Florian Rietze | Nightdrive (Liveset) |

Smooth, sexy, classy and absolutely gorgeous… that’s Florian Rietze for you. And yes, this set is best suited for a night drive. Enjoy.

Getting Deeper #73 mixed by Oliver Rottmann

I am happy to announce that after a dry month for Getting Deeper, we finally have our 73rd podcast and the first set of 2015 by Vienna based Oliver Rottmann. The set carries a spacey and cinematic sound that is felt deeply by those of us who truly understand what deep music is all about.

Quite often I’ve been faced with statements which assume that deep music is directly related to deep house. Contrary to popular belief, deep music is a dimension… not a genre. Being ‘deep’ is a state of mind and an emotional feeling that characterizes a multi-layered, intense and heightened awareness of experiences. Which means that, in simple words… you tend to consciously or subconsciously dig deeper into life’s experiences; one of them, in this context… is sound.

Deep music, then, is a type of sound that is primarily intense and can be incorporated in any genre. It represents a deeper experience of life through its philosophical, hard to categorize and intangible undertones. Sublime, dark, emotional, soul shattering and mind blowingly chilling are terms I like to use for this kind of music. It can be very simple, but it has got to be more than just music. Listening to it must make you feel like you are on a journey…in the middle of space maybe. It has got to take you deeper into yourself and into the innumerable possibilities of your imagination. Most importantly, it has got to touch a part of you… your thoughts, your dreams and your experiences.

Almost every genre has a deep side to it, which is usually more minimal and crisp. Even ‘Deep House’ has a separate sound that is truly very deep even though the term is broadly used for any track that has a lower BPM than traditional house. The deeper side of deep house is more dark, minimal, intensely melodic or spacey compared to its soulful, happy counterpart.

Oliver Rottman’s set for GD is a deep set. I will refrain from calling it only Deep House because it is too broad a term and does not do justice to the essence of this set. This is the kind of set that is best heard when you are in a state of mind to space out. It feels like an affirmation of your identity to be a self conscious, fully breathing, feeling and thinking individual who can make sense of both the dark and exhilarating aspects of life…particularly through music.

Atmospheric and airy tones together with lush vibes make up the hallmark of this gorgeous set. Tracks in this set are laced with ambient sounds and deep seated, clear beats. The resulting package is a smooth, hypnotic and crisp set with a killer progression that is not afraid to get deeper and darker with its movement…in a very subtle way.

I admire sets that don’t leave much room for frills or pretentiousness. This is one of them.

If you have an appetite for deep electronic music (and the kind that I am talking about) like me, you will admire this too.

Enjoy 🙂

Thank you Oliver!


Monologues – M15: Adam Port

Founded by Ben Gomori from London, Monologues showcases podcasts by various artists made entirely of their own productions or remixes. For its 15th number, Adam Port takes the center stage for a phenomenal set that has finally created a Christmas spirit for us. Warm beats with influences of dusty jazz is what we know Adam Port as. Eclectic, distinct and incredibly tasteful, Adam Port’s music truly has a strong personality of its own. This set speaks for his music and his own soul. It’s a 1 hour Christmas gift of Mr. Port himself, delivered in class and with lots of warm, fuzzy goodness. We adore it… and we hope you do too.

Thanks to Monologues for making this happen.

And thank you Adam Port, for making your music happen.

You can download it for free here. 

Unifono | Reframing LiveSet | Podcast #68 couldn’t have chosen a better candidate for an exceptional podcast release this month. Unifono first surprised us with the beautiful track Fliegen.There was something very special in him, and it spoke through that track. Now, after more than a year, Elektroactivisten has made a welcoming appearance in our list of favorite podcasts with this divine set by Unifono.

Futuristic, deep and truly one of its kind, Unifono’s set surpasses and transcends ordinary dimensions. Get ready for a cosmic journey to space and dive into the flipping, winding mechanical world of breakbeat, swirling around its own axis, and spinning a beautiful tumbling dance. Make sure you leave extra room for some spacey synths with a post-rock attitude.

All in all, we encourage you to shut the world out. Enjoy.

Getting Deeper Podcast #64 mixed by TonElite

Martin Saupe aka Ton Elite has been on GD’s podcast list for a very long time. His set for Room84 really gave us a feel of what we wanted to publish in the future. And we loved him, especially because of his ability to create sets with a consistent vibe that is intense, mysterious and sometimes very melodically dark.

TonElite is one of those artists who have a strong musical personality. And that’s why, it’s hard not to play anything that is released by him. This is because his style is far from confused.  He knows exactly what he likes and he knows how to deliver that in a complete and tight package whose individual characteristics compliment each other. And so, when you think of listening to him, you know exactly what you will get… and you will be satisfied.

In this case, those individual characteristics are his set’s track selection, mixing and ultimately the vibe. His 64th podcast for Getting Deeper is a very underground (literally. Think dark, sweaty underground rooms) and industrial set. It begins with deeper, slower sounds and eventually moves on to harder, pulsating beats that will send you to sinister trips.

We love it. We love the mysterious and classy extravagance that comes with it. It’s a witching hour of musical madness that discreetly creeps on you. If that is your appetite, and we know that these kinds of appetites are very rare, you will love this set. We really hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.

Thank you Martin! It’s a pleasure to release this set on Getting Deeper.

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Because we love Krink’s sets

Recently I went on a spree of listening to Krink and his music, particularly his sets. And I must say that I am mindblown. His sets are incredibly deep, with tracks that carry a majestic vibe that is overpowering. They rest on the boderline of being too experimental and too cohesive.
The end result: a classy and edgy sound that we absolutely adore.

Genres: Deep Tech, Techno.

Your Summer Sounds 2014 – mixed by ZeitlupenUwe

‘Your Summer Sounds’ is still very on, and it’s still as fresh as it first was. ZeitlupenUwe’s set is the second set I listened to after Arkadiusz’ collection in the series, and I was delighted by how different it was from Arkadiusz’ collection. Both are rich and gorgeous in their own way, and both an absolute pleasure to listen to.

ZeitlupenUwe’s selection consists of tracks strongly influenced by old school funk and swing. Groovy deep house takes the center stage, bringing with it sultry vibes, happy faces and sometimes intensely emotional melodies. Gorgeous and very, very rich, this set is a complete package of film noir love and sexual tension. Enjoy 🙂

Your Summer Sounds 2014 – mixed by arkadiusz.

A good dose of inspiration is always contagious. With the series “Your Summer Sounds 2014,” we’ve got 16 gorgeous sets for the summer by 16 different talented artists. The idea is so lovely and refreshing that I’m not only moved but also motivated to finally publish a post after days. It’s great how this idea creates and supports a community driven environment… makes me feel proud to be a part of an industry that has such a great potential to thrive through genuine support.

Arkadiusz’ set for Yss 14 introduced me to the series, and I am looking forward to listening to all the other sets by the other artists this week. It is definitely going to keep me musically occupied for a long time, and I hope that it does for you too.

Arkadiusz’ collection of summer sounds consists of warm, deep beats, sublime melodies and a very airy, open air vibe. It’s as deep as summer can get; and I absolutely love that hypnotic, underground sound of Arkadiusz’ selection. The end result is a wicked set that slowly and gradually takes you more and more deep with its progression.

Enjoy the summer vibes 🙂

POWEL – Radio Sessions Mix 2014

Powel’s mix for Electronic Beats Radio was released just 9 days ago. Divine, stunning and chillingly beautiful, listening to the set is like diving deep into another dimension of sonic extravagance and glorious aural trips. Slow, deep beats are combined with dark, melodic synths in an excellent track selection. Every track is strung together and blended in such a way that the entire set represents a bittersweet and melancholic journey. It’s perfect for late night mind explorations. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Henk – Crew Love Is True Love Mixtape

Berlin based Henk has satisfied a need I didn’t even know I had in the past few weeks. Music I used to previously enjoy didn’t satisfy me the way it used to. Something was missing, and I just didn’t know what. Or maybe I  couldn’t decide what kind of musical mood I was in. Did I want to listen to something dark? soulful? happy? Nah… nothing would do. I didn’t know what I wanted and I didn’t know where to find it, so I ended up listening to the same thing over and over again; with each repeat being less satisfying.

That’s where Henk’s “Crew Love is True Love Mixtape” came in. So damn fine! I couldn’t believe it’s ability to satisfy every single part of my soul. I am currently listening to it, and I feel like I accidentally stumbled into a divine gift. A paradise of warm, soulful tones, low fi beats, and glorious melodies. It’s jazzy, it’s smooth and it’s classy. The best part? It stands out. That’s why I love it so much, that’s why… right now, I am feeling so damn good. Funk meets soul in this set.; soul meets deep house… and deep house meets a new style, a very mature one that too.

Excellent, excellent mix! Thank you Henk!


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