Electric Feel – Henry Green (shagabond edit)

Shagabond’s edit of ‘Electric Feel’ is the deeper, sexier and more sensual sister of Kygo’s edit of Henry Green’s cover. It’s gentle, with soft beats and echoing synths… and feminine, with a light and airy texture. Feels like your heart is beating to it.

The end result: a beautiful and intimate sound perfect for late nights and candle lights. Enjoy ­čÖé

And it’s available for free download.

Madbliss – Lust

It’s been such a long time since I’ve set out to explore┬áindividual tracks on my own. I have only been listening to sets and podcasts especially because they give such good company during long journeys, which take up an important part of my day. My commute to and from work is almost 2 hours, and there is nothing better than an hour long beautiful aural story to go along with it. While sets are absolutely amazing for such situations (or any situation for the most part), they also have a big downside in the eyes of music aficionados like me. Downside because it really limits you to a particular genre, makes you lazy to go out and explore music of your own, and generally just reduces your music library to an obsolete collection because you get so comfortable in the space created by┬ásets.

And so, today I deliberately told myself that it is (without a question) time to go back to where I started from – plain, raw and ruthless song (and soul) searching. Plus, it’s not nice to see Getting Deeper’s first page filled with (mostly) sets. As much as I love them, I feel like I am not fulfilling my duty well.

Now, enough of the back story. Let’s get to the point: this gorgeous, creamy and┬ásensually stunning track: ‘Lust’ by Madbliss, released by Future Beats Records. In my first 5 minutes of song searching, I found this and it reminded me of┬áhow much good music there is for me to discover and write about.

The track is a short, 3 minutes piece packed with goodness. It is a perfect combination of sexy, classy and downright smooth… and an absolute must for your beats playlist.

The track is available for free download here. 

SYRE – Only You

It has been quite a blue week. You know those days when you feel slightly off? or out of it? I just got out of them. Hard to say if it was the music that got me out or if it made me realize that I am out… out of being out of it. Anyway, I am not ecstatic or anything, or suddenly overcome with joy… But I am definitely feeling good, made even better by this gorgeous track.

Chill beats and smooth melodies are wrapped around lush vibes in this one. Perfect to relax and get high on an afternoon like this. Enjoy ­čÖé

Outside Looking In

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DJ Grumble x Croup – Im4Real

Some beats are so damn good that you can keep listening to them again, and again… and again. DJ Grumble and Croup’s ‘I’m4Real’ consists of an incredibly gorgeous and smooth beat that runs throughout the entire length of the track. Undeniably Miami music, listening to this track feels like I am cruising on a nice sunny day in my mustang. You can keep listening to it and you will never get tired.┬áSo chill and so lovely <3 Available for free download!

aywy. X Ekali – Another Girl

We’ve got another massive hit today called ‘Another Girl’ by Aywy and Ekali. Creamy synths, bouncing beats and an organically sexual vibe makes this a must have for a late night playlist. Add this to the previous track we posted and you’ve got two passionate tracks to keep you going. Enjoy ­čÖé

The track is available for free download here. 


Dpat & Atu – Nothing Here

America’s Dpat along with Atu released this massive track on Soulelection just 10 days ago. Sensual beats are blended with echoing vocals to produce a nice, late night sound in this one. Totally between the sheets music. Available for free download.

Getting Deeper Podcast #50 mixed by Giovane Webster

We’ve waited a very long time to upload this set for reasons more than one. It was a pleasant surprise when Giovane sent this set for GD’s podcast series. Pleasant because it is always a pleasure to upload a downtempo and beats oriented set. Getting Deeper is always on the look out for sets like this because they are not only a rarity but also such a delight to listen to. Surprisingly, Giovane has not only fulfilled this need but he has also done a very good job at it!

Smooth, fuzzy beats make up the hallmark of this set. Each and every track is picked carefully in such a way that it fits the set’s overall personality… which is a soulful, creamy blend of lush vibes and good feelings. When you combine sparking synths with heartwarming beats, this is what you get.

What is impressive is how Giovane has pieced these tracks together. Not at any point will you feel a feeling of disconnection between tracks and during transitions. This is, indeed, an amazing quality because blending downtempo, off beat tracks is not very straightforward. I don’t know how he did it. I don’t know if it was easy or hard… but it is definitely a reason to stand out.

And so, among an abundance of deep house and techno sets, this is definitely a lovely change. The set will be a great figure during those times when you want to unwind and chill. We hope you enjoy ­čÖé

Thank you Giovane!

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Felix Cartal – After Dark (Ex Boyfriend Remix)

We end this lovely night with a smooth, chill and sensually smokin’ track called “After Dark” by Felix Cartal, remixed by Ex Boyfriend. Chopped trap elements are incorporated with clear beats, heady synths, heavy vocals and wrapped around lush vibes. It’s intoxicating, it’s hot and it’s going to make you come back for more. Truly made for those after dark moments.

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