Getting Deeper Podcast #67 mixed by Shash & Chaz

Bangalore boys Shaswat Trivedi & Akshay Chaz aka Shash & Chaz have given Getting Deeper an impeccable set for its 67th number in the podcast series. True to its form, the set adopts a distinct style with a consistent and classy vibe that gives the entire podcast a rich and wholesome shape with an unmistakable silhouette. 

I think the set might actually be one of its kind in the entire Getting Deeper series because of how consistent it is throughout its length of time. There is something about it that is both cohesive and wild.  The beats are warm and soulful, yet… there is an industrial and grungy side to them, with a melodic intensity that is executed with subtlety and understatement, lending the set a more mature and refined character.
This kind of subtlety can only be achieved by a tightly knit track selection and some really smooth transitions. Tracks need to be selected with a thoughtful process in mind so that they compliment each other, either by feeling or by vibe. Finally, all those individual tracks need to be linked together in such a way that they form a beautiful, one hour sonic story of heady images, hypnotic trips and timeless journeys.
That is exactly what this set captures.
Shash & Chaz have, through this set, not only shown us that they are amazing candidates for podcasts but have also paid a welcoming tribute to Getting Deeper’s philosophy… because if there is one thing about podcasts, it is that their distinctness from live sets should be recognized. They are perfect tools for experimentation, lending artists the flexibility to truly showcase something deep – something that is close to their hearts. Unbound by genre orthodoxy and large crowds looking for the next beat to dance to, podcasts can be a perfect way to turn any vision into sound.
And that’s why, GD is really proud to publish this set.
Thank you Shash & Chaz! This set is truly top class in every way possible.

Getting Deeper Podcast #58 mixed by Bremer

Netherlands’ Ifang Bremer has gifted Getting Deeper one of the deepest sets that it has ever published till date. Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, as some may find it too intense… but intensity is what makes it so good for those of us who get deep music in deeper ways than most other people. 

First, let me begin by mentioning how well crafted the entire set is. Seamless transitions with really well done track layering connects every single breakpoint in the set to a more universal, underlying theme that is dark and mysterious. The end result is a consistent, hypnotic vibe that transports you to parallel universes… sometimes taking you into the future and sometimes in a post apocalyptic setting. But it’s beautiful. My god, it’s actually stunning.

I need to explain what I really mean by track layering in transitions. At many points during the set when a transition is occurring, you can feel the next track coming in. So it isn’t really seamless in a literal sense if you pay close attention. It is seamless in the sense that it feels right. The next track slowly creeps in such a way that it feels like it was meant to be there. At this point two tracks sound like they have been ‘layered;’ two transparent sonic layers that slowly take you from one heady trip to another heady trip of a different texture, and yet… connected with an inexplicable thread. What’s impressive is how he has created a story out of it, with beautifully haunting ups and downs that, at many points, represent the complexity of life.

You really have to get deep into it to actually know how solid it is. Or perhaps you are deep enough already to know that in an instant from the time you hit play 😀

Thank you Ifang! You have covered every aspect of what makes a set excellent in this extraordinary aural story.

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Getting Deeper Podcast #53 mixed by Lars Neubert

Lars’ set for Getting Deeper’s 53rd podcast is one of the most deep sounds we have here on Getting Deeper. Deep, dusty beats are embedded in wicked, atmospheric soundscapes and strung together with lovely transitions in this one.

The entire set has a mesmeric, show stopping quality. Intense breakdowns and soaring melodies come and go in the set with bright stabs. Once you decide to devote yourself to it, we promise you that you will either be surprised or slowly and steadily absorbed into a twisted and cosmic world of sonic extravagance.

Minimal, underwater beats frequently make welcome appearances… which is great because they provide a nice contrast to the more grandiose sounds that dominate the set. And still, they are grandiose in their own ‘underground’ way. With a dark and strong personality like this, the end result has to be a heady trip with a sharp edge to it.

What do you get when you not only have grand melodies but also majestic beats? top fucking class music. And that’s why, we are really proud to say that this set stands out. It is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it definitely fills those minimal appetites very, very well.

Thank you Lars!

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POWEL – Radio Sessions Mix 2014

Powel’s mix for Electronic Beats Radio was released just 9 days ago. Divine, stunning and chillingly beautiful, listening to the set is like diving deep into another dimension of sonic extravagance and glorious aural trips. Slow, deep beats are combined with dark, melodic synths in an excellent track selection. Every track is strung together and blended in such a way that the entire set represents a bittersweet and melancholic journey. It’s perfect for late night mind explorations. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Getting Deeper Podcast #48 mixed by Stephan Grab

For Getting Deeper’s 48th podcast, Stephan Grab gives us a slightly edgy 1 hour set with a minimal attitude. The witching hour consists of flipping and winding mechanical synths combined with clear, deep and  warm beats. You can even call this music post-electronic, because its elements are similar to post-rock with influences coming from its experimental and  yet the same time a very concise, layered and textured character.

Apart from the individual tracks being concise, the entire set as a whole forms a tightly knit package. It’s made with a certain process in mind. The process is  extremely well structured… and it’s directly represented in the set’s progression. It starts nice and slow, and promises to take you on a mesmeric journey that gradually comes to a closure. Stephan Grab has indeed made it with perfection. He has executed the set with subtlety and understatement, and that is extremely classy.

If you have an appetite for minimal packages with mature beats, fleeting synths and disjointed melodies… you will love this. You will love how the set gradually blooms, and you will particularly like how easy it is to get lost in it.

Thank you Stephan!

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Mar – Our Attempt

It wasn’t until I heard ‘Our Attempt’ that I came to know that a song couldn’t get any more smooth and minimal as this. Amsterdam based producer Mar released this phenomenally ssensual track 2 years ago, and it feels like it is the result of today’s electronica. The track’s minimalism surpasses every other ‘minimal’ sound I have come across, which makes ‘Our Attempt’ stand out from most tracks. This is when intelligence gets sexy. Enjoy 🙂

Free download available here.

Getting Deeper Podcast #33 mixed by Mr. Randerson

Our 33rd member in the Getting Deeper Podcast series is Rassmus Anderson aka Mr. Randerson. He brings with his podcast a deep and grungy side to a fairly new genre called ‘Slowmotion Deep House.’ And as the title suggests, the sound is characteristic particularly of the lower BPM range in Deep House.

Mr. Randerson begins the set with an incredibly deep and exotic introduction. I really did not expect a psychill vibe to come out of the first track. Slowly and smoothly, he transitions to much deeper, underground sounds with consistent, clear and compressed beats. There is a very obvious consistency in the set, which is great because it makes the podcast even more deep, with a depth that can only be associated with quality, underground electronica.

It feels like the set was born after midnight in a dark, secret room. I can imagine the room being very minimalist. Dim lighting, mind blowing speakers and a few, true fans and fanatics of underground music.

Very tastefully, Mr. Randerson continues to maintain a sinister vibe throughout the entire length of the set’s time. Sometimes it gets a little funky, just enough to satisfy the need for some melodic groove. The end result: a tightly knit set for a minimal appetite.

Thank you Mr. Randerson! This set is pure class.

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BLAKE Superieur – Stay With Me feat. Bryan Ellis

Good Morning 🙂 It’s been another long 10 days since I have written about a track. I knew that the first thing I wanted to write about was ‘Stay With Me’ by Blake Superieur and Bryan Ellis. Blake has, with this track, created another representation of how simplicity can be packed with so much class and goodness. ‘Stay With Me’ combines trap influenced beats to create a sound that is trap influenced but not trap itself – it’s minimal, echoing and wrapped in an atmospheric soundscape. And then we’ve got Bryan Ellis’ vocals that add some sort of a dark sensuality to the entire sound. Very nice!

Getting Deeper Podcast #32 mixed by Arkadiusz

It’s been a while since Getting Deeper has been active. That’s 10 whole days because I have been on vacation. To come back and upload Arkadiusz’ set for Getting Deeper while at the same time listening to it has been a relief I desperately needed to beat post holiday blues.

Arkadiusz, in this set, brings about an intensely emotional experience by incorporating intricate melodies with a deep, electronic sound. Strangely unique while at the same time old fashioned, this podcast by Arkadiusz is one of the few sets I know of that embrace the above two qualities to create something that is going to give you immense closure from a universal and inexplicable human experience called nostalgia.

He slowly and smoothly pushes the set with a progression that is going to take you on a long and divine journey of varying depths and vibrations. It’s intelligent, dynamic and beautifully woven in such a way that the music will hit all the corners of your mind and soul.

Arkadiusz has created a set that is truly deep. After coming back from a long vacation and listening to this phenomenal 1 hour journey has been just what I needed to lift myself up slowly, consistently and smoothly. Thank you Arkadiusz! This set is timeless.

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Meshach Gordon – Found Your Fire feat. Koda

Meshach Gordon and Koda have teamed up to create this sublime masterpiece called ‘Found Your Fire.’ Slow, tribal beats with echoing and chopped vocals grace the intro of this track. Meshach then slowly and very minimally pushes the track forward by adding futuristic breakdowns and sparkling sounds. The end result is an ecstatic and electric composition that is going to blow both your mind and body away.

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