Unifono | Reframing LiveSet | Podcast #68 couldn’t have chosen a better candidate for an exceptional podcast release this month. Unifono first surprised us with the beautiful track Fliegen.There was something very special in him, and it spoke through that track. Now, after more than a year, Elektroactivisten has made a welcoming appearance in our list of favorite podcasts with this divine set by Unifono.

Futuristic, deep and truly one of its kind, Unifono’s set surpasses and transcends ordinary dimensions. Get ready for a cosmic journey to space and dive into the flipping, winding mechanical world of breakbeat, swirling around its own axis, and spinning a beautiful tumbling dance. Make sure you leave extra room for some spacey synths with a post-rock attitude.

All in all, we encourage you to shut the world out. Enjoy.

Volor Flex – Faint Outline (feat. Bulb)

Just discovered Volor Flex only to know that this is his last album under this alias. ‘Faint Outline’ was released in the album ‘Sabo’ in 2013 under the label Dark Clover. With ‘Faint Outline,’ he adapts the mystic and dark side of garage and glitch. The resulting vibe is of dingy, underground places and night drives. Very, very enjoyable to listen to.

Madeaux – Cardiocartography

Good morning <3

America’s Madeaux has lifted this morning on to another level with his fresh track ‘cardiocartography.’ Have I mentioned that I love Madeaux? After listening to ‘I remember,’ I knew I had found a truly unique and refreshing artist to be obsessed about. His music comprises of slow, bouncing beats with soulful overtones that, without a doubt, will make you feel layers of experiences starting from pure relaxation to electric currents.

‘Cardiocartography’ has a smooth sax sample and digitized vocals similar to the likes of Michal Menert and Pretty lights, but… it has glitchy, underwater beats and late night vibes that can only be Madeaux. In the words of Madeaux, you can say it’s ‘underwater pop music.’ Very, very nice.


The Glitch Mob- Between Two Points feat. Swan

Slow, bouncy beats and airy, digitized vocals give way to a very sensual treat for your ears in this one. It’s classy, deep and far from cheesy. Definitely a must listen for the downtempo lover.

CloZee – Lady Of The Lake

By now I can say I am a hardened fan of Chloe Henry aka Clozee. Her music is incredibly unique, with glitchy beats, unexpected turns and many, many variations. Intros usually begin with ethnic and intricate instruments that change their course unexpectedly toward a more twisted and mechanical version of electronic beats. The result is a stylish, subtly dark yet fresh package of good vibes. Like I mentioned in my previous posts about her, you can feel the femininity in her music. It’s powerful and  I love it.

[embedit snippet=”yd”]

Clozee – Entracte

Clozeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! I feel so nice everytime I write about this talented and young french woman’s music. Now, this is definitely not like the other stuff I have been posting about recently. Most people who have familiarized with all my recent stuff MAY find this too ‘glitchy’. But that’s exactly why I love it, and why I love Clozee. Her music is an intricate mix of glitchy sounds, spontaneous breakdowns and fine beats that will make you feel nothing but so damn good. And to top all of that overpowering modern day electronic music, her tracks still retain an ethnic and feminine touch to them.

Love you Clozee. You are probably the only glitch artist I have on here but enough for me to go ahead and add glitch as a genre.

Clozee – Toulouse By Night

I haven’t met one person who has listened to this track and not liked it. It comprises of a really nice, dark intro and then BAM! a very sexy and sensual beat with a tribal touch kicks in. Minimally glitchy, Toulouse By Night is the epitome of chill. The guitar sample is absolutely beautiful and relaxing. So eargasmic.

Clozee – Enjoy Your Time

Such a feel good track. And I love how the title fits the entire song. Whenever I listen to it, I actually just want to enjoy my time. Like most of her other tracks, this one also has a guitar sample… and kicking beats! My favorite part would be the breakdown though, after which the track gets more downbeat and chillstep-ish. And how it progresses, my god. Lovely.

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