Ghosts Of Paraguay – Needing You (Kaiori Breathe Remix)

An old favorite, I ended up rediscovering Kaiori Breathe‘s remix of ‘Needing You’ by Ghosts of Paraguay all over again on Digitally Imported radio. Apt to its genre, this track is a chilling piece of divinity. It is beautifully haunting… and a complete relaxing experience to listen to. Enjoy.

The track is available for free download here.

Getting Deeper Podcast #50 mixed by Giovane Webster

We’ve waited a very long time to upload this set for reasons more than one. It was a pleasant surprise when Giovane sent this set for GD’s podcast series. Pleasant because it is always a pleasure to upload a downtempo and beats oriented set. Getting Deeper is always on the look out for sets like this because they are not only a rarity but also such a delight to listen to. Surprisingly, Giovane has not only fulfilled this need but he has also done a very good job at it!

Smooth, fuzzy beats make up the hallmark of this set. Each and every track is picked carefully in such a way that it fits the set’s overall personality… which is a soulful, creamy blend of lush vibes and good feelings. When you combine sparking synths with heartwarming beats, this is what you get.

What is impressive is how Giovane has pieced these tracks together. Not at any point will you feel a feeling of disconnection between tracks and during transitions. This is, indeed, an amazing quality because blending downtempo, off beat tracks is not very straightforward. I don’t know how he did it. I don’t know if it was easy or hard… but it is definitely a reason to stand out.

And so, among an abundance of deep house and techno sets, this is definitely a lovely change. The set will be a great figure during those times when you want to unwind and chill. We hope you enjoy 🙂

Thank you Giovane!

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Tinashe — Vulnerable (Dave Luxe Remix)

Dave Luxe’s remix of ‘Vulnerable’ by Tinashe is everything sensual a Chillwave track can contain. Packed with melodic, echoing synths, airy vocals and a sparkling, electric vibe… ‘Vulnerable’ is going to make you explode as and when it blooms. Absolutely lovely.

The track is available for free download here.

Sevnth Wonder – Missing U

‘Missing U’ by Sevnth Wonder falls in a relatively new genre called ‘future R&B.’ Futuristic, sparkling sounds, highly digitized vocals and an extremely sensual vibe make up the hallmark of this genre. I am absolutely loving this music, and hope to fill up my music collection with a lot of tracks falling under this genre. Superchill and smooth <3

The track is available for free download here. 

The Future Beats Show 036 + DJ Slanki Mix

Pure sex and love. I have been into beats/chillwave sets a lot lately, and there is no better place to find them than Complexion’s Future Beats sessions. And so we are here again, ending the night with the 36th Future Beats set including a special mix by DJ Slanki. Enjoy 🙂

Download it for free here.

Mar – Our Attempt

It wasn’t until I heard ‘Our Attempt’ that I came to know that a song couldn’t get any more smooth and minimal as this. Amsterdam based producer Mar released this phenomenally ssensual track 2 years ago, and it feels like it is the result of today’s electronica. The track’s minimalism surpasses every other ‘minimal’ sound I have come across, which makes ‘Our Attempt’ stand out from most tracks. This is when intelligence gets sexy. Enjoy 🙂

Free download available here.

Getting Deeper Podcast #36 mixed by Charles The First

Discovering Charles Ingalls aka Charles The First was one of the best listening pleasures I have had recently. His podcast for Getting Deeper has been unexpectedly incredibly good. And the reason it is unexpected is because I did not get the chance to listen to his music thoroughly before I got the podcast. I had no idea what kind of sets he makes, and I definitely didn’t have any idea how exceptional his original productions are. I had heard 2 of his tracks and they were enough for me to come to the conclusion that he had a great taste. I put blind faith into this. Recently I went through a lot more of his music, and it was so damn good… It made me so proud to know that Getting Deeper has a set from him.

And so you can imagine how mind blown I was after listening to his finished set. Every track is selected well in such a way that it fits with the overall smoothness of the set. The tracks in themselves are pure eargasms. Super chill beats are combined with creamy rich synths and melodies to produce a gorgeous sound.

The best part? Every track has its own uniqueness even though it maintains a consistent vibe of divinity. Different variations are incorporated with each transition. I love that about beats and chillstep sets, especially if they are mixed well. Even in this set, the transitions are so smooth and light that you feel like the entire set is a whole in itself. You feel like you are walking across different streets of the same city. Each street and each corner having its own entity, yet at the same time being part of a common identity.

Thanks Charles 🙂 This is absolutely lovely.

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Jacoo – Desolation

We spend our evening today with ‘Desolation’ by Jacoo. Liquid, underwater beats come together with a beautiful piano melody to produce a melancholic track perfect for winters. 30 seconds down the line and the track explodes with emotional currents and beautifully haunting melodies. Absolutely lovely. Enjoy!

Elaksi – Sometimes

The much loved Elaksi has given us an explosive interpretation of Beyonce’s ‘Best Thing You Never Had’ to satisfy our chillwave cravings for this week. Chopped vocals, echoing synths and bouncing beats come together to create a sparkling sound with sensual vibes in ‘Sometimes.’ Elaksi has never failed to satisfy our cravings for sensual chillstep/chillwave. Varying consistencies and depths are used in such a way that the end result is (still) a smoothness that can only come out of a coherent flow. It hits all the right spots.

THE VIBE GUIDE Podcast 019 Guest Mix by Fitz Lauder

It’s so refreshing to find sets that embrace the summer vibes and smooth consistencies of beats, trap and chillwave soundtracks. Most sets I have come across are deep house/techno oriented. Fitz Lauder, in his guest mix for The Vibe Guide, has given me exactly what I needed to break the monotony of listening to the same style of music. He has combined different styles and at the same time he has created something very wholesome by maintaining a consistent vibe. This set comprises of sparkling sounds, creamy rich progressions and Indie beats to give us something that we call French Electro. Even though the transitions are noticeable and real, you can feel that they are meant to be that way. The shift between two soundtracks is done just right. Very very nice!

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