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Suol – Summerdaze 2014

It has been a while since I have come across an immaculate compilation with such a consistent theme. Each track is drowned in a beautiful sound of swirling, timeless melodies, deep beats and atmospheric soundscapes. The end result is a wholesome package of sublime vibes and a divine listening experience. Thank you Suol! Here is what it is in detail:

” Suol returns with the second installment of its Summer Daze series, bringing a fine array of sun-dappled grooves and melodies.

Carefully curated by label bosses Chopstick & Johnjon, the compilation offers a wide variety of music from across the spectrum, with all but one of the tracks being exclusively released through Suol. It’s designed to soundtrack everything from the warm up pool parties to the peak time club moments – via a beach or two on the way.

Not only have they managed to cram all members of the tightly-knight Suol crew under one roof, but Chopstick & Johnjon have also bucked the label’s usual trend and included music from outside its usual roster, including a hand-picked array of guest producers, close friends of the label and young upcoming talent.”


Getting Deeper Artist Exclusive #1 – Valentin Grange

Valentin is unique. His music is very earthy and strangely organic. Most tracks are far from ‘future electronic,’ which is what has been creating waves these days. Valentin, though, gives us a break from that futuristic vibe and takes us way back into the past with his music.

Every track produced by him has a certain (and very strong) theme attached to it. It’s not said out aloud in words but you can feel it. ‘Brothel,’ for example, has a film noir kind of vibe… whereas many of his other tracks like ‘Raw Intelligence’ and ‘Casual I.D’ have an industrial, grungy edge to them. Others have a post-apocalyptic and ghetto setting.

Each track transports you to an imaginary setting, you feel like the world is on pause… a feeling of being alive in a photograph. Moments that never existed end up becoming memories and you feel nostalgia for a place you’ve never been, all created because an artist translated his vision into sound.

And so, after finding Valentin, it was finally time to introduce a new series on Getting Deeper – Artist Exclusives, wherein artists have the opportunity to showcase only their tracks, all strung together in a tightly knit set. There couldn’t have been a better person to begin this series with than Valentin.

Thank you Valentin, we love your music!


00:00 – 1:14 -> Intro
1:14 – 4:16 -> CasualD
4:16 – 8:15 -> Brothel
8:15 – 10:54 -> A.B.D
10:54 – 13:46 -> Leave me
13:46 – 15:50 -> Changed
15:50 – 17:48 -> GadManDubs-Greko Chedda (Prod.Valentin)
17:48 – 21:01 -> Kalam- Sucess Story (Prod.Valentin)
21:01 – 24:34 -> To Beg
24:34 – 27:05 -> Faith
27:05 – 29:28 -> Vaughan
29:28 – 32:26 -> Turn on the Sex
32:26 – 35:48 -> Wasted Hope
35:48 – 37:36 -> Drivin’
37:36 – 40:10 -> Raw Intelligence

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rampue – Wilderness EP

Rampue just released another phenomenal EP called ‘Wilderness’. Released by Danze Baby and featuring Rosa Lux & I’m Not A Band, “Wilderness” is just a taste of what the entire EP contains. Each and every track’s remix including the original is immaculate… with melodic synths, a deep sound and a divine vibe. Nothing that has ever come out of this man has been disappointing. Definitely one of our top 5 artists on Getting Deeper. Respect!

Here is the entire EP (with remixes by Schlepp Geist, Mario Aureo and David Hasert)… dive right into it, you won’t be dissapointed :

Chims – Truant Heart EP (Insight Records)


“Norwegian producer Chims loves dark electronic soundscapes, downtempo beats and long walks on the beach. Truant Heart is the story of an escape and a journey. It is also a tribute to every truant heart and escapist out there. Let your mind go.”

Insight Records released another exceptional EP and an amazing artist discovery for us today. Truant Heart by Norway based Chims is a stunning 7 track compilation of dark, electronic sounds, atmospheric soundscapes and underwater beats. Each and every track is made with perfection. It is infused with melodic synths and beautifully haunting echoes that are going to blow your mind away.

Vibe wise, there is a certain purity in the entire album that is gorgeously portrayed through the clarity of each component that makes up the tracks’ sounds. You literally feel like you are escaping into a more extraordinary and magical world. It’s chillingly nostalgic. You are visiting another world and yet, for some reason, it feels familiar.

Download Here: insightrecords.bandcamp.com/album/truant-heart-ep

J1K – Dark Forces EP (Presented by Producers United)

J1k has given us a phenomenal EP called ‘Dark Forces’ (presented by Producers United) consisting of 10 gorgeous tracks that are going to help you start your day with a nice big smile. And I say this because each and every track is infused with rich melodies and chill beats that together result in good vibes. The entire EP has a cinematic approach to it – one that lays its foundations in the 90s. The 90s that gave birth to a lot of good hip hop, with lovely blends of soul, funk and jazz. And now J1k creates another dimension by blending 2000’s instrumental hip hop with a 90’s vibe. The end result: a rich and smooth EP to comfort the soul. Top class!

Cocolores – Inside EP

Cocolores’  ‘Inside EP’ is compilation that occupies a perfect place in the dark and heavy side of deep house. ‘Inside EP’ shows us the spacey and atmospheric side of Cocolores, who are better known for their funky compositions. Nevertheless, the EP is absolute class. It carries spacious and electric synths that are common to two out of four tracks in the ‘Inside EP’ – ‘Unfinished Things’ and ‘What You Do.’ ‘Inside’ and its remix by Till Von Sein are much darker, with compressed beats and tribal influences that are combined in such a way that the end result is industrial and grimy acid deep house. Very very nice.

Hebona – Masquerade EP

Hebona’s Masquerade EP released by Insight Records is such a perfect companion for this cold evening. Masquerade is a 3 track EP that consistently delivers a massive bassline placed under surreal piano melodies, liquid synths and dreamy vibes. A great figure both during winter and late nights, Masquerade is something you can easily escape into. Enjoy the super chill smoothness 🙂

The Cancel – Night Light (Album)

The Cancel is a collaboration between Andrey Zelenskiy and Dmitriy Fedysiv. There is little information I could gather about them on the internet… But there is so much you can gather from their music – good vibes, jazz influences and a very very smooth taste are themes that run in every track I have listened to by them. When it comes to The Cancel, there is no way you will be disappointed if you are truly looking to unwind… and that’s just a fraction of what ‘Night Light’ delivers. Comprising of 10 excellent tracks, the album promises to give you a consistent dose of rich and creamy smoothness. Downtempo beats are merged with lovely piano melodies and earthy sax tunes to give you what we call now ‘Instrumental hip hop’ – a perfect example of the fusion of old school jazz and contemporary electronic. Served best with a glass of whiskey.

SoloWg – PlayPauseStopRewind EP

SoloWg’s ‘PlayPauseStopRewind EP’ is everything that we love about Solowg, giving us maximum satisfaction delivered in class and style. Nice, underwater beats are combined with SoloWg’s characteristic deep seated male vocals in the tracks ‘DirtyHappyPeople’ and ‘Super Natural;’ While ‘That Girl’ ends the EP with a sublime and atmospheric slow deep house sound. I like how all the three tracks are placed in such a way that the EP becomes a journey beginning with a banging start and slowly and gradually ending it with depth and intensity. Very nice.

Alterfix – Fixtape Vol. 1

It’s so refreshing to find Alterfix. His music comprises of bouncing beats, spacious synths and sparkling sounds. Influenced by olden style reggae and sometimes old ‘skool’ jazz, Alterfix combines all of this to give you super chill vibrations and good fucking vibes. ‘Fixtape Vol. 1’ is everything you would need to pamper your soul and treat your ears because it is so smooth and so damn good. Thank you Alterfix for giving us this quality package. This is a must listen for anyone who loves their beats.

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