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Getting Deeper Podcast #53 mixed by Lars Neubert

Lars’ set for Getting Deeper’s 53rd podcast is one of the most deep sounds we have here on Getting Deeper. Deep, dusty beats are embedded in wicked, atmospheric soundscapes and strung together with lovely transitions in this one.

The entire set has a mesmeric, show stopping quality. Intense breakdowns and soaring melodies come and go in the set with bright stabs. Once you decide to devote yourself to it, we promise you that you will either be surprised or slowly and steadily absorbed into a twisted and cosmic world of sonic extravagance.

Minimal, underwater beats frequently make welcome appearances… which is great because they provide a nice contrast to the more grandiose sounds that dominate the set. And still, they are grandiose in their own ‘underground’ way. With a dark and strong personality like this, the end result has to be a heady trip with a sharp edge to it.

What do you get when you not only have grand melodies but also majestic beats? top fucking class music. And that’s why, we are really proud to say that this set stands out. It is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it definitely fills those minimal appetites very, very well.

Thank you Lars!

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Getting Deeper Podcast #51 mixed by Milo Häfliger

Milo Haflinger has gifted Getting Deeper a rich and gorgeous set for it’s 51st podcast. It’s deep, emotional and so damn sublime.

It’s great when artists incorporate dialogues into their music. It not only gives the set a much richer personality but it also shows us a personal side of the artist who is making it. A Child’s Dream by Tinush graces the intro of this set together with one of the most inspiring dialogues given in film history. Absolutely lovely.

The set then moves on to stunning sounds with glorious melodies. The end result is a heady trip of lush vibes. You can easily get lost into the set’s timeless quality… together with it, you too feel like you are going on an endless, therapeutic journey. You are unbound and thoroughly mesmerized by how extravagant life is… at that point, in that very moment… in a subtle but not so extravagant way.

Warm, comforting and heartwarming… we promise you that this set will take you home even if you are not there already. And with you, there will be 100 other people… probably listening to the same thing, feeling the same way and getting much much deeper. You are, after all… not so alone.

Thank you Milo!

Frenic – Time Present Now

I like how Frenic begins many of his tracks with a narration. A narration that is not only a mere dialogue but one that talks deeply of existential, outer worldly things such as time and the subconscious. And I love music that combines dialogue with its sound. It puts the track on another level and gives it a deeper level of meaning which is a lot more concrete and set in stone even if the actual interpretation of the dialogue may be abstract in itself. I don’t know if this makes sense when I try to explain it but maybe it will after you give this track a listen.

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Sascha Funke – Mango

Good Morning <3

Sascha Funke gives us this melodic deep tech track called ‘Mango.’ Indeed, there is something very exotic about this track… a form of subtle ethnicity. And for some reason I can clearly relate that to the term (and I am not referring to the fruit per se) ‘Mango.’ I am a hardened fan of intros. Good intros almost always set the stage for a majestic aura for the track, just like this one. Atmospheric, and gradually progressive, ‘Mango’ is a fantastical compilation of deep beats, minimal yet subtly melodic sounds and a spacey aura. This is my morning coffee… this is all I need to grace this lovely morning.

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Luminous – Crescent Moon

The first time I heard Luminous was in the beaches of Goa, and I was completely mind blown. What an amazingly beautiful track. I remember going to the ‘shack’ owner and asking him what all this abundance of good music is. The great guy that he was, he transferred all his albums onto my memory card, and I couldn’t have been more elated. ‘Crescent Moon’ is one of the few Indian tracks that I like, and one of the many tracks that I absolutely adore… for life. From the album ‘Budha Cafe 2’ released in the year 2008, Crescent Moon is going turn your body and soul into a clear blue sky. So relaxing and so damn ethnic.

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