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Oliver Koletzki – Childhood Basslines

1 year late but I had to post about it. It’s too good to not be on Getting Deeper. Oliver Koletzki, with ‘Childhood Basslines,’ has shown us how power and majesty can be delivered through melodic synths. I love how the synths represent a futuristic and timeless vibe in the track. Despite being laden with so much depth, it is pure fun… this is because Oliver has successfully retained interest throughout the entire track by incorporating different variations and textures. Served best while driving. Enjoy!

‘Childhood Basslines’ was released under the label Light My Fire in 2012. Here is the full track:

Cocolores Mini Mix – Turn Off The Dark

Cocolores show us a new but equally exceptional side to their taste in music. Suggested by their writeup for this mix, they have differed from their previous ‘funky’ inclinations in deep house. This time, they bring us a much deeper sound in the form of their first promo mix for 2014. Midnight lights, dark nights and grungy, industrial sounds make up the hallmark of this mix. Definitely something different from what you would traditionally expect from Cocolores, yet the same level of quality and audio purity is maintained. This is not something that you get used to… this is something that instantly arouses you the moment you hit play. A deep and complete arousal of the senses. Fucking amazing.

Getting Deeper Podcast #35 mixed by D33P

Isreal’s D33P gives Getting Deeper a nice gift as its 35th podcast. His set for Spirit Soul was one of the best sets I had heard in a while, and right then I knew that I had to get a podcast from him on Getting Deeper.  His taste was definitely something that Getting Deeper needed to tap into.

The combination of deep, grungy vibes and melodic sounds is exactly what I had expected from the set, and to my satisfaction the set was much beyond my expectations. As you dive deeper into it, it gets more and more electrifying. It’s subtly dark and mysterious texture makes it a perfect accompaniment to night. And the best part? The vibe is consistent. You get a nice taste of the overall vibe in the beginning, and it promises to remain the same if not more intense till the end.

I like that because when you start listening to a set, you continue to listen to it because you like how it sounds in the beginning. You like the vibe, you like what it makes you feel and more importantly the set feels perfect for the kind of mood you are in. I must mention that vibe is not the same as sound. You can have many different types of tracks, with different layers, variations and even speed. All kinds of genres can be packed in a set, as long as the vibe remains consistent. And when it is, it’s so damn satisfactory from the beginning till the end.

D33P promises to do that with his set for Getting Deeper. So when you listen to it and you like it…don’t stop. It just gets better and better.

Thank you D33P! This is exactly what Getting Deeper needs at this moment 🙂

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Melokind – Notruf

Melokind releases another track this month with a characteristic sound that he likes to call ‘Melotronica.’ Deep beats, atmospheric soundscapes and intricate melodies come together to produce a timeless sound in ‘Notruf.’ It’s a deep sound but it is also a lot  of fun. Listening to the track feels like a release that is the consequence of being able to let go and liberate yourself from an anchor that was holding you down for a long time. When you think about the act of liberation, it is quite intense… but the feeling that follows is one of pure freedom and consequently true enjoyment. Imagine this song accompanying all of that, and if we are on the same boat you will see that it fits perfectly.

Chaim – Love Rehab (Original Mix)

I always believed that every set has at lease one track, if not many, as the highlight of the set. I found this in Dennis Ka’s podcast for Getting Deeper. As soon as the track started playing, I was like yes… this is it! Groovy, sexy and incredibly enjoyable, Chaim’s ‘Love Rehab’ is going to, without any doubts, make you move your body. It is intricate yet not too deep. The amount of deep in the track is just right. It’s perfectly balanced.

Niklas Thal – Changes (Original Mix)

Niklas Thal’s ‘Changes’ is everything you would expect out of him, ensuring that you get maximum satisfaction out of this ethereal track. ‘Changes’ combines melodic synths, atmospheric soundscapes and a lovely progression whose end result is dreamy and sublime vibes- something that Niklas Thal is great at producing. Very soothing and very, very rich.

Sandra Collins – Techno

Deep, darkly sensual and intense, Sandra Collins‘ ‘Techno’ set is everything that I have been digging lately. Clean and banging beats, minimal sounds and powerful progressions are combined in this set to create a package that is going to blow you out of your mind. She has created a set that is perfectly balanced; even though it is sinister and dark, it is comprehensible because of the set’s overpowering beats. It’s wild, mysterious and very very banging… and a perfect representation of her classy taste. Enjoy 🙂

Max Cooper, BRAIDS – Pleasures (Huminal Remix)

Huminal have brought us another wicked musical composition for our dark counterparts. Huminal’s interpretation of Max Cooper and Braid’s ‘Pleasures’ is an industrial track with a deep and layered personality. An ambient, spacey atmosphere is combined with mechanical sounds and a chilling progression to create an aural universe of futuristic vibes. Just listening to this will transport you to an inexplicable dimension of energetic and electrifying currents. Very, very impressive!

Pusteflocke – Since 1999

Pusteflocke’s ‘Since 1999’ is a melodic and dark deep tech set that is going to bang you out of your body. Right from the beginning till the end, the french lady promises to serve you a wholesome platter of subtle yet vibrant sounds. She builds an atmosphere of spacey and timeless vibes, and places them on top of sinister beats. The final package is a tasteful, deep and classy set. Very, very nice!

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Getting Deeper Podcast #22 mixed by Robert Solva

Getting Deeper meets Belgium’s Robert Solva for its 22nd podcast – a tech house, deeply minimal and twisted treat for a good 1 hour. Beginning with a progressive and deep track with tribal influences and atmospheric soundscapes, the set gradually moves on to more banging and wicked tech style beats. The bass is clear, hard hitting and very crisp. Add a little bit of funk and futuristic sounds, and you’ve got an explosive set with hypnotic progressions.

My Sunday is never complete without a good set to spend it with. Robert Solva’s podcast for Getting Deeper has been my favorite companion all day… and I am so damn satisfied with it. I heard his edit of ‘The Ark of Noah’ by Mark Pollen a few years ago, and I absolutely loved it. Little did I know then that after a few years I would start this blog. And I never imagined at that time that I would be hosting an exclusive podcast by him.

It makes me feel good and happy because looking back at this has made me realize how much time has passed, and how far I have come and how invested I have become with regard to my passion for music. Robert’s set to listen to and this lingering thought in my head attached with it has turned my Sunday from good to amazing.

Thank you Robert for making this with such a heartwarming effort 🙂

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