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Getting Deeper Podcast #65 mixed by Fabio Montana

Getting Deeper’s 65th podcast by Fabio Montana is a banging set that will be a great figure on the dancefloor.

Edgy sounds with smoking hot vibes make up the hallmark of this 1 hour wicked dance mix. He begins the set with a cosmic sound that transitions to something organically earthy… something very tribal that sits on the edge of being industrial and ultimately cosmic.

Yes, almost every track in this set has that midnight, underground feel with disjointed sounds that discreetly enter in and out of each track. These sounds sometimes come in the form of pulsating synth grooves and sometimes drifting voices. And so, it is not hard to say that the set has a strong sense of purpose that is fueled by Fabio’s own affliction towards pulsating beats with deep, cosmic melodies.

The end result: a dark, hypnotic set with a mesmeric quality that flows over, under and right through you.

Thank you Fabio!

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Getting Deeper Podcast #63 mixed by Artenvielfalt

Getting Deeper’s 63rd podcast takes a significant shift from some of the more deeper sets we have been releasing lately, but it’s a welcoming shift nevertheless. Germany’s Ben Sachau and Lennart Vonau, together known as Artenvielfalt, best loved on Getting Deeper for their lovely remix of Alt J’s Tessellate and their Nalu Nalu mixes… have given Getting Deeper the pleasure to publish a set by them for its 63rd number in the podcast series. 

Soulful tech is infused with some industrial sounds in this one. It takes me back to the initial days of Getting Deeper during summer. We had a lot of soulful stuff back then… lots of nice, warm tones and deep beats. And it’s nostalgic to listen to Artenvielfalt’s set in that respect.

Artenvielfalt have created a really nice progression with it. It’s almost as if the progression represents an open air party beginning with warm tones during the day, eventually moving on to grungy, dirty sounds and ending with soulful beats. That entire experience has been condensed in a 1 hour banging set.

The end result: A sultry set with a lot of good vibes, perfectly balanced… and great to remove your dancing shoes to get a little dirty with. We hope you enjoy 🙂

Thank you Artenvielfalt!

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Getting Deeper Podcast #59 mixed by Mathias Maximiliano

Spain’s Mathias Maximiliano gives us the 59th family member in the Getting Deeper podcast series. Deep, industrial-tech grooves take the center stage in this timeless set while tech house together with some techno gives it a fluid shape.

Mathias begins the set with a melancholic Jon Hopkins’ tune and gracefully moves on to deeper sounds. The end result is a tightly knit set that is packaged so damn well. It’s incredibly well crafted, with a hypnotic progression that is so easy to get lost into. It will take you to a new york-esque world at midnight. You will get sucked in, slowly and gradually… and it will feel good.

I love it when sets have the power to transport you to places you probably even have never been to. It just shows how well developed it is, like a strong personality with characteristics that are hard to miss. In light of that, the set has a beautifully dark character which is subtle at most places and incredibility good to fall in love with.

It will be hard not to listen to the set from start to finish if, of course, you have the appetite and the time for it. And so, I urge you to make some time (and some space) and give it a good listen.

Thank you Mathias! This set is top class.

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Getting Deeper Podcast #52 mixed by Der Name

Der Name, i.e., Stephan from Germany has given us a divinely colorful set for Getting Deeper’s 52nd podcast. Soul shattering, mind expanding and chillingly stunning, this set is a beautiful mixture of highs and lows that you can easily get lost into.

When you start listening to it, the set first introduces itself with a deep, rooftop vibe. Stephan then moves on to deeper sounds with more underground tones. At this point a nice, quirky bassline makes a welcome appearance and grungy, industrial sounds take over the center stage. Cross the first half, and you will be traveling through grandiose stretches of deep beats and cosmic, intoxicating melodies. Absolutely glorious.

Unbound by genre orthodoxy, Stephan has interestingly created an aural package of deep house, tech house and finally techno. Sometimes melodic, sometimes deeply banging and other times intensely emotional… you will be surprised by how well this set either keeps you on your toes or keeps you in a dreamy, mesmerized state.

An excellent track selection finally makes up the essence of this set. The end result is a tightly knit package of timeless, sublime music. It couldn’t have gotten more deeper.

Thank you Stephan!

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Simian Mobile Disco – Parson’s Nose

UK’s Simian Mobile Disco recently released “Parson’s Nose” just a week ago on 2020 Vision Recordings. It’s fun, groovy and great to move to. I love how the main synth melody continuously runs throughout the track. Slowly and steadily, the track with the melody goes higher and higher and promises to take you with it. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Getting Deeper Podcast #45 mixed by Oscar Ozz

For Getting Deeper’s 45th podcast, Berlin based Oscar Ozz has given us a phenomenal set with banging beats, warm tones and a timeless vibe all wrapped around a majestic track selection.

It’s mature and consistent with what it promises to deliver in the beginning of the set, which is nothing but a lovely start to a banging journey. Disjointed synths and varying drum styles make up the hallmark of the entire set, making it perfect for the dance floor. It’s rare to find sets like this because most sets are quite predictable, with consistent beats and tested progressions.

But when a set like this comes along, it shocks you out of your body. This is because Oscar has not only chosen tracks that are banging, but he has chosen them with class. There is much more to each and every track than a mere sound made for a dance ritual. They are intense, divine and sure to create an exciting aural trip for you. It’s far from boring, and we can promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

The essence of the set lies in its extraordinary ability put you in a state of trance. It’s hypnotic, stunning and incredibly enjoyable. The vibe is consistent, classy and smoking hot.

Thank you Oscar. This set is fantastic.

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Indie Horizons – Touch Me (Erik Christiansen Remix)

Erik Christiansen’s edit of ‘Touch Me’ by Indie Horizons is a very groovy, classy and as he likes to call ‘dubby’ track that is great to dance to. The breakdown is absolutely wonderful with a melodic piano sample and an emotional vibe – an interesting contrast from the rest of the track.

‘Touch Me’ will be out in May on Funkpony Records. 

Getting Deeper Podcast #38 mixed by Frau Hofmann

After a long wait, Getting Deeper finally got a podcast by the wonderful Karin aka Frau Hofmann from Germany. Since the time the making of the podcast was finalized, it has been around some months and both Getting Deeper as well as Karin have grown since then. Even though so much time has passed, it hasn’t stripped our musical taste and quality in selection… good music has always stayed true in our hearts, no matter where it is coming from, or when it came or who it is from.

Industrial and at the same time melodic, Frau Hofmann has created a 1 hour 20 minutes experience of hypnotic and magnetic powers. Each and every track is picked in such a way that it fits the grungy vibe of the set. Definitely made for dark nights, this set is going to be a great figure in dimly lit rooms, late night drives and a wicked but classy imagination.

Yes, the set has a subtle but sinister vibe. If I had to describe it with a symbol, I would use that of a gentle and mysterious woman with a force so fierce that the power of the force itself works as a cover for its fierceness. Similarly, the set has some mysteriousness and wickedness to it, but it comes out in subtle ways – something that is the result of quality and class. You can just get deeper and deeper into it, slowly and gradually… and not even realize it.

As much as I admire energetic music, I also love and admire music that speaks so much through minimal, uncomplicated sounds and subtle progressions. It fits perfectly with the philosophy of this blog.

Thank you Karin! You have not only made an amazing set but you are also a great person to work with 🙂

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Getting Deeper Podcast #31 mixed by Dennis Ka

While Getting Deeper ended 2013 with a lot of soulful and melodic podcasts, Dennis Ka’s set has ensured that this year began with nothing but a banging and deep start. Dennis has combined hard hitting beats and nu disco delights in a wicked collection to grace this lovely January of 2014.

He begins the set with an explosive track that is sure to bang you out of your body and pushes it forward with a smooth progression that maintains its consistency throughout the entire length of its time. The rest of this excellent composition includes tracks that carry a touch of sublime in them, resulting in a package that not only pumps your body but also blows your mind into little fragments of electric currents.

The main crust of this package, though, is set in stone right from the first track. Its pulsating beats and swirling soundscapes occupy an unmovable position for 1 whole hour. Track by track, each pulsating beat has its own unique soundsystem but it carries the same vibe. Very very nice!

This is perfect from start to finish Dennis 🙂 Thank you. Exactly what Getting Deeper needs to begin another banging year!

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Spitbastard – Dark Angel (original mix)

After making the top 100 for 2013 and realizing that one of the top 5 tracks is not even there on Getting Deeper, I immediately switched to my Getting Deeper dashboard and decided to post about this phenomenal sound. ‘Dark Angel’ by Spitbastard is one of the most unique tracks I have heard. It combines mechanical sounds, haunting vocals and hard hitting tech to give you something very dark yet incredibly enjoyable. Banging, twisted and wickedly melodic… that’s how we like our techno.

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