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Getting Deeper Podcast #106 Mixed By Martin Saupe

Excited to share after 4 months our latest podcast by Martin Saupe, who has previously released with us as TonElite. Dark, progressive and sexy, this set is a stepping stone for GD toward a newer direction that we want to take in terms of the style. It is much more wicked than many of the previous sets we have released, timeless and majestic with a dark atmosphere as Martin Saupe’s music always is. Happy Easter and we hope you enjoy the set as much as we do.

Martin Saupe: @tonelite-mrs

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Photograph by Fritz

Getting Deeper Podcast #105 Mixed By Maga

Ethnic and transgressing, Maga’s set for Getting Deeper’s 105th podcast is a sensual fusion of oriental, tribal and intricate sounds that are laced with psychedelic flourishes. It’s a stunning deep, downtempo mix that will give you a glimpse of the artist’s soul and an emotional experience of the various corners of the world and their deeply embedded roots.

1. “The work keeps getting deeper, more honest. I continue to work on a piece until I feel it breathe on its own.” (Maga Vocal Intro)
2. Vena Portae – Resonance (Original Mix)
3. Andrea Lillo Rizzico – Desert Dream (Original Mix)
4. Bedouin – Gurd (Original Mix)
5. Lum – Respira (Maga Edit)
6. Philip Chedid – Hakoura (Maga Edit)
7. Nato – Divae (Original Mix)
8. Ovo – Kora (Maga Edit)
9. Augustin Basulto – Cheapoon (Original Mix)
10. Raga – Tunnelvisions (Maga Vocal Edit)
11. Lemurian – Berlin Calling (Maga Edit)
12. Jonas Saalbach – Deep Like (Britta Arnold & Unders Trip Remix) (Maga Flute edit)
13. No name – No name

Maga: @magaofficial

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Getting Deeper Podcast #104 Mixed By BLOT!

We’re excited to have one of our homegrown heroes – BLOT! as part of Getting Deeper’s podcast series. Welcoming him to our podcast family has been long overdue, as he is one of the few artists in India whose musical vibe is in harmony with what we constantly strive to express on GD. His set is a beautifully crafted journey with liberating and ethereal melodies. It’s a cosmic hour laced with lush, hypnotic stretches that will take you on a heady, intoxicating trip. We love it.

BLOT! @blot

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Gettin Deeper Podcast #103 Mixed By Grosz & Ferchoff

It’s finally time for a long awaited set by Germany’s Grosz & Frechoff as Getting Deeper’s 103rd podcast. The set carries a lush and atmospheric sound with a mesmeric and sexy undertone. Deep, tender beats are laced with a warm, open air vibe, giving the set a well balanced sensuality that is both consistently welcoming and gradually hypnotic.

Grosz & Ferchoff: @grosz

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Getting Deeper Podcast #102 Mixed By Lente

We’re very pleased to welcome Lente in the Getting Deeper family with a deep and timeless sound for our 102nd set in the podcast series. Cocooned, dubbed and melodic, Lente’e set is an exploration of different styles from some of the deepest corners of the world. The set is a blend of historical romanticism and a warm, exotic vibe.

Lente: @lente

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Getting Deeper Podcast #101 Mixed By Allejandro Luara

We’ve got a transcendental journey for our latest edition in the podcast series by Brazil’s Allejandro Luara. His set is truly a tantric musical trip of intricate melodies with influences from India’s ancient mysticism. It will take you to a hypnotic and liberating trance-like state, simultaneously pushing you deep into yourself and into another world.

Allejandro Luara: @alleluara

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Getting Deeper Podcast #100 Mixed By Kraut

We are excited to celebrate our 100th number in the podcast series with Daniel Zuur’s new moniker – Kraut. The set is a slow, dubbed down fusion of sounds falling within a wide spectrum of electronic music. Emotional, tribal, exotic, and historical, Kraut’s set is a rare genre by itself. His set is a story not for everyone, but touching for those who connect with it. Enjoy.

Kraut: @krautmusica

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Getting Deeper Podcast #99 mixed by Unisol

Unisol’s set for Getting Deeper’s 99th number in the podcast series is truly a unique compilation and a one of its kind on GD. Industrial and majestic, this witching hour is a journey into the dark and mysterious world of experimental deep tech, swirling around its own axis and spinning a chilling tumbling dance. It’s mixed perfectly to form a mystical, futuristic and grandiose aural story.

Unisol: @unisolmusic

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Getting Deeper Podcast #98 Mixed By Burudu

We’re pleased to showcase two very talented homegrown artists going by the name of Burudu for Getting Deeper’s 98th set. Their sound is certainly something we don’t find much in this country, but it has found a solid place in GD’s sound universe. Unbound by genre orthodoxy, Burudu’s music is a subtle exploration of styles from the past, present and the future. It is a nostalgic blend of deep, downtempo sounds, dusty jazz and a post-rock attitude. Their set for GD itself is a stunning journey of multiple aural trips crafted harmonically and authentically. We love it.

Burudu: @burudu

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Getting Deeper Podcast #97 Mixed By Florian Rietze

We finally have Florian Rietze on board for the 97th set in our podcast series. Florian has been a GD favorite ever since its conception, and we are quite excited to have the opportunity to showcase his sound on our channel. Florian’s set is a nostalgic but inward and deep journey with a dark, emotional vibe. It swirls gradually but consistently into a mesmeric and lush sound.

Florian Rietze: @florianrietze

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