Getting Deeper Podcast #36 mixed by Charles The First

Discovering Charles Ingalls aka Charles The First was one of the best listening pleasures I have had recently. His podcast for Getting Deeper has been unexpectedly incredibly good. And the reason it is unexpected is because I did not get the chance to listen to his music thoroughly before I got the podcast. I had no idea what kind of sets he makes, and I definitely didn’t have any idea how exceptional his original productions are. I had heard 2 of his tracks and they were enough for me to come to the conclusion that he had a great taste. I put blind faith into this. Recently I went through a lot more of his music, and it was so damn good… It made me so proud to know that Getting Deeper has a set from him.

And so you can imagine how mind blown I was after listening to his finished set. Every track is selected well in such a way that it fits with the overall smoothness of the set. The tracks in themselves are pure eargasms. Super chill beats are combined with creamy rich synths and melodies to produce a gorgeous sound.

The best part? Every track has its own uniqueness even though it maintains a consistent vibe of divinity. Different variations are incorporated with each transition. I love that about beats and chillstep sets, especially if they are mixed well. Even in this set, the transitions are so smooth and light that you feel like the entire set is a whole in itself. You feel like you are walking across different streets of the same city. Each street and each corner having its own entity, yet at the same time being part of a common identity.

Thanks Charles ­čÖé This is absolutely lovely.

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Getting Deeper Podcast #26 mixed by SL’9

It’s very exciting to finally upload a podcast that pays homage to genres other than deep/tech house on Getting Deeper. Stephen Little aka SL’9 from Britain has allowed us to do that by gifting Getting Deeper a podcast that embraces the influence of hip hop beats in genres such as trap and trip hop, which are also featured on Getting Deeper.

He has created a set that is going to transport you to a scene in a movie that is based in a city like Detroit, with industrial images and massive powerhouses represented in a genre that we call cult fiction. Despite having grungy, clear and hard beats, Stephen has wrapped this set in melodic and soulful sounds that, with the entire package, give the set a cinematic, story-like vibe.

Very tastefully, this set, unlike most other sets, starts with a bang and ends with slow and soft beats as opposed to beginning with a slow intro and getting more and more banging towards the end. It can be compared to a movie that does not have a linear timeline… one that begins with the biggest suspense in the entire movie and progresses by unraveling its contents ┬áand giving it a nice closure during the end.

Stephen’s own lovely taste in music together with his remarkable blending capabilities add to the smooth flow of this set, whose end result is a wavy and rich consistency that radiates all the different varieties of good vibes!

Thank you Stephen! This podcast is excellent. It’s very refreshing to have this on Getting Deeper.

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Parov Stelar – Lost In Amsterdam

‘Lost in Amsterdam’ has less swing and more jazz compared to most other tracks by Parov Stelar, who has a lovely ability to take you down the nostalgic lane. And here I am, writing about my favorite track by him, and feeling nostalgic as hell for a place I have never even been to before. While I may not have been to Amsterdam, I have experienced everything that this track seeks to express – love, longing and more love.

Emancipator – Eve

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This track radiates femininity without any vocals to accompany it. That’s the best part. It’s wholesome, fulfilling and incredibly well made. Emancipator’s tracks are so characteristic of soul and satisfaction. Soothing instrumental tunes, deep downtempo beats and perfect variations make all his music, including Eve, absolutely wonderful.

Emancipator – Wolf Drawn

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Emancipator is one of my favorite artists. He is the only artist who has a separate playlist in my iTunes player. I’ve never been disappointed by anything he has created. Wolf Drawn, like many of his other tracks… is beautiful. It’s characteristic of a soulful piano sample together with distant vocals and a downtempo beat that keeps changing to avoid monotony.

Emancipator – First Snow (Ooah Remix)

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Emancipator’s remixes are as good as his original tracks, which is quite rare. First Snow, remixed by Ooah, has a nostalgic, winter-y vibe to it. Aptly named. I love the piano sample and the narration in the track. Emancipator never goes wrong with his piano samples. Never.

Michal Menert & Break Science – Throwback

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Michal Menert & Break Science – Throwback


Tokimonsta – Smoke & Mirrors

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Tokimonsta – ┬áSmoke & Mirrors

Album: Cosmic Intoxication

Year: 2010


Tycho – A Walk

Tycho aka Scott Hansen from America, produces one of the most uplifting and progressive ambient music out there. ‘A walk’ is an ethereal composition of ambient soundscapes, slow triphop syle drums and a liberating progression. Slowly and gradually, the track will take you higher and higher and fill your soul with so much delight that your clouded mind will instantly become clear.

Quantic – Life In The Rain

Quantic aka Will Holland’s sounds are characterized by trip hop, drum-like beats, funky melodies that are influenced by jazz together with lots of soul and depth. ‘Life In The Rain’ is by far my favorite song by him. I love how its narration represents humanness and its complexities, giving the track a much more deeper meaning. The song couldn’t have been more apt with its name. Listen to it and you’ll know.

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