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Rain in Paris

If you are the kind of person who can handle dark music without feeling like you are at a funeral, you should ideally love this playlist. For me, good dark in most genres is more intense, powerful and beautiful than the traditional depressing tag that it has from the people who don’t like it. If I had to choose between something happy and something dark, I would choose dark. Not because I don’t like happy music, but because I find myself listening to ‘dark’ for a longer stretch and more consistently. Tracks that have lasted in my Ipod for years without subject to change are quite intense and meaningful, or ‘deep’ in other words.

This playlist, though, has a lot of melancholic songs and a lot of melody together with sensational beats. Not all tracks are dark. But yes they are quite intense. They do radiate a lot of emotion, and, as the playlist suggests… a lot of nostalgic memories

Rain in Paris from Space Ambient on 8tracks Radio.

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