Unifono | Reframing LiveSet | Podcast #68 couldn’t have chosen a better candidate for an exceptional podcast release this month. Unifono first surprised us with the beautiful track Fliegen.There was something very special in him, and it spoke through that track. Now, after more than a year, Elektroactivisten has made a welcoming appearance in our list of favorite podcasts with this divine set by Unifono.

Futuristic, deep and truly one of its kind, Unifono’s set surpasses and transcends ordinary dimensions. Get ready for a cosmic journey to space and dive into the flipping, winding mechanical world of breakbeat, swirling around its own axis, and spinning a beautiful tumbling dance. Make sure you leave extra room for some spacey synths with a post-rock attitude.

All in all, we encourage you to shut the world out. Enjoy.

Fontarrian – Sissy Fuzz (Occupanther RMX)

Berlin based record label Antime  has introduced us to some very interesting and unique artists who are not afraid to test unknown waters to produce a sound that is both different and pleasing. Both Fontarrian and Occupanther have been a recent discovery through Antime, and it has been an interesting and exciting experience to discover their music. Occupanther’s remix of Sissy Fuzz carries a timeless sound that slowly and gradually progresses to more and more intense dimensions. Layer by layer, the track interestingly strings together different soundscapes to produce a sound that matures and takes you higher and higher with it. Absolutely lovely.

Chrome Sparks – Goddess

Newly released ‘Goddess’ by Chrome Sparks is a synth heavy, melodic track with different tempos under the same note, carefully attached together to create a multi-layered and beautiful experience. A trait that I have observed in Chrome Spark’s music is the fact that his music has a chilling but lovely flow that you can easily get absorbed into.  The end result is a ‘chrome’ experience in sound. And by that I mean that if ‘Chrome Sparks,’ in their literal meaning, were to be represented through sound… this would be it. Very nice!

Chrome Sparks – Marijuana

‘Marijuana’ by Chrome Sparks carries a bass heavy sound that is going to blow you away inside out. Cushioning beats are blended with chopped, drifting synths in this one. The end result is a majestic and chilling track with such a great flow that you can dive right into it.

Dauwd – Ikopol

Good evening 🙂 Today we listen to an amazingly fresh track called ‘Ikopol’ by Dauwd from Britain. Break style beats come together with drifting vocals that are wrapped around a sugary coating to produce something that is very, very enjoyable. Underwater beats and bouncing synths enclose a feeling of liberation, innocence and purity in this track. Enjoy 🙂

Volor Flex – Faint Outline (feat. Bulb)

Just discovered Volor Flex only to know that this is his last album under this alias. ‘Faint Outline’ was released in the album ‘Sabo’ in 2013 under the label Dark Clover. With ‘Faint Outline,’ he adapts the mystic and dark side of garage and glitch. The resulting vibe is of dingy, underground places and night drives. Very, very enjoyable to listen to.

Theatre Of Delays – Voyage

I have said it before and I am saying it again, I love tracks that give you exactly what they seek to mean in their title. ‘Voyage’ by Theatre Of Delays makes you feel like you are traveling through an intangible yet immensely meaningful tunnel. It feels like you are drifting away from where you were before, yet at the same time you are reaching another, more important place. To me, ‘Voyage’ represents an essential journey between two very important chapters – The end of an era and the beginning of a new one. A journey that bridges the gap between those two chapters, one that is far more important than the chapters itself. Slowly and steadily, it takes you deeper and deeper until you reach a point of resolution. Very, very nice.

Eastern Sun – Birth of a New World w/ Dela

It’s been a while since Eastern Sun was featured on Getting Deeper. Eastern Sun aka Brian Saitzyk’s new track ‘Birth Of A New World’ is considerably different from one of my long time favorites known as ‘Amaranthine.’ While ‘Amaranthine’ comprises of soft overtones and lighter beats, ‘Birth of a New World’ embraces hard hitting basslines and a wicked progression. Even though both of them are two different entities, they still come from from the same place. They are born out of an excellent talent in creating compositions and a deep taste in music. A talent that uses intensity and depth as the setting stone for creating different kinds of works. Eastern Sun embodies this by using spacey atmospheres, industrial yet organic sounds and intense yet simple melodies. It’s beautifully raw.

Borealis – Moll-E

Jesse Somfay under his alter ego Borealis gives us an emotionally intense, euphoric and sinister track called ‘Moll-E’ released under Origami Sound and in the album ‘Glittervoice’ for this morning. He blends ambient soundscapes and rapid beats to create an atmosphere that takes you out of your body and into places you’ve physically never been before. He shows us, with this track, how music can create parallel universes born out of your own imagination and the wide possibilities of your mind. As the track progresses, it promises to take you to different time periods… sometimes creating a post – apocalyptic world and sometimes taking you way into the future. ‘Moll – E’ is a soul shattering beauty that is a must listen for people who like to taste inexplicable, absurd yet ecstatic experiences.

Getting Deeper Podcast #20 mixed by Needles Musik

To celebrate Halloween, Diwali and Getting Deeper reaching its 20th number in the podcast series, we have a wicked Tech House/garage style set by Needles Musik from Germany.

This podcast is something unique and the first of its kind on Getting Deeper, and a perfect gift for this Halloween. Tech House with its massive basslines is placed under glitchy, mechanical sounds to produce a dark garage style set of 1 hour. Right from the beginning, Needles Musik starts it with a bang! Very interestingly, he pushes it forward like a story comprising of post-apocalyptic images, historical references and wicked twists.

It’s funny because at the time Needles Musik finished the podcast and I got to hear it for the first time, I was just beginning to explore the dark side of Garage house. I started to enjoy UK Garage, glitchy and break-beat house a lot more than usual. To listen to this right at that time was such a great treat that I thought to myself the Gods must really love me today.

It completely slipped my mind that this is not only going to be Getting Deeper’s 20th special but it’s also going to be released in the week of Halloween! How nice 🙂

Thank you Needles Musik. This is some wicked stuff!

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