Getting Deeper Podcast #72 mixed by Milo Häfliger

Milo Häfliger makes his presence for the second time in the Getting Deeper Podcast series. His first podcast for Getting Deeper was absolutely lovely and a favorite for a lot of GD’s fans. And so, it is really great to have him again on GD… this time, with a much deeper and a much more emotional set.

What’s special about Milo’s sets is the fact that he combines beautiful dialogues and speeches with even more beautiful music. It lends the set a depth that is, almost every time, heightened by the power of words. The set becomes an aural representation of the artist’s deepest thoughts. It’s stunning.

You are immediately transported to an inexplicable human state that is both intangible and profound, and can only be felt through music. There is no other art form that can touch a person’s soul so deeply that it is too dream like and intimate to explain. Music, truly, speaks the language of something beyond us… something divine and absolutely soul shattering.

Milo told me that through this set he seeks to capture the feeling of being fully present. He explains it through the word ‘isola’ which is the latin form of isolate and the Italian word for ‘island.’ With this set, he tries to create an island – a place where we face the wind and forget everything. It is a place where we deserve to live our lives to the fullest without any concessions.

Musically, the set is intensely emotional, deep and infused with clarity. Clear, airy melodies are placed on top of slow, timeless beats. The end result is a soft, sensual and mature set that is perfect for personal, intimate moments.

Thank you Milo… once again, for a gorgeous set.

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Electric Feel – Henry Green (shagabond edit)

Shagabond’s edit of ‘Electric Feel’ is the deeper, sexier and more sensual sister of Kygo’s edit of Henry Green’s cover. It’s gentle, with soft beats and echoing synths… and feminine, with a light and airy texture. Feels like your heart is beating to it.

The end result: a beautiful and intimate sound perfect for late nights and candle lights. Enjoy 🙂

And it’s available for free download.

Madbliss – Lust

It’s been such a long time since I’ve set out to explore individual tracks on my own. I have only been listening to sets and podcasts especially because they give such good company during long journeys, which take up an important part of my day. My commute to and from work is almost 2 hours, and there is nothing better than an hour long beautiful aural story to go along with it. While sets are absolutely amazing for such situations (or any situation for the most part), they also have a big downside in the eyes of music aficionados like me. Downside because it really limits you to a particular genre, makes you lazy to go out and explore music of your own, and generally just reduces your music library to an obsolete collection because you get so comfortable in the space created by sets.

And so, today I deliberately told myself that it is (without a question) time to go back to where I started from – plain, raw and ruthless song (and soul) searching. Plus, it’s not nice to see Getting Deeper’s first page filled with (mostly) sets. As much as I love them, I feel like I am not fulfilling my duty well.

Now, enough of the back story. Let’s get to the point: this gorgeous, creamy and sensually stunning track: ‘Lust’ by Madbliss, released by Future Beats Records. In my first 5 minutes of song searching, I found this and it reminded me of how much good music there is for me to discover and write about.

The track is a short, 3 minutes piece packed with goodness. It is a perfect combination of sexy, classy and downright smooth… and an absolute must for your beats playlist.

The track is available for free download here. 

Getting Deeper Podcast #60 mixed by Henk

Berlin’s Henk has given Getting Deeper something it has never released before – a groovy, funky french electro set with a hint of deep for its 60th podcast.

Definitely made for summery days, the set will transport you to a sunny Miami in a Mustang. Disco-ish beats are placed under a groovy, soulful melody that is wrapped around a lush vibe. It’s for those of us who love music to the likes of Kartell and Satin Jackets who are famous for their french touch in electro music, sometimes known as Indie Electronic.

The set has a familiar sound because every track in it has adapted many, many different old school styles such as retro, disco and funk. Everything is combined to form a style that, despite sounding familiar, is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if it is your cup of tea, you will love the sultry, dirty vibes that come with it. It must be noted that Henk has mixed the set very well. Each track compliments the other and forms a wholesome package that we can boast is a unique style today.

We hope you enjoy this set as much as we do. Listen to it on your speakers when you are a little drunk, and a little high… and you will get into the groove as much as we do. Because it is made for those dirty, sultry, drunken nights… unless it is a sunny day in Miami in a Mustang!

Thank you Henk <3

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SYRE – Only You

It has been quite a blue week. You know those days when you feel slightly off? or out of it? I just got out of them. Hard to say if it was the music that got me out or if it made me realize that I am out… out of being out of it. Anyway, I am not ecstatic or anything, or suddenly overcome with joy… But I am definitely feeling good, made even better by this gorgeous track.

Chill beats and smooth melodies are wrapped around lush vibes in this one. Perfect to relax and get high on an afternoon like this. Enjoy 🙂

Outside Looking In

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Alex Autajon – Louise

Intense and stunningly beautiful, ‘Louise’ by the young and talented French producer – Alex Autajon, is the second track in his EP release ‘Don’t Be Shy’ on I & XII records. The entire EP is a lowtempo, experimental, industrial and at the same time organic sounding package. Hitting play follows a nostalgic journey into the depths of passionate and deep experiences… some you may have experienced and some that are inexplicably intangible, difficult to pinpoint but ingrained in the humanness of your being.  Enjoy 🙂

Free to download!

DJ Grumble x Croup – Im4Real

Some beats are so damn good that you can keep listening to them again, and again… and again. DJ Grumble and Croup’s ‘I’m4Real’ consists of an incredibly gorgeous and smooth beat that runs throughout the entire length of the track. Undeniably Miami music, listening to this track feels like I am cruising on a nice sunny day in my mustang. You can keep listening to it and you will never get tired. So chill and so lovely <3 Available for free download!

aywy. X Ekali – Another Girl

We’ve got another massive hit today called ‘Another Girl’ by Aywy and Ekali. Creamy synths, bouncing beats and an organically sexual vibe makes this a must have for a late night playlist. Add this to the previous track we posted and you’ve got two passionate tracks to keep you going. Enjoy 🙂

The track is available for free download here. 


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