Felix Cartal – After Dark (Ex Boyfriend Remix)

We end this lovely night with a smooth, chill and sensually smokin’ track called “After Dark” by Felix Cartal, remixed by Ex Boyfriend. Chopped trap elements are incorporated with clear beats, heady synths, heavy vocals and wrapped around lush vibes. It’s intoxicating, it’s hot and it’s going to make you come back for more. Truly made for those after dark moments.

Abhi-Dijon – Let You Know | NeguimBeats Remix | 6 Days Of Love (Day 1)

NeguimBeats from Brazil gives us “6 Days of Love” with 6 tracks spread out over 6 days. “Let You Know” is the first track of the series and was released yesterday by Darker Than Wax. It’s sensual, clear and incredibly pure. Chill beats are combined with echoing vocals and warm melodies to produce a sound perfect for late nights. Light those candles guys, the time has come.

Follow the rest of the collection on Darker Than Wax.

PS: It’s all available for free download!

Charles The First – No Worrie$

Charles The First has been one of my best artist discoveries in a while. Charles produces tracks that sit perfectly between being intensely emotional and being banging. They represent a certain kind of maturity that can only be achieved in a field where all emotional states are embraced. And by that I mean, musically, that his music is matured in the sense that it is far from being cheesy, or noisy, or too emotional or too plain. It rests in a grey area… which despite sounding ‘grey,’ is actually quite beautiful. This kind of maturity is only achieved when you stop hopping around in extremities.

Leaving all the intense talk aside… in simple words, his music is a sublime, dreamy and classy side of beats and chillstep. Even when it is banging, it does it with style. Enjoy 🙂

THE VIBE GUIDE Podcast 019 Guest Mix by Fitz Lauder

It’s so refreshing to find sets that embrace the summer vibes and smooth consistencies of beats, trap and chillwave soundtracks. Most sets I have come across are deep house/techno oriented. Fitz Lauder, in his guest mix for The Vibe Guide, has given me exactly what I needed to break the monotony of listening to the same style of music. He has combined different styles and at the same time he has created something very wholesome by maintaining a consistent vibe. This set comprises of sparkling sounds, creamy rich progressions and Indie beats to give us something that we call French Electro. Even though the transitions are noticeable and real, you can feel that they are meant to be that way. The shift between two soundtracks is done just right. Very very nice!

Stwo – Lovin U (Elaksi Remix)

Elaksi’s interpretation of Stwo’s  ‘Lovin U’ is what I like to call soft trap. Sensual beats, atmospheric soundscapes and highly pitched vocals are major components that make the softness of this lovely track. It’s a smooth mix of chillwave and trap, perfect for cold and chill evenings. Sublime, beautiful and deep. That’s how we like it.

Bronze Whale – Drive

It’s so great to find artists who consistently deliver exceptional tracks. You know you can rely on them to get your fix of  eargasms because you won’t be disappointed. Austin’s Bronze Whale – a collaboration between Jaques and Benny, have a long list of tracks with pure audio quality. They combine trap and chillwave with sublime progressions in such a way that the final package delivers melodic, sensual and emotional tracks. Their most recent track, ‘Drive’ embraces all the qualities I mentioned about them. There is something very explosive about it even though it is not downright hardcore. Listen to it and you’ll know.

LMC x Wayvee – Me & You

What a lovely song to spend this Friday with. Me & You is a marriage between Wayvee and LMC, giving you even more than what you expect out of them. Welcome a soulful guitar sample with airy male vocals that are topped with a massive, trap influenced beat. I’ve never got summer vibes from trap… never… until now of course. Trap has either been very hardcore or sensually late night. This, however, as the lyrics suggest, is pure sunshine placed on you like a warm blanket. Enjoy <3

[embedit snippet=”yd”]

The Future Beats Show 015

If you are looking for some sexy, late night smoothness you should listen to this set. ‘The Future Beats Show’ #15 mixed by Britain’s Complexion is a sparkling package of underwater beats, futuristic R&B and swag. An epic melodic intro paves a path for the rest of the set’s rhythmic beats. Comprising of lots of new interpretations of some old tracks, this set is going to take you down the memory lane, making you go back to all those R&B tracks you used to listen to when you were your old self, yet happily giving you a more mature and modern feel. Very nice!

The Way U Do (RL Grime Remix)- Shlohmo

Good afternoon 🙂 It’s time to get back on track and end this three day break with an old favorite called ‘The Way U Do’ by Shlohmo, remixed by the Trap God Mr. RL Grime. Clearly influenced by RL Grime’s trap, ‘The Way U Do’ still spells out Shlohmo. Tasteful synths and smokin’ beats are combined in such a way that the end result is a smooth flow of chill vibes and a subtle sensuality. The track maintains a similar tune throughout, yet it doesn’t feel monotonous at all. This is because the tune as well as the flow of the song is so enjoyable in itself that repeating it over and over again does nothing to diminish the satisfaction that you get out of listening to it.

1963- For Ab.

What a lovely song to begin our night with. 1963 brings to this evening this emotional, melodic and trap influenced track called ‘For ab.’ It is absolutely, holistically sublime and beautiful. Clear beats and echoing synths with subtle breakdowns makes this a 1963 signature treat for your soul. Lots of love from Getting Deeper to 1963 for creating this eargasmic masterpiece <3

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