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Vikings Theme Song (Mehmet Akar Remix)

Wow what a sound! Mehmet Akar with his remix of the Vikings Theme Song has created a massive piece that will take you to other, outer worldly dimensions. True to its core, this remix is a thoughtful compilation of Fever Ray with the Viking’s theme song, and wrapped with Mehmet’s own majestic touch. An intense, passionate breakdown makes up the hallmark of this track along with dark, powerful vibes that pay homage to Vikings. This is a big, big hit that I haven’t heard in a while and have been secretly waiting for. I am not surprised that it was Mehmet who woke me up.

The track is available for free download!

JustinJayBeats – A Space Odyssey

LA’s Justin Jamndre aka JustinJayBeats gives us an extremely smooth, lo-fi sound through ‘A Space Odyssey.’ Chill, elementary and yet packed with so much goodness, ‘A Space Odyssey’ feels like an organic trip into space. Listen and enjoy 🙂

Getting Deeper Podcast #50 mixed by Giovane Webster

We’ve waited a very long time to upload this set for reasons more than one. It was a pleasant surprise when Giovane sent this set for GD’s podcast series. Pleasant because it is always a pleasure to upload a downtempo and beats oriented set. Getting Deeper is always on the look out for sets like this because they are not only a rarity but also such a delight to listen to. Surprisingly, Giovane has not only fulfilled this need but he has also done a very good job at it!

Smooth, fuzzy beats make up the hallmark of this set. Each and every track is picked carefully in such a way that it fits the set’s overall personality… which is a soulful, creamy blend of lush vibes and good feelings. When you combine sparking synths with heartwarming beats, this is what you get.

What is impressive is how Giovane has pieced these tracks together. Not at any point will you feel a feeling of disconnection between tracks and during transitions. This is, indeed, an amazing quality because blending downtempo, off beat tracks is not very straightforward. I don’t know how he did it. I don’t know if it was easy or hard… but it is definitely a reason to stand out.

And so, among an abundance of deep house and techno sets, this is definitely a lovely change. The set will be a great figure during those times when you want to unwind and chill. We hope you enjoy 🙂

Thank you Giovane!

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The Friday Five #1

Hello everyone! Today we begin a new collection of mixtapes that we hope to publish everyday. Each collection will feature tracks with the same sound, genre or vibe. This is so that we can keep up with all the good music that is being circulated!

For today’s collection, we have 5 chill tracks to get through the day. Some are jazz influenced, and some just downright chill. One thing in common though, amongst all these tracks is the inherent beauty they carry. They are rich, gorgeous and absolutely stunning. Enjoy 🙂

Includes music by Deejaykat, Clamore, Strangehead, Koen and White Fox Archetype.

1. DJ Kat – Morning Bell

2. White Fox Archetype – everything is backwards… even love.

3. Strangehead – Swerving in the rain

4. Koen – 1140

5. Clamore – Rough Turn (preview)

Getting Deeper Podcast #44 mixed by Inchange

Russia’s Michael Soldatkin aka Inchange was immediately on our radar after we heard his album Found Records. Intense, not overly emotional but definitely very deep, Inchange has the ability to produce tracks that are chill and at the same time edgy. Edgy because they have a certain uniqueness to them. He explores various tempos, soundscapes and flows to create music that is both interesting and great to listen to. A lot of unique, interesting music is great in terms of composition but not something that many of us can dive into. We can appreciate it but we cannot hold it close to our hearts. Inchange, however, combines simplicity with originality that blows our minds every single time we glance at it.

For Getting Deeper 44th podcast, Inchange has impressed us beyond our expectations. This is because he is relatively new to making podcasts. For someone who hasn’t explored the side of making sets too much, this is top class. Downtempo beats, organic sounds and a very intelligent track selection makes this set a must have for anyone who loves their chillout music.

The vibe is consistent, with dark mind-expanding aural trips. Sometimes the set embraces the twisting, mechanical world of breakbeat… enough to to take you to different horizons, just enough so that you don’t get confused with sudden shifts in the set; and that is precisely what chillout music is about.

Thank you Inchange, this set is flawless… and definitely one of its kind on Getting Deeper.

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Elliot Moss – Slip

‘Slip’ by Elliot Moss is one of the few tracks dominated by vocals to be featured on Getting Deeper, and for all the right reasons. When a track with vocals is good, it is really really good. Simple yet intensely emotional, ‘Slip’ represents everything that unrequited love seeks to express. Beautifully sung and strung together at the right places, this track couldn’t have been more perfect. All the elements in the track – from its composition, to the vocals to the vibe and finally to its essence – are exactly how they are meant to be. The end result is a gorgeous sound that is going to touch you deep in your heart.

The track is available for free download here. 

Chrome Sparks – Goddess

Newly released ‘Goddess’ by Chrome Sparks is a synth heavy, melodic track with different tempos under the same note, carefully attached together to create a multi-layered and beautiful experience. A trait that I have observed in Chrome Spark’s music is the fact that his music has a chilling but lovely flow that you can easily get absorbed into.  The end result is a ‘chrome’ experience in sound. And by that I mean that if ‘Chrome Sparks,’ in their literal meaning, were to be represented through sound… this would be it. Very nice!

Emancipator – Minor Cause (Video)

‘Minor Cause’ is one of the best tracks in Emancipator’s most recent album ‘Dusk to Dawn’ on Loci Records. Once again, Emancipator’s music never fails to enchant us. He creates a magical world with ‘Minor Cause,’ that, together with its video (directed by Ben Moon)  is deeply hypnotic and majestic. Melodic intricacies, soft beats and drifting sounds make up the hallmark of Emancipator’s music, which is divine and stunningly beautiful.

Emancipator is still the most respected and admired artist here on Getting Deeper. Play this loud, and let it carry you to another dimension.

Clamore – That’s Just Fine (Original Mix)

‘That’s Just Fine’ by Clamore is a motivational and intense jazz influenced new age sound. The track is industrial yet at the same time there is something very organic about it. Drifting voices are placed on top of echoing drums, infectious instrumentals and a compelling dialogue. Multi – layered and incredibly interesting, ‘That’s Just Fine’ is one of the most unique tunes I have come across in the last few months.

Track is available for free download here.

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