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Getting Deeper Podcast #14 mixed by ZeitlupenUwe

What a great way to start this sunny Sunday morning with Getting Deeper’s 14th podcast mixed by the Berlin based ZeitlupenUwe. When I first came to know that the podcast was going to be for 2 hours I was both excited and slightly anxious. 2 hours is a long time, and it takes a good selection of tracks to keep one stimulated for that entire length of time.

And how this podcast has been nailed to that point. After I finished listening [fap_track url=”https://soundcloud.com/getting-deeper/getting-deeper-podcast-14″ title=”Getting Deeper Podcast #14 mixed by ZeitlupenUwe” title=”Getting Deeper Podcast #14 mixed by ZeitlupenUwe” share_link=”” cover=”” meta=”” layout=”hidden” enqueue=”no” auto_enqueue=”no”]to it I just couldn’t help but… hover my finger around this button called play and repeat it. I just had to.

ZeitlupenUwe’s 14th podcast for Getting Deeper is a tasteful collection of slow, deep beats, smooth grooves and slick vibes. At some points, the set gets incredibly soulful and at some… it’s just sexy and smokin’ hot. All you need to do is press play on this podcast, take a backseat, put your shades on and let the good vibes roll. Or just play it already. That will suffice.

And I must mention that this set is the deeper side of deep house. ZeitlupenUwe aka Martin likes to call this ‘slowmotion’ house, and I couldn’t disagree. Let me add some deep in there and call it ‘slowmotion deep house.’ Let me also sprinkle it with a little bit of Italian and say… ‘eccellente!’

Thank you Martin for honouring us with Getting Deeper’s 14th podcast, and for providing a constant flow of love and good vibes for 2 whole hours! <3

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Getting Deeper Podcast #13 mixed by Pusteflocke

This is exactly the kind of music I would call intelligent dance aka IDM. It has all the elements that an IDM set would have: It’s experimental, very underground and a mixture of so many different house styles… particularly tech house.

Tonight is the perfect night to upload this deeply dark and haunting podcast by Pusteflocke. The night itself is very cold and silent, and it couldn’t have been a better representation of this wonderful set. When Pusteflocke sent the podcast to me, she named it ‘Deep Silence’… and from the moment it started playing, I knew she had nailed it both with the name and with the vibe.

With an eclectic taste like Pusteflocke’s, I know that I am never going to get anything remotely cheesy. Her sets are a mystical package of sinister sounds, hardcore beats and deep, spacey undertones that will take you to another dimension only if you let yourself fully surrender to them.

And that, I believe, is the ideal way to listen to this set… through a complete surrender. Let it flow through you and around you, and engulf you only in a way that a deep and dark forest would.

Thank you Pusteflocke. I have been waiting to have a podcast from you on Getting Deeper! It’s very unique and an absolute must for this site.

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Break Science – Breath of Space (feat. Sonya Kitchell)

Today, our Thursday has officially begun with the Brooklyn based duo Break Science’s new track: Breath of space, featuring echoing and angelic vocals of Sonya Kitchell. Bouncing beats and synthesized sounds together with a long intro makes this incredibly chill and lovely to listen to. The result is nothing but good and earthy vibes. Enjoy 🙂

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Getting Deeper Podcast #8 mixed by Vibe Street

Vibe Street was one of the first few people who I had asked for a podcast. I knew he was a definite yes in my ‘ask this amazing artist for a podcast list,’ especially because he is one of the few artists I know of who can make a good downtempo set. I have been waiting for this one for a long time, and I must say it was worth the wait.

I didn’t have a lot of time in my hands when he sent me the podcast. It was only yesterday that I could find time to listen to this wonderful set… at the airport. I reached the airport 2 hours early and thankfully I had my laptop with me. I put it on, plugged my earphones in… and pressed play. I swear I was in an ambient, trance like state at the airport for 30 whole minutes. It was so nice looking at flights take off during the day and have this fine piece of art playing in my ears. Beautiful.

This podcast is an exquisite mix of intricate, psychedelic sounds, downtempo beats and beautiful vibes. It begins with a psychill sound and then gracefully moves on to soulful beats. Sets like this are essentially made for letting you unwind. I love how pure they are… and you can feel that resonating from the set. 30 divine minutes of life, love, soul searching and acceptance.

Thank you so much Vibe Street! This is exactly what I was looking for.

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