Getting Deeper #73 mixed by Oliver Rottmann

I am happy to announce that after a dry month for Getting Deeper, we finally have our 73rd podcast and the first set of 2015 by Vienna based Oliver Rottmann. The set carries a spacey and cinematic sound that is felt deeply by those of us who truly understand what deep music is all about.

Quite often I’ve been faced with statements which assume that deep music is directly related to deep house. Contrary to popular belief, deep music is a dimension… not a genre. Being ‘deep’ is a state of mind and an emotional feeling that characterizes a multi-layered, intense and heightened awareness of experiences. Which means that, in simple words… you tend to consciously or subconsciously dig deeper into life’s experiences; one of them, in this context… is sound.

Deep music, then, is a type of sound that is primarily intense and can be incorporated in any genre. It represents a deeper experience of life through its philosophical, hard to categorize and intangible undertones. Sublime, dark, emotional, soul shattering and mind blowingly chilling are terms I like to use for this kind of music. It can be very simple, but it has got to be more than just music. Listening to it must make you feel like you are on a journey…in the middle of space maybe. It has got to take you deeper into yourself and into the innumerable possibilities of your imagination. Most importantly, it has got to touch a part of you… your thoughts, your dreams and your experiences.

Almost every genre has a deep side to it, which is usually more minimal and crisp. Even ‘Deep House’ has a separate sound that is truly very deep even though the term is broadly used for any track that has a lower BPM than traditional house. The deeper side of deep house is more dark, minimal, intensely melodic or spacey compared to its soulful, happy counterpart.

Oliver Rottman’s set for GD is a deep set. I will refrain from calling it only Deep House because it is too broad a term and does not do justice to the essence of this set. This is the kind of set that is best heard when you are in a state of mind to space out. It feels like an affirmation of your identity to be a self conscious, fully breathing, feeling and thinking individual who can make sense of both the dark and exhilarating aspects of life…particularly through music.

Atmospheric and airy tones together with lush vibes make up the hallmark of this gorgeous set. Tracks in this set are laced with ambient sounds and deep seated, clear beats. The resulting package is a smooth, hypnotic and crisp set with a killer progression that is not afraid to get deeper and darker with its movement…in a very subtle way.

I admire sets that don’t leave much room for frills or pretentiousness. This is one of them.

If you have an appetite for deep electronic music (and the kind that I am talking about) like me, you will admire this too.

Enjoy 🙂

Thank you Oliver!


Getting Deeper Podcast #72 mixed by Milo Häfliger

Milo Häfliger makes his presence for the second time in the Getting Deeper Podcast series. His first podcast for Getting Deeper was absolutely lovely and a favorite for a lot of GD’s fans. And so, it is really great to have him again on GD… this time, with a much deeper and a much more emotional set.

What’s special about Milo’s sets is the fact that he combines beautiful dialogues and speeches with even more beautiful music. It lends the set a depth that is, almost every time, heightened by the power of words. The set becomes an aural representation of the artist’s deepest thoughts. It’s stunning.

You are immediately transported to an inexplicable human state that is both intangible and profound, and can only be felt through music. There is no other art form that can touch a person’s soul so deeply that it is too dream like and intimate to explain. Music, truly, speaks the language of something beyond us… something divine and absolutely soul shattering.

Milo told me that through this set he seeks to capture the feeling of being fully present. He explains it through the word ‘isola’ which is the latin form of isolate and the Italian word for ‘island.’ With this set, he tries to create an island – a place where we face the wind and forget everything. It is a place where we deserve to live our lives to the fullest without any concessions.

Musically, the set is intensely emotional, deep and infused with clarity. Clear, airy melodies are placed on top of slow, timeless beats. The end result is a soft, sensual and mature set that is perfect for personal, intimate moments.

Thank you Milo… once again, for a gorgeous set.

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Getting Deeper Podcast #71 mixed by Mark Tarmonea

For Getting Deeper’s 71st podcast, Mark Tarmonea has taken us back to our soulful roots. It’s really refreshing to go back to something more melodic and warm after a long stretch of deep, spacey sounds. What I particularly love about Mark’s set is his choice of tracks and how he has strung them together to create a wonderful progression.

The set begins with lush, rooftop tracks. The vibe is of open air, sunny rooftop sessions with a cozy and comforting functionality. What happens next is a gradual blooming of grandiose stretches and soaring melodies… and boom, that’s when the set opens up into hypnotic beats and intoxicating… almost enchanting synths.

This is one of the few sets on Getting Deeper that’s absolutely banging for most kinds of dancefloors. Moving to the set is a direct result of beautiful and heady trips that are so easy to get lost into. I love it. I love how easy it is to lose yourself to this set.

We hope that the set does the same to you as it does to us.

Thank you Mark for such a heartwarming set. It’s absolutely lovely.

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Getting Deeper #69 with Ninze & Okaxy – Deep October Mix

Ninze & Okaxy’s set for Getting Deeper is truly a gorgeous piece of sonic extravagance. It feels like the set is inspired by a beautiful but bittersweet love story in an old, exotic setting. It transports you to the abstract, delicate, profound and voluptuously wordless space between  definitions. It represents the inexplicable, commonly known as the grey area- of which life is mostly made of and something that only art has the power to represent so beautifully. That’s why we have films, artworks, architecture, novels… and of course… music.

It is only when you get really deep that you are able to capture these delicate moments. It takes an intelligent mind and lots of honesty and courage to be able to explore those dark spaces. Feels like Ninze & Okaxy have bathed themselves in these deep moments and created something aurally beautiful out of them. The end result – this set and their music – is a mesmeric, mysterious and absolutely show shopping package of intoxicating melodies.

What you will get, when you open this package, is some dusty jazz wrapped in warm beats together with a lot of intricate melodic goodness. They have chosen exceptional tracks and tied them together in such a way that you really won’t feel that there are individual tracks at all in the set. And that makes the set timeless. Time frames within the set are subtle, giving it a wholesome and grandiose character. It’s a film translated into music.

We hope you love it as much as we do.

Ninze & Okaxy… thank you for this divine work.

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Getting Deeper Podcast #66 mixed by Rishi Sippy

For Getting Deeper’s 66th podcast, we’ve got Bangalore’s very own Rishi Sippy with a banging techno set that we are going to listen to over and over again.

I remember a time around 5 years ago when I first listened to Rishi play live. It’s really amazing to see how he has progressed, and much to my pleasant surprise he has acquired a very deep and intense taste in music that I absolutely needed to showcase on Getting Deeper. His live sounds are a lot more edgy than what I initially expected, and I absolutely love them. I like how he, unbound by genre orthodoxy, isn’t afraid to play around with track tempos… with sets that can get really low and minimal if given a chance, only to rise up to the beat of a techno kick.

And so, I am really excited to publish a set by someone I have actually listened to live a lot of times. His set for Getting Deeper follows a traditional progression that I rarely hear nowadays. It begins with deep, emotional sounds that eventually get much darker, and after the second half, they get more heady and definitely more enchanting. A harder techno bassline makes a welcoming appearance at this point.

The end result: A cushioning, beautifully haunting set that stays true its vibe. It gradually blooms into a dark, cosmic extravagance that is adored on Getting Deeper.

Thank you Rishi!



Getting Deeper Podcast #65 mixed by Fabio Montana

Getting Deeper’s 65th podcast by Fabio Montana is a banging set that will be a great figure on the dancefloor.

Edgy sounds with smoking hot vibes make up the hallmark of this 1 hour wicked dance mix. He begins the set with a cosmic sound that transitions to something organically earthy… something very tribal that sits on the edge of being industrial and ultimately cosmic.

Yes, almost every track in this set has that midnight, underground feel with disjointed sounds that discreetly enter in and out of each track. These sounds sometimes come in the form of pulsating synth grooves and sometimes drifting voices. And so, it is not hard to say that the set has a strong sense of purpose that is fueled by Fabio’s own affliction towards pulsating beats with deep, cosmic melodies.

The end result: a dark, hypnotic set with a mesmeric quality that flows over, under and right through you.

Thank you Fabio!

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Getting Deeper Podcast #63 mixed by Artenvielfalt

Getting Deeper’s 63rd podcast takes a significant shift from some of the more deeper sets we have been releasing lately, but it’s a welcoming shift nevertheless. Germany’s Ben Sachau and Lennart Vonau, together known as Artenvielfalt, best loved on Getting Deeper for their lovely remix of Alt J’s Tessellate and their Nalu Nalu mixes… have given Getting Deeper the pleasure to publish a set by them for its 63rd number in the podcast series. 

Soulful tech is infused with some industrial sounds in this one. It takes me back to the initial days of Getting Deeper during summer. We had a lot of soulful stuff back then… lots of nice, warm tones and deep beats. And it’s nostalgic to listen to Artenvielfalt’s set in that respect.

Artenvielfalt have created a really nice progression with it. It’s almost as if the progression represents an open air party beginning with warm tones during the day, eventually moving on to grungy, dirty sounds and ending with soulful beats. That entire experience has been condensed in a 1 hour banging set.

The end result: A sultry set with a lot of good vibes, perfectly balanced… and great to remove your dancing shoes to get a little dirty with. We hope you enjoy 🙂

Thank you Artenvielfalt!

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Getting Deeper Podcast #62 mixed by Rolandson

Germany’s Rolandson has, for Getting Deeper’s 62nd podcast, given us a set that truly resonates with the blog’s essence. There is something very transient, transparent and intense about it – a depth that Getting Deeper constantly strives to reach.

He has, with this set, not only given us a deep sound but has also woven words around it. It comes with a back story that lifts the set to a more intense level, giving it a wholesome shape and a more intelligent personality. It’s really impressive how Rolandson has given this entire thing – this movement so much heart. The set, as he tells us, is a part of a series of podcasts going under the name of ‘En Resa.’

His set for Getting Deeper is called ‘en resa till den djupaste punkt, Marianergraven.’ It’s the 6th part of a journey to the deepest point – The Marianergraven, which is a deep water channel in the Western Pacific Ocean, with a maximum depth of 11,034 meters and a length of 2400 kilometers. Rolandson tells us that he is fascinated by the underwater world and he yearns a piece of the quiet that reigns down there.

His set for Getting Deeper is that deep, underwater space turned into sound. The vision is of crushing waves and deep sea waters and the emotions associated with it. He tells us that with this set, he meant to make these feelings a more intense experience by making them deeper and warmer. And so, the end result is a journey with the artist to the deepest points of sound, life and his soul.

We love it. Not only is the set everything we hoped for, but it goes much beyond what it is made of. It’s a perfect tribute to what Getting Deeper stands for, and we are really happy to be a part of Rolandson’s own personal journey through sound. Thank you Rolandson for such a heartwarming effort!

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Getting Deeper Podcast #61 mixed by Orbs & Zen

Bombay’s Orbs & Zen(Nicky Ramnani and Ajay Makhija) have given Getting Deeper a deep, melodic disco set, perhaps the first of its kind for GD’s 61st number in the podcast series. It’s been a very long time since GD has released a podcast by someone from India, and we are happy to have finally released a set by someone from our own country after a very long time.

The set is nice and smooth, with a sinister  but subtle vibe that makes it a classy figure on the dancefloor. What is great is that it still retains a deep character. It’s a perfect example of a nicely layered blend of rawness, groove and intensity. The end result is a great track selection with edgy, intoxicating melodies and warm tones that will transport you to an electric night. The image here is an open air space, deep into the night and much deeper into the music. Because if there is one thing I can guarantee you, it is that the set will definitely get more hypnotic the more you listen to it.

Thank you Nicky and Ajay! The set is absolutely banging.

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Getting Deeper Podcast #60 mixed by Henk

Berlin’s Henk has given Getting Deeper something it has never released before – a groovy, funky french electro set with a hint of deep for its 60th podcast.

Definitely made for summery days, the set will transport you to a sunny Miami in a Mustang. Disco-ish beats are placed under a groovy, soulful melody that is wrapped around a lush vibe. It’s for those of us who love music to the likes of Kartell and Satin Jackets who are famous for their french touch in electro music, sometimes known as Indie Electronic.

The set has a familiar sound because every track in it has adapted many, many different old school styles such as retro, disco and funk. Everything is combined to form a style that, despite sounding familiar, is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if it is your cup of tea, you will love the sultry, dirty vibes that come with it. It must be noted that Henk has mixed the set very well. Each track compliments the other and forms a wholesome package that we can boast is a unique style today.

We hope you enjoy this set as much as we do. Listen to it on your speakers when you are a little drunk, and a little high… and you will get into the groove as much as we do. Because it is made for those dirty, sultry, drunken nights… unless it is a sunny day in Miami in a Mustang!

Thank you Henk <3

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