Unifono | Reframing LiveSet | Podcast #68 couldn’t have chosen a better candidate for an exceptional podcast release this month. Unifono first surprised us with the beautiful track Fliegen.There was something very special in him, and it spoke through that track. Now, after more than a year, Elektroactivisten has made a welcoming appearance in our list of favorite podcasts with this divine set by Unifono.

Futuristic, deep and truly one of its kind, Unifono’s set surpasses and transcends ordinary dimensions. Get ready for a cosmic journey to space and dive into the flipping, winding mechanical world of breakbeat, swirling around its own axis, and spinning a beautiful tumbling dance. Make sure you leave extra room for some spacey synths with a post-rock attitude.

All in all, we encourage you to shut the world out. Enjoy.

Koresma – Clouds

Insight Music Promotions, once again, through their phenomenal album called ‘Insight Vol. 3,’ give us another mind blowing treat for the soul. ‘Clouds’ by Koresma surpasses every rule we know about beat matching. The track is truly experimental because it explores a very different style of making music with its many variations and layers. Futuristic, with underwater beats and sparkling sounds, ‘Clouds’ is going to take you to another dimension.

You can download the track for free here.

Chims – Truant Heart EP (Insight Records)

“Norwegian producer Chims loves dark electronic soundscapes, downtempo beats and long walks on the beach. Truant Heart is the story of an escape and a journey. It is also a tribute to every truant heart and escapist out there. Let your mind go.”

Insight Records released another exceptional EP and an amazing artist discovery for us today. Truant Heart by Norway based Chims is a stunning 7 track compilation of dark, electronic sounds, atmospheric soundscapes and underwater beats. Each and every track is made with perfection. It is infused with melodic synths and beautifully haunting echoes that are going to blow your mind away.

Vibe wise, there is a certain purity in the entire album that is gorgeously portrayed through the clarity of each component that makes up the tracks’ sounds. You literally feel like you are escaping into a more extraordinary and magical world. It’s chillingly nostalgic. You are visiting another world and yet, for some reason, it feels familiar.

Download Here:

Volor Flex – Faint Outline (feat. Bulb)

Just discovered Volor Flex only to know that this is his last album under this alias. ‘Faint Outline’ was released in the album ‘Sabo’ in 2013 under the label Dark Clover. With ‘Faint Outline,’ he adapts the mystic and dark side of garage and glitch. The resulting vibe is of dingy, underground places and night drives. Very, very enjoyable to listen to.

Rustie – Sawdust (Wayvee X Le Moti Remix) (CLIP)

This is the shortest snippet I have on Getting Deeper but despite it being short, the essence of the track shines out through this 1 minute, 30 seconds clip. From this short clip we can only imagine how immense the entire track would be. So, from what little we have right now of this ethereal track, I am going to try and describe just why it’s so damn ethereal. Wayvee and Le Moti’s remix of ‘Sawdust’ by Rustie is a sublime and atmospheric side of  chillstep/garage. An ambient sound accompanies the track right from the intro and slowly ascends to a futuristic beat. Its ascendance gives a feel of something very magnificent rising from the depths of what is already beautiful and inspiring. Enjoy 🙂

The original will be released soon via Eighth Supply. 

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Getting Deeper Podcast #20 mixed by Needles Musik

To celebrate Halloween, Diwali and Getting Deeper reaching its 20th number in the podcast series, we have a wicked Tech House/garage style set by Needles Musik from Germany.

This podcast is something unique and the first of its kind on Getting Deeper, and a perfect gift for this Halloween. Tech House with its massive basslines is placed under glitchy, mechanical sounds to produce a dark garage style set of 1 hour. Right from the beginning, Needles Musik starts it with a bang! Very interestingly, he pushes it forward like a story comprising of post-apocalyptic images, historical references and wicked twists.

It’s funny because at the time Needles Musik finished the podcast and I got to hear it for the first time, I was just beginning to explore the dark side of Garage house. I started to enjoy UK Garage, glitchy and break-beat house a lot more than usual. To listen to this right at that time was such a great treat that I thought to myself the Gods must really love me today.

It completely slipped my mind that this is not only going to be Getting Deeper’s 20th special but it’s also going to be released in the week of Halloween! How nice 🙂

Thank you Needles Musik. This is some wicked stuff!

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Sivey – FABRICLIVE x Hit & Run Mix

Our set of the day is the wonderful ‘Hit & Run Mix’ by Sivey for Fabric, Britain. It’s is so refreshing to listen to this wicked, underwater beat style set. Infused with an abundance of variations, digitized and chopped sounds, the ‘Hit & Run Mix’ is going to make you jump out of your slumber and ask yourself ‘what in the world is this?’ Garage and junk combined with some high quality tech makes this so UK. You can see how Sivey has taken the liberty to showcase this unique style of combining R&B influenced beats with deep house, perhaps even to the likes of IDM… through a sick experimentation. Not eveyone’s cup of tea, but for the people whose cup this set fills… it is going to be a ‘slick’ experience. Eeeeennnnjooyyyy!

Midimúm – Junk Beach

Good Morning <3 Let’s begin this lovely Saturday by an even more lovely and eclectic track called ‘Junk Beach’ by Midimúm. The track begins with a highly atmospheric intro that sets the stage for spacious synths which run throughout the entire track. About a minute down and a garage style, compressed beat kicks in. The entire track has a ‘garage’ influence to it… Literally, it feels like it was made in the back of a junkyard, and for all the good reasons. ‘Junk Beach,’ as a track, definitely lends itself to its name. ‘Junk’ for the garage and ‘Beach’ for the atmosphere. Bring all of it together and it produces some sort of a coherent tune that is sure to bang you out of your body. Very nice!

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Bonobo – Know You (SuperVision Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=00ffd3&auto_play=false&show_artwork=false” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

I found two amazing tracks today. And this is one of them. I hate Monday mornings precisely for two common reasons. First, I can’t be out late on Sunday nights because I have to wake up early for work on Monday mornings. Second, because of the fact that I have 4 more days till the next weekend…. FOUR FUCKING DAYS. So not good.

But when you come to work and your friend shares a track with you that makes you go all fuzzy and full of an abundance of joy and awe and fascination, you forget about your monotonous life for a moment. Or lets just say 5 minutes in this case.

This song reminds me of Bonobo’s Kiara, but a less monotonous version…. and of course a lot different but with similar elements. Those timed 1 second digitized vocals that enter and exist as the beat drops and then rises a level higher… Yes, that’s where I found the correlation with Kiara. This track though, has an epic, velvety breakdown. It’s not the breakdown itself that is good, but it’s the way the track rises after the breakdown that makes it so good.


Bonobo ‘The Keeper’ BANKS Remix

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=4be4c3&auto_play=false&show_artwork=false” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Such a great remix of the original Bonobo’s Keeper from the Black Sands album. A more digitized version you can say. Melodic, dark and classy. The intro begins with a guitar sample and Andreya Tria’s vocals from the original, that, in this track, turn airy and drifting. I absolutely love how the track picks up: a sensational, low pulsing beat that gives way to a  powerfully synthesized tune that builds progressively, ends and then gives way to more vocals and a beautiful breakdown. This track gives out a forest vibe… definitely.

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