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Getting Deeper Podcast #72 mixed by Milo Häfliger

Milo Häfliger makes his presence for the second time in the Getting Deeper Podcast series. His first podcast for Getting Deeper was absolutely lovely and a favorite for a lot of GD’s fans. And so, it is really great to have him again on GD… this time, with a much deeper and a much more emotional set.

What’s special about Milo’s sets is the fact that he combines beautiful dialogues and speeches with even more beautiful music. It lends the set a depth that is, almost every time, heightened by the power of words. The set becomes an aural representation of the artist’s deepest thoughts. It’s stunning.

You are immediately transported to an inexplicable human state that is both intangible and profound, and can only be felt through music. There is no other art form that can touch a person’s soul so deeply that it is too dream like and intimate to explain. Music, truly, speaks the language of something beyond us… something divine and absolutely soul shattering.

Milo told me that through this set he seeks to capture the feeling of being fully present. He explains it through the word ‘isola’ which is the latin form of isolate and the Italian word for ‘island.’ With this set, he tries to create an island – a place where we face the wind and forget everything. It is a place where we deserve to live our lives to the fullest without any concessions.

Musically, the set is intensely emotional, deep and infused with clarity. Clear, airy melodies are placed on top of slow, timeless beats. The end result is a soft, sensual and mature set that is perfect for personal, intimate moments.

Thank you Milo… once again, for a gorgeous set.

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Getting Deeper Podcast #68 mixed by Conny Wolf

Conny  Wolf’s podcast for Getting Deeper is one of those sets that have a strong earthy touch to them. Conny has dug deeper into inexplicable human emotions and represented them by chosing tracks with warm, mature vocals and deep beats. This is a set you would love to listen during a late night/early morning drive in a big city. It’s easy to get lost into… just as you would easily get lost in a big city (existentially) on late nights… but oddly, there is no where else you would rather be.

He has chosen tracks with a calm, liquidy surface and tied them together with seamless transitions in such a way that the entire set rightfully forms a beautiful space of its own. It has a transient purity to it that is both melodic and hypnotic. The end result is a gorgeous 1 hour piece that begins with sensual vocals and gradually blooms into the dark, timeless world of melodic deep tech.

I love vocals that have a mysterious and intense personality. I cherish them especially because it’s difficult to capture vocals with depth in electronic music without them sounding overly dark. There is something very sensual and real about them. And they sound divine when they are enveloped in cosmic, spaced out sounds.

And so, thank you Conny for giving us a set that captures something we hold very close to our hearts! Beautifully mixed and beautifully delivered <3

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Getting Deeper Podcast #67 mixed by Shash & Chaz

Bangalore boys Shaswat Trivedi & Akshay Chaz aka Shash & Chaz have given Getting Deeper an impeccable set for its 67th number in the podcast series. True to its form, the set adopts a distinct style with a consistent and classy vibe that gives the entire podcast a rich and wholesome shape with an unmistakable silhouette. 

I think the set might actually be one of its kind in the entire Getting Deeper series because of how consistent it is throughout its length of time. There is something about it that is both cohesive and wild.  The beats are warm and soulful, yet… there is an industrial and grungy side to them, with a melodic intensity that is executed with subtlety and understatement, lending the set a more mature and refined character.
This kind of subtlety can only be achieved by a tightly knit track selection and some really smooth transitions. Tracks need to be selected with a thoughtful process in mind so that they compliment each other, either by feeling or by vibe. Finally, all those individual tracks need to be linked together in such a way that they form a beautiful, one hour sonic story of heady images, hypnotic trips and timeless journeys.
That is exactly what this set captures.
Shash & Chaz have, through this set, not only shown us that they are amazing candidates for podcasts but have also paid a welcoming tribute to Getting Deeper’s philosophy… because if there is one thing about podcasts, it is that their distinctness from live sets should be recognized. They are perfect tools for experimentation, lending artists the flexibility to truly showcase something deep – something that is close to their hearts. Unbound by genre orthodoxy and large crowds looking for the next beat to dance to, podcasts can be a perfect way to turn any vision into sound.
And that’s why, GD is really proud to publish this set.
Thank you Shash & Chaz! This set is truly top class in every way possible.

Getting Deeper Podcast #55 mixed by Tom Katta

After a long and heavy weekend, a warm soulful podcast is most welcome. With Tom Katta’s set for Getting Deeper’s 55th podcast, we’ve got just that. It’s perfect for Sunday afternoons like this, even better during drives and absolutely essential if you need to relieve some burden off your shoulders.

Soulful melodies are heavily incorporated in the set to produce an emotional and comforting sound for the soul. It begins with light, melodic tracks and slowly moves on to much deeper, more passionate sounds towards the middle. The sound gets more hypnotic and more elevating. It retains its soulful character but it definitely gets more intense.

The end result is a beautiful journey through all the good parts of your mind and heart. And it just gets better on bright days.

I certainly expected this sound from Tom, and I am extremely satisfied by his consistency in taste. It’s a heartwarming set, something that I definitely needed today, and I knew I would get it from Tom’s set.

Thank you Tom for such a lovely set!

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Getting Deeper Podcast #50 mixed by Giovane Webster

We’ve waited a very long time to upload this set for reasons more than one. It was a pleasant surprise when Giovane sent this set for GD’s podcast series. Pleasant because it is always a pleasure to upload a downtempo and beats oriented set. Getting Deeper is always on the look out for sets like this because they are not only a rarity but also such a delight to listen to. Surprisingly, Giovane has not only fulfilled this need but he has also done a very good job at it!

Smooth, fuzzy beats make up the hallmark of this set. Each and every track is picked carefully in such a way that it fits the set’s overall personality… which is a soulful, creamy blend of lush vibes and good feelings. When you combine sparking synths with heartwarming beats, this is what you get.

What is impressive is how Giovane has pieced these tracks together. Not at any point will you feel a feeling of disconnection between tracks and during transitions. This is, indeed, an amazing quality because blending downtempo, off beat tracks is not very straightforward. I don’t know how he did it. I don’t know if it was easy or hard… but it is definitely a reason to stand out.

And so, among an abundance of deep house and techno sets, this is definitely a lovely change. The set will be a great figure during those times when you want to unwind and chill. We hope you enjoy 🙂

Thank you Giovane!

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Getting Deeper Podcast #48 mixed by Stephan Grab

For Getting Deeper’s 48th podcast, Stephan Grab gives us a slightly edgy 1 hour set with a minimal attitude. The witching hour consists of flipping and winding mechanical synths combined with clear, deep and  warm beats. You can even call this music post-electronic, because its elements are similar to post-rock with influences coming from its experimental and  yet the same time a very concise, layered and textured character.

Apart from the individual tracks being concise, the entire set as a whole forms a tightly knit package. It’s made with a certain process in mind. The process is  extremely well structured… and it’s directly represented in the set’s progression. It starts nice and slow, and promises to take you on a mesmeric journey that gradually comes to a closure. Stephan Grab has indeed made it with perfection. He has executed the set with subtlety and understatement, and that is extremely classy.

If you have an appetite for minimal packages with mature beats, fleeting synths and disjointed melodies… you will love this. You will love how the set gradually blooms, and you will particularly like how easy it is to get lost in it.

Thank you Stephan!

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Getting Deeper Podcast #47 mixed by Jeremy Jacob

Days are passing so fast. It has almost been a year since Getting Deeper started its podcast series and we are already down to our 47th podcast… this time, by Jeremy Jacob. And wow! there couldn’t have been anything more comforting and warm than this set right now.

Jeremy Jacob, with this set, has given us a soul shattering yet paradoxically therapeutic sound. Every track is chosen with care and strung together in a tight and wonderful package of swirling melodies, ethereal dimensions and sublime states. It’s perfect for those days when you want to indulge in your alone time.

We still can’t get over how well the tracks have been chosen. They are not only great tracks by themselves but each and every one of them are a representation of something much bigger and much larger that the set carries. And that larger entity is an intangible, mysterious yet deeply sexual vibe. It’s strong, passionate and absolutely stunning.

In simple words, the set is lovely, tasteful and enjoyable from start to finish. Use your imagination, dive deep and let the set take you slowly and gradually with it. Don’t be impatient. Just let it flow.

Thank you Jeremy! This set is exquisite and very, very fine!

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Getting Deeper Podcast #36 mixed by Charles The First

Discovering Charles Ingalls aka Charles The First was one of the best listening pleasures I have had recently. His podcast for Getting Deeper has been unexpectedly incredibly good. And the reason it is unexpected is because I did not get the chance to listen to his music thoroughly before I got the podcast. I had no idea what kind of sets he makes, and I definitely didn’t have any idea how exceptional his original productions are. I had heard 2 of his tracks and they were enough for me to come to the conclusion that he had a great taste. I put blind faith into this. Recently I went through a lot more of his music, and it was so damn good… It made me so proud to know that Getting Deeper has a set from him.

And so you can imagine how mind blown I was after listening to his finished set. Every track is selected well in such a way that it fits with the overall smoothness of the set. The tracks in themselves are pure eargasms. Super chill beats are combined with creamy rich synths and melodies to produce a gorgeous sound.

The best part? Every track has its own uniqueness even though it maintains a consistent vibe of divinity. Different variations are incorporated with each transition. I love that about beats and chillstep sets, especially if they are mixed well. Even in this set, the transitions are so smooth and light that you feel like the entire set is a whole in itself. You feel like you are walking across different streets of the same city. Each street and each corner having its own entity, yet at the same time being part of a common identity.

Thanks Charles 🙂 This is absolutely lovely.

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Getting Deeper Podcast #32 mixed by Arkadiusz

It’s been a while since Getting Deeper has been active. That’s 10 whole days because I have been on vacation. To come back and upload Arkadiusz’ set for Getting Deeper while at the same time listening to it has been a relief I desperately needed to beat post holiday blues.

Arkadiusz, in this set, brings about an intensely emotional experience by incorporating intricate melodies with a deep, electronic sound. Strangely unique while at the same time old fashioned, this podcast by Arkadiusz is one of the few sets I know of that embrace the above two qualities to create something that is going to give you immense closure from a universal and inexplicable human experience called nostalgia.

He slowly and smoothly pushes the set with a progression that is going to take you on a long and divine journey of varying depths and vibrations. It’s intelligent, dynamic and beautifully woven in such a way that the music will hit all the corners of your mind and soul.

Arkadiusz has created a set that is truly deep. After coming back from a long vacation and listening to this phenomenal 1 hour journey has been just what I needed to lift myself up slowly, consistently and smoothly. Thank you Arkadiusz! This set is timeless.

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Getting Deeper Podcast #23 mixed by Ju’Go

Ju’Go, a collaboration between  Germany’s Juninho Impulso and Ingo, have graced Getting Deeper for its 23rd number in the podcast series on this lovely evening. By beginning the set with a deep and soulful intro track, Ju’Go sets the stage for a nice and warm vibe. Very tastefully, they shift the vibe many levels higher by injecting a good dose of funk and disco.

At this point, your dopamine levels are slowly starting to rise. Your  legs have begun a little dance of their own and your head joins the party too. That’s when you know you have loosened up a bit. You know you’re too gonna get there very soon.

Then Ju’Go gives you exactly what you anticipated. They’ve now injected a nice dose of disco… and more funk. Your body surrenders and at that point you feel like there is nothing else better in the world.

And all of that on a nice and smooth level of consistency… something that only an immaculate selection and excellent taste in music can do. Ju’Go’s set for Getting Deeper embodies all of that. They’ve delivered a smoking hot, grindy yet deep 1 hour compilation whose end result is pure fun and love.

Thank you Ju’Go. We absolutely and whole heartedly love this.

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