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Getting Deeper Artist Exclusive #1 – Valentin Grange

Valentin is unique. His music is very earthy and strangely organic. Most tracks are far from ‘future electronic,’ which is what has been creating waves these days. Valentin, though, gives us a break from that futuristic vibe and takes us way back into the past with his music.

Every track produced by him has a certain (and very strong) theme attached to it. It’s not said out aloud in words but you can feel it. ‘Brothel,’ for example, has a film noir kind of vibe… whereas many of his other tracks like ‘Raw Intelligence’ and ‘Casual I.D’ have an industrial, grungy edge to them. Others have a post-apocalyptic and ghetto setting.

Each track transports you to an imaginary setting, you feel like the world is on pause… a feeling of being alive in a photograph. Moments that never existed end up becoming memories and you feel nostalgia for a place you’ve never been, all created because an artist translated his vision into sound.

And so, after finding Valentin, it was finally time to introduce a new series on Getting Deeper – Artist Exclusives, wherein artists have the opportunity to showcase only their tracks, all strung together in a tightly knit set. There couldn’t have been a better person to begin this series with than Valentin.

Thank you Valentin, we love your music!


00:00 – 1:14 -> Intro
1:14 – 4:16 -> CasualD
4:16 – 8:15 -> Brothel
8:15 – 10:54 -> A.B.D
10:54 – 13:46 -> Leave me
13:46 – 15:50 -> Changed
15:50 – 17:48 -> GadManDubs-Greko Chedda (Prod.Valentin)
17:48 – 21:01 -> Kalam- Sucess Story (Prod.Valentin)
21:01 – 24:34 -> To Beg
24:34 – 27:05 -> Faith
27:05 – 29:28 -> Vaughan
29:28 – 32:26 -> Turn on the Sex
32:26 – 35:48 -> Wasted Hope
35:48 – 37:36 -> Drivin’
37:36 – 40:10 -> Raw Intelligence

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