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Getting Deeper Podcast #66 mixed by Rishi Sippy

For Getting Deeper’s 66th podcast, we’ve got Bangalore’s very own Rishi Sippy with a banging techno set that we are going to listen to over and over again.

I remember a time around 5 years ago when I first listened to Rishi play live. It’s really amazing to see how he has progressed, and much to my pleasant surprise he has acquired a very deep and intense taste in music that I absolutely needed to showcase on Getting Deeper. His live sounds are a lot more edgy than what I initially expected, and I absolutely love them. I like how he, unbound by genre orthodoxy, isn’t afraid to play around with track tempos… with sets that can get really low and minimal if given a chance, only to rise up to the beat of a techno kick.

And so, I am really excited to publish a set by someone I have actually listened to live a lot of times. His set for Getting Deeper follows a traditional progression that I rarely hear nowadays. It begins with deep, emotional sounds that eventually get much darker, and after the second half, they get more heady and definitely more enchanting. A harder techno bassline makes a welcoming appearance at this point.

The end result: A cushioning, beautifully haunting set that stays true its vibe. It gradually blooms into a dark, cosmic extravagance that is adored on Getting Deeper.

Thank you Rishi!



Getting Deeper Podcast #64 mixed by TonElite

Martin Saupe aka Ton Elite has been on GD’s podcast list for a very long time. His set for Room84 really gave us a feel of what we wanted to publish in the future. And we loved him, especially because of his ability to create sets with a consistent vibe that is intense, mysterious and sometimes very melodically dark.

TonElite is one of those artists who have a strong musical personality. And that’s why, it’s hard not to play anything that is released by him. This is because his style is far from confused.  He knows exactly what he likes and he knows how to deliver that in a complete and tight package whose individual characteristics compliment each other. And so, when you think of listening to him, you know exactly what you will get… and you will be satisfied.

In this case, those individual characteristics are his set’s track selection, mixing and ultimately the vibe. His 64th podcast for Getting Deeper is a very underground (literally. Think dark, sweaty underground rooms) and industrial set. It begins with deeper, slower sounds and eventually moves on to harder, pulsating beats that will send you to sinister trips.

We love it. We love the mysterious and classy extravagance that comes with it. It’s a witching hour of musical madness that discreetly creeps on you. If that is your appetite, and we know that these kinds of appetites are very rare, you will love this set. We really hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.

Thank you Martin! It’s a pleasure to release this set on Getting Deeper.

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Getting Deeper Podcast #58 mixed by Bremer

Netherlands’ Ifang Bremer has gifted Getting Deeper one of the deepest sets that it has ever published till date. Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, as some may find it too intense… but intensity is what makes it so good for those of us who get deep music in deeper ways than most other people. 

First, let me begin by mentioning how well crafted the entire set is. Seamless transitions with really well done track layering connects every single breakpoint in the set to a more universal, underlying theme that is dark and mysterious. The end result is a consistent, hypnotic vibe that transports you to parallel universes… sometimes taking you into the future and sometimes in a post apocalyptic setting. But it’s beautiful. My god, it’s actually stunning.

I need to explain what I really mean by track layering in transitions. At many points during the set when a transition is occurring, you can feel the next track coming in. So it isn’t really seamless in a literal sense if you pay close attention. It is seamless in the sense that it feels right. The next track slowly creeps in such a way that it feels like it was meant to be there. At this point two tracks sound like they have been ‘layered;’ two transparent sonic layers that slowly take you from one heady trip to another heady trip of a different texture, and yet… connected with an inexplicable thread. What’s impressive is how he has created a story out of it, with beautifully haunting ups and downs that, at many points, represent the complexity of life.

You really have to get deep into it to actually know how solid it is. Or perhaps you are deep enough already to know that in an instant from the time you hit play 😀

Thank you Ifang! You have covered every aspect of what makes a set excellent in this extraordinary aural story.

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Getting Deeper Podcast #49 mixed by Christophe De Laurentis

Getting Deeper’s 49th podcast by Christophe De Laurentis pays homage to the warm and soulful vibes that come with summer. It’s lovely how we can create stories within stories with music. Small, micro stories can be embedded in universal truths and emotions. In this case, I am referring to how we’ve been able to pair all these lovely podcasts with all the seasons that each year brings.

Christophe’s podcast is a set perfect for sunny Sundays, rooftop sessions, afternoon drives… and love; Love in its purest forms – not particularly in between relationships, but a love for anything in life in general, and how it brings feelings of liberation and warmth with it.

Lush, gorgeous melodies are bathed in timeless vibes in this set. The end result is an intoxicating, creamy and stunning 1 hour journey that will remind you of everything you have ever felt passionate about. I know that this might sound too intense, but sometimes… even without realizing it, our musical affections are influenced by all the various micro and macro experiences we have had, the ones we want to have and the ones we feel nostalgic for even though we have never had them. If I cannot do justice to both the music and these experiences, I truly haven’t explained it well.

Thank you Christophe 🙂 this set is a lovely package of heartwarming goodness.

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Getting Deeper Podcast #46 mixed by Edu Buscholl

Edu Buscholl has given us a grungy and uniquely melodic 1 hour 40 minutes set for Getting Deeper’s 46th podcast. Heavy, hard hitting beats, disjointed synths and an underground, midnight vibe make up the hallmark of this set.

Underground, in its literal sense… wherein the sound is cushioned by four walls of a smoky room. On the inside, you have sweaty bodies, flickering lights and divine music that will take you through the roof and bang you out of your body. Everyone is an escapist at that point, and that’s when you know this is exactly where you are meant to be.

Music wise, this set carries with it pulsating beats, swirling melodies and such intense breakdowns that the entire experience of listening to it is liberating. Liberating because it makes you go down, dirty and sweaty. If you have experienced that, you will know how liberating it is. It’s pure indulgence, and we love it.

The set is definitely not for the light hearted. It’s dark, twisted and very interesting. Thank you Edu, we are proud to have this on Getting Deeper!

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Getting Deeper Podcast #40 mixed by Steve Schmiedehausen

For Getting Deeper’s 40th podcast, Steve has given us a phenomenal set that is going to blow your mind away. I have been waiting to get a set from Steve for Getting Deeper after listening to ‘Zonderbar.’ When I finally got the chance to listen to his podcast for Getting Deeper, to my satisfaction, it was more than what I had expected.

A stunning intro gives way to a dark and magnetic sound in this one. He has chosen powerfully raw tracks and mixed them to create a journey that can be compared to a ride in an abandoned, haunting and twisted circus. It hits the spot with its consistent vibe, and yet… at the same time, each track has its own distinct ‘psychosis,’ an individual identity… sure to bang you out of your body.

The set consists of pulsating, industrial beats paired with a deep, minimal sound. Perfect for those of us who like our fix of dark and sinister music. Beautifully mixed, with many ups and downs intentionally created to give a more varied, journey – like feel.

Thank you Steve, this set is absolutely banging and we are very proud to have this on Getting Deeper!

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Getting Deeper Podcast #39 mixed by Ran Salman

While 2013 saw a lot of soulful and warm podcasts, it looks like 2014 has gotten a lot more industrial and definitely more sinister. Ran Salman’s set for Getting Deeper’s 39th podcast carries with it a deep and full grown sound that is both warm and chilling; it pays homage to a much deeper year, and I am very happy to welcome this change!

Pulsating beats, disjointed synths and majestic progressions make up the hallmark of this 1 hour musical journey. Ran has woven a story very masterfully with this set… with the theme having a subtly dark and sophisticated aura. We all know that fun and enjoyment come in different forms and from different kinds of pleasures. With Ran’s set, you enjoy it because of a strange, wicked pleasure coming out of the set’s own sophistication… and your connection with it.

It’s slick and bass heavy with evolving beats that are great to move to. Hitting the play button is all you really need to get lost into another dimension of electric madness, sound intelligence and cushioning auras. Ran’s own ability to gently and slowly weave a set with smooth transitions is the crux behind the creation of another world. The entire set feels like one, complete and mature entity. It feels like its door was meant to be open… a Pandora’s box dutifully waiting for its owner.

Thank you for gifting this to Getting Deeper, Ran! We love this set <3

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Getting Deeper Podcast #30 mixed by Blondee

With the end of this year and the coming of 2014, we’ve got a deeply emotional podcast for our 30th number to commemorate a lovely year and the beginning of something even more intense. Germany’s Blondee has been nothing but wonderful to gift Getting Deeper a lovely set as its new year’s special.

Inspiring and soulful, Blondee has given exactly what he is made up of in this set. Right from the beginning, you know where the set is heading. And that anticipation is satisfyingly fulfilled throughout the entire length of its time. It is a beautiful and melodic 1 hour journey that is going to touch you deep in your heart.

We love sets like this. Listening to it makes you feel just how much love and thought has been put into the set. That love is directly represented through the essence of each and every track. Which only makes us come to the conclusion that each track in the set carries so many inexplicable yet strangely understandable meanings. These meanings together are what makes this set a wholesome and meaningful experience.

And the best part? It is a perfect representation of what this year has given us not only in terms of experiences but also in terms of music. After all, 2013 has seen a lot of melodic and soulful deep house tracks. Thank you Blondee, this makes us very happy. It’s perfect <3

Happy new year to everyone! Share, love and enjoy 🙂

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Spitbastard – Dark Angel (original mix)

After making the top 100 for 2013 and realizing that one of the top 5 tracks is not even there on Getting Deeper, I immediately switched to my Getting Deeper dashboard and decided to post about this phenomenal sound. ‘Dark Angel’ by Spitbastard is one of the most unique tracks I have heard. It combines mechanical sounds, haunting vocals and hard hitting tech to give you something very dark yet incredibly enjoyable. Banging, twisted and wickedly melodic… that’s how we like our techno.

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1963 – twerk my dream$

And yet another winner by 1963. Get ready for some smokin’ hot beats that are going to surprise you. Echoing synths and atmospheric vibes give a surreal touch to this track. Despite having surreal elements, the track is actually very very sexy. 1963 has gone even deeper with ‘twerk my dreams,’ in which the last part of the track, with it’s huge drop,  just gets so damn hot. It’s amazing how dreamy undertones have been layered with such sexy beats. Very impressive.

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