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The Lake District – Framed

Seattle based producer Trevor Ransom, through his project “The Lake District” has made us fall in love with him. I love how deep he gets with his music, I love how it resonates in his descriptions of both himself and his tracks, and I particularly like the fact that he likes to create scenarios around them.

His latest release ‘Framed’ is a thought-provoking and mind expanding aural trip. Soaring atmospheric soundscapes are given an intensely emotional lift that only a bittersweet piano melody can offer. The essence of the track lies in its simplicity, and how it beautifully manages to represent something much larger and much more enchanting than its mere parts: inexplicable human states… those in between moments that are hard to define… that, sometimes, can only be defined through music.

The track is available for free download!

Richard – Fields

Richard Bennets from England gives us a raw, mellow sounding yet intensely emotional track called ‘Fields’ to end this night with. Incredibly beautiful.


Chims – Truant Heart EP (Insight Records)

“Norwegian producer Chims loves dark electronic soundscapes, downtempo beats and long walks on the beach. Truant Heart is the story of an escape and a journey. It is also a tribute to every truant heart and escapist out there. Let your mind go.”

Insight Records released another exceptional EP and an amazing artist discovery for us today. Truant Heart by Norway based Chims is a stunning 7 track compilation of dark, electronic sounds, atmospheric soundscapes and underwater beats. Each and every track is made with perfection. It is infused with melodic synths and beautifully haunting echoes that are going to blow your mind away.

Vibe wise, there is a certain purity in the entire album that is gorgeously portrayed through the clarity of each component that makes up the tracks’ sounds. You literally feel like you are escaping into a more extraordinary and magical world. It’s chillingly nostalgic. You are visiting another world and yet, for some reason, it feels familiar.

Download Here:

Getting Deeper Podcast #32 mixed by Arkadiusz

It’s been a while since Getting Deeper has been active. That’s 10 whole days because I have been on vacation. To come back and upload Arkadiusz’ set for Getting Deeper while at the same time listening to it has been a relief I desperately needed to beat post holiday blues.

Arkadiusz, in this set, brings about an intensely emotional experience by incorporating intricate melodies with a deep, electronic sound. Strangely unique while at the same time old fashioned, this podcast by Arkadiusz is one of the few sets I know of that embrace the above two qualities to create something that is going to give you immense closure from a universal and inexplicable human experience called nostalgia.

He slowly and smoothly pushes the set with a progression that is going to take you on a long and divine journey of varying depths and vibrations. It’s intelligent, dynamic and beautifully woven in such a way that the music will hit all the corners of your mind and soul.

Arkadiusz has created a set that is truly deep. After coming back from a long vacation and listening to this phenomenal 1 hour journey has been just what I needed to lift myself up slowly, consistently and smoothly. Thank you Arkadiusz! This set is timeless.

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The Savage – Nocturne

It’s really beautiful and lovely to hear an artist turning one note into an explosion of swirling melodies. That is exactly what The Savage has done with ‘Nocturne.’ The intro takes full swing and pours with it a stream of soft sounds and sugary concoctions that, in unison, deliver something intensely emotional, beautiful and haunting. Very nice.

J1K – Dark Forces EP (Presented by Producers United)

J1k has given us a phenomenal EP called ‘Dark Forces’ (presented by Producers United) consisting of 10 gorgeous tracks that are going to help you start your day with a nice big smile. And I say this because each and every track is infused with rich melodies and chill beats that together result in good vibes. The entire EP has a cinematic approach to it – one that lays its foundations in the 90s. The 90s that gave birth to a lot of good hip hop, with lovely blends of soul, funk and jazz. And now J1k creates another dimension by blending 2000’s instrumental hip hop with a 90’s vibe. The end result: a rich and smooth EP to comfort the soul. Top class!

Parov Stelar – Lost In Amsterdam

‘Lost in Amsterdam’ has less swing and more jazz compared to most other tracks by Parov Stelar, who has a lovely ability to take you down the nostalgic lane. And here I am, writing about my favorite track by him, and feeling nostalgic as hell for a place I have never even been to before. While I may not have been to Amsterdam, I have experienced everything that this track seeks to express – love, longing and more love.

The Cancel – Night Light (Album)

The Cancel is a collaboration between Andrey Zelenskiy and Dmitriy Fedysiv. There is little information I could gather about them on the internet… But there is so much you can gather from their music – good vibes, jazz influences and a very very smooth taste are themes that run in every track I have listened to by them. When it comes to The Cancel, there is no way you will be disappointed if you are truly looking to unwind… and that’s just a fraction of what ‘Night Light’ delivers. Comprising of 10 excellent tracks, the album promises to give you a consistent dose of rich and creamy smoothness. Downtempo beats are merged with lovely piano melodies and earthy sax tunes to give you what we call now ‘Instrumental hip hop’ – a perfect example of the fusion of old school jazz and contemporary electronic. Served best with a glass of whiskey.

Getting Deeper Podcast #17 mixed by World Tour Diary

World Tour Diary aka Lucas Fischer gives us the 17th podcast for Getting Deeper with a heartwarming effort and lots of love. And how it shows in this wonderful set. Incredibly soulful, with an abundance of instrumental melodies, beautiful vocals and deep beats, World Tour Diary has curated this set with perfection.You will notice that right from the guitar infused intro to the sensual mid and right till the sentimental end. For this and so many more reasons, this set is going to touch you deep into your heart and your soul.

It took me on a journey of down to earth memories and moments where I have fallen in love. It made me fall in love again with life and with this day, and I cannot thank Lucas enough for that.

Thank you Lucas for gracing Getting Deeper with such a lovely set <3 It is absolutely beautiful.

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Ludovico Einaudi – Walk (Phaeleh Remix)

Phaeleh always promises to deliver hauntingly beautiful tracks with an ethnic touch… exactly what he has done with this remix of Walk. And let’s not forget the talented Ludovico Einaudi’s addition of the piano in this track, which, despite being dark and simple, has so much emotion flowing out of it. I love that about the piano. It’s such a simple yet ethereal instrument. The end result is usually a melodic, bittersweet symphony. And it can be incorporated into almost any genre. When it does get incorporated, it lifts the genre onto another level by giving it a lot more depth and feeling. It’s pure, gentle and so damn graceful.

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