back of my head to explain how excellent this set is! I guess beautiful things in life are not meant to be explained… just felt.

So press that play button when you have a good 1 hour 30 minutes to devote your time to a sublime listening experience. I promise you  it won’t disappoint you.

Thank you Hassan, this set is truly stunning.

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Getting Deeper Podcast #52 mixed by Der Name

Der Name, i.e., Stephan from Germany has given us a divinely colorful set for Getting Deeper’s 52nd podcast. Soul shattering, mind expanding and chillingly stunning, this set is a beautiful mixture of highs and lows that you can easily get lost into.

When you start listening to it, the set first introduces itself with a deep, rooftop vibe. Stephan then moves on to deeper sounds with more underground tones. At this point a nice, quirky bassline makes a welcome appearance and grungy, industrial sounds take over the center stage. Cross the first half, and you will be traveling through grandiose stretches of deep beats and cosmic, intoxicating melodies. Absolutely glorious.

Unbound by genre orthodoxy, Stephan has interestingly created an aural package of deep house, tech house and finally techno. Sometimes melodic, sometimes deeply banging and other times intensely emotional… you will be surprised by how well this set either keeps you on your toes or keeps you in a dreamy, mesmerized state.

An excellent track selection finally makes up the essence of this set. The end result is a tightly knit package of timeless, sublime music. It couldn’t have gotten more deeper.

Thank you Stephan!

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Getting Deeper Podcast #45 mixed by Oscar Ozz

For Getting Deeper’s 45th podcast, Berlin based Oscar Ozz has given us a phenomenal set with banging beats, warm tones and a timeless vibe all wrapped around a majestic track selection.

It’s mature and consistent with what it promises to deliver in the beginning of the set, which is nothing but a lovely start to a banging journey. Disjointed synths and varying drum styles make up the hallmark of the entire set, making it perfect for the dance floor. It’s rare to find sets like this because most sets are quite predictable, with consistent beats and tested progressions.

But when a set like this comes along, it shocks you out of your body. This is because Oscar has not only chosen tracks that are banging, but he has chosen them with class. There is much more to each and every track than a mere sound made for a dance ritual. They are intense, divine and sure to create an exciting aural trip for you. It’s far from boring, and we can promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

The essence of the set lies in its extraordinary ability put you in a state of trance. It’s hypnotic, stunning and incredibly enjoyable. The vibe is consistent, classy and smoking hot.

Thank you Oscar. This set is fantastic.

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Getting Deeper Podcast #43 mixed by Simon Drosten

It’s been 2 weeks since we’ve uploaded a new podcast, and we couldn’t have been happier to break the spell with Simon Drosten’s set for Getting Deeper. Simon has always been respected and admired on Getting Deeper. This is because he has a lovely ability to create sets that carry immense depth and meaning. They aren’t a mere compilation of good music strung together in a tightly knit package. They go way beyond that.

Intensely emotional and touching, Simon’s set for Getting Deeper’s 43rd podcast is a sonic representation of a photographic story. Sensual, mature love, fleeting moments and unsaid gestures are captured in this set, at least in the first half. What comes after is a release… an explosion of everything that was never meant to stay cocooned. It’s the aftermath of a love story – the point when you realize, deep down… that it’s just you. When you know that the time has finally come to create your own story… a complete, uninhibited and very liberating expression of individual identity.  You will know it when the music starts ringing through your entire body. It will come, after the first half of this set. And you will know it.

Without saying much, I think I have still said a lot about this set. For the rest, I am going to leave it to your imagination. Listen, close your eyes and let it blow you.

Thank you Simon <3 We are very proud to have such an exquisite set on Getting Deeper!

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Getting Deeper Podcast #35 mixed by D33P

Isreal’s D33P gives Getting Deeper a nice gift as its 35th podcast. His set for Spirit Soul was one of the best sets I had heard in a while, and right then I knew that I had to get a podcast from him on Getting Deeper.  His taste was definitely something that Getting Deeper needed to tap into.

The combination of deep, grungy vibes and melodic sounds is exactly what I had expected from the set, and to my satisfaction the set was much beyond my expectations. As you dive deeper into it, it gets more and more electrifying. It’s subtly dark and mysterious texture makes it a perfect accompaniment to night. And the best part? The vibe is consistent. You get a nice taste of the overall vibe in the beginning, and it promises to remain the same if not more intense till the end.

I like that because when you start listening to a set, you continue to listen to it because you like how it sounds in the beginning. You like the vibe, you like what it makes you feel and more importantly the set feels perfect for the kind of mood you are in. I must mention that vibe is not the same as sound. You can have many different types of tracks, with different layers, variations and even speed. All kinds of genres can be packed in a set, as long as the vibe remains consistent. And when it is, it’s so damn satisfactory from the beginning till the end.

D33P promises to do that with his set for Getting Deeper. So when you listen to it and you like it…don’t stop. It just gets better and better.

Thank you D33P! This is exactly what Getting Deeper needs at this moment 🙂

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Getting Deeper Podcast #34 mixed by DennyD

Today is such a perfect time to upload this set by DennyD for Getting Deeper. It’s the kind of music that is perfect for Sundays. Sublime and subtly melodic, Denny’s set is going to lift you up slowly and consistently from the beginning till the end.

This set has a different texture of deep. Deep music for night has, according to me, more underground, grungy and wicked sounds. But ‘deep’ as a genre during the day has a much lighter, more sublime texture. It’s more melodic, more soulful and definitely more glorious. Not that music for night is any less… it’s just different, and gorgeous in its own unique way.

Denny has created a lovely podcast with an immaculate track selection that soothes you from inside it. It touches you deep in your heart with it’s simplicity and down to earth character. The first time I listened to the set I was so happy. It was a therapeutic dose of loveliness that I needed so badly. It has been on repeat ever since.

It’s great to find artists who can create such beautiful sets with tracks that have so much depth in them. It only makes you think of how the personality of the person who created it is. After all, if you can create something with so much depth, there has to be something in you to reflect that in your creation.

Thank you Denny! This is pure comfort music that we need very badly.

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Getting Deeper Podcast #33 mixed by Mr. Randerson

Our 33rd member in the Getting Deeper Podcast series is Rassmus Anderson aka Mr. Randerson. He brings with his podcast a deep and grungy side to a fairly new genre called ‘Slowmotion Deep House.’ And as the title suggests, the sound is characteristic particularly of the lower BPM range in Deep House.

Mr. Randerson begins the set with an incredibly deep and exotic introduction. I really did not expect a psychill vibe to come out of the first track. Slowly and smoothly, he transitions to much deeper, underground sounds with consistent, clear and compressed beats. There is a very obvious consistency in the set, which is great because it makes the podcast even more deep, with a depth that can only be associated with quality, underground electronica.

It feels like the set was born after midnight in a dark, secret room. I can imagine the room being very minimalist. Dim lighting, mind blowing speakers and a few, true fans and fanatics of underground music.

Very tastefully, Mr. Randerson continues to maintain a sinister vibe throughout the entire length of the set’s time. Sometimes it gets a little funky, just enough to satisfy the need for some melodic groove. The end result: a tightly knit set for a minimal appetite.

Thank you Mr. Randerson! This set is pure class.

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Getting Deeper Podcast #28 mixed by Meise & Huhn

Meise & Huhn – a lovely blend of Frau Meise & Herr Huhn from Germany, have given Getting Deeper just exactly what it needs for its 28th podcast. A deeply melodic and soulful treat welcomed me this winter as I came back from one of  the most amazing holidays I have had till date. It was very nice to come back home and listen to this comforting 1 hour set. And so the entire day consisted of a satisfying win of this wonderful podcast over post holiday blues.

Meise & Huhn have blended a spectacular composition of swirling melodies, earthly beats and intensely emotional vibes that are going to comfort you deep in your soul. Just like the pure joy of finding a connection with beautiful people or beautiful places, this set creates a similar atmosphere by taking you back to the feeling of experiencing such sublime states.

To top all of that, the podcast sometimes takes you to dreamy and surreal dimensions by incorporating electric and colorful currents of melodies, sounds and reverberations. Absolutely fucking amazing.

Thanks to Meise & Huhn, we’ve got a set to blow our minds away from start to finish.

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Getting Deeper Podcast #27 mixed by Cinthie

As with all good things in life that don’t come easy, this podcast too took us a lot of time and effort but the end result was absolutely worth it. And so, it is finally here – our 27th only vinyl set by the lovely Cinthie – recorded with perfection and lots of class.

Deep House greets us again for our 27th podcast, but this time we’ve got some nice, deep beats and a consistent level of smoothness. It is going to take you back to summer for a good 1 hour. It embraces the hard beats with chopped synths, the subtle progressions and most importantly the good vibes that summer deep house tracks carry.

It is 4 am here, I woke up this early hoping that our final product was ready to be uploaded before I leave on a holiday. It was great to find it done as soon as I woke up. And it is even more great to see it uploaded before leaving. Cinthie has given us exactly what I expected out of her. I have listened to her other sets and all of them carry Cinthie’s own classy and slick music selection and blending capabilities. When the set was finally done, the first thing I did was smile and think to myself,  “Yes, this is it.”

Thank you Cinthie! The pleasure of having this on Getting Deeper matches the pleasure of listening to this wonderful set.

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