The Mixtape Collection

Every day we post a lovely mixtape on GD.

The Monday Five #1

Getting Deeper has been quite idle in the last 2 weeks. Apart from GD’s massive podcast release last Saturday, I am not feeling very good about posting irregularly and not sharing all the good music I have been listening to. And so, there is nothing better than GD’s mixtape collection to break the spell. These are tracks I have been listening to a lot in the last few days. They are hot, deep and electric… and I promise they won’t disappoint you 🙂

Includes music by Les Deux, Escar, Martin Patino, Nico Stojan and Makam.

1. Les Deux – Moving Your Way

2. Escar – Hold It Within

3. Martin Patino – Mindgames (Original Mix)

4. Makam – Images (Dreams Of Tomorrow )

5. Channel X – My 3 Wishes – Nico Stojan Remix

Enjoy 🙂

The Sunday Five #1

Today’s mixtape collection comprises of deep, timeless and stunning tracks that will take you on an inward journey. It’s perfect for sunny sundays, afternoon drives and basically any kind of journey… imaginary or not. They are simplicity at its best.

Includes music by Bessiff, Guy Gerber, Falmingus , Tale Cooper and 1000 Tears.

1. Bessiff – Le Marionnettiste (Original Mix)

2. Guy Gerber – My remix to Chaim’s Blue Shadow (as told by the artist)

3. Flamingus – Moon

4. Ben Howard – Depth Over Distance (Tale Cooper Edit)

5. 1000 Tears – Love X High

Enjoy 🙂

The Friday Five #1

Hello everyone! Today we begin a new collection of mixtapes that we hope to publish everyday. Each collection will feature tracks with the same sound, genre or vibe. This is so that we can keep up with all the good music that is being circulated!

For today’s collection, we have 5 chill tracks to get through the day. Some are jazz influenced, and some just downright chill. One thing in common though, amongst all these tracks is the inherent beauty they carry. They are rich, gorgeous and absolutely stunning. Enjoy 🙂

Includes music by Deejaykat, Clamore, Strangehead, Koen and White Fox Archetype.

1. DJ Kat – Morning Bell

2. White Fox Archetype – everything is backwards… even love.

3. Strangehead – Swerving in the rain

4. Koen – 1140

5. Clamore – Rough Turn (preview)

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