Unifono | Reframing LiveSet | Podcast #68 couldn’t have chosen a better candidate for an exceptional podcast release this month. Unifono first surprised us with the beautiful track Fliegen.There was something very special in him, and it spoke through that track. Now, after more than a year, Elektroactivisten has made a welcoming appearance in our list of favorite podcasts with this divine set by Unifono.

Futuristic, deep and truly one of its kind, Unifono’s set surpasses and transcends ordinary dimensions. Get ready for a cosmic journey to space and dive into the flipping, winding mechanical world of breakbeat, swirling around its own axis, and spinning a beautiful tumbling dance. Make sure you leave extra room for some spacey synths with a post-rock attitude.

All in all, we encourage you to shut the world out. Enjoy.

Oliver – Control (Topi Remix)

Topi’s remix of Oliver’s control is a futuristic, synth heavy track with a divine vibe that I absolutely love. He has paired a magnificent intro with a mind blowing progression in a 5 minute package that will make you want to play it again and again. If you were listening to music on a spaceship, this should be it… and that’s one of the reasons why I have rightfully called it Space Disco. It’s sparkling space disco goodness. Yummy.

And it’s available for free download.


Manu Shrine – Fortune

‘Fortune’ by Manu Shrine is a deep, ambient track with subtle nuances that make up a big part of the essence of the track. It’s simple yet packed with an intensity that is hard to miss. Beautifully chilling and stunningly simple. Best enjoyed on a rainy day or on a beach.

The track is available for free download.

Alex Autajon – Louise

Intense and stunningly beautiful, ‘Louise’ by the young and talented French producer – Alex Autajon, is the second track in his EP release ‘Don’t Be Shy’ on I & XII records. The entire EP is a lowtempo, experimental, industrial and at the same time organic sounding package. Hitting play follows a nostalgic journey into the depths of passionate and deep experiences… some you may have experienced and some that are inexplicably intangible, difficult to pinpoint but ingrained in the humanness of your being.  Enjoy 🙂

Free to download!

JustinJayBeats – A Space Odyssey

LA’s Justin Jamndre aka JustinJayBeats gives us an extremely smooth, lo-fi sound through ‘A Space Odyssey.’ Chill, elementary and yet packed with so much goodness, ‘A Space Odyssey’ feels like an organic trip into space. Listen and enjoy 🙂

Maximus MMC – Echoes Of The XO

True to its title, ‘Echoes Of The XO’ by Maximus MMC is a beautifully haunting musical piece born out of echoing beats, drifting vocals and divine melodies. It’s simple yet packed with grandeur. I love contrasting elements like this. I feel like they are more human… more complicated yet inherently simple.

The Lake District – Framed

Seattle based producer Trevor Ransom, through his project “The Lake District” has made us fall in love with him. I love how deep he gets with his music, I love how it resonates in his descriptions of both himself and his tracks, and I particularly like the fact that he likes to create scenarios around them.

His latest release ‘Framed’ is a thought-provoking and mind expanding aural trip. Soaring atmospheric soundscapes are given an intensely emotional lift that only a bittersweet piano melody can offer. The essence of the track lies in its simplicity, and how it beautifully manages to represent something much larger and much more enchanting than its mere parts: inexplicable human states… those in between moments that are hard to define… that, sometimes, can only be defined through music.

The track is available for free download!

The Friday Five #1

Hello everyone! Today we begin a new collection of mixtapes that we hope to publish everyday. Each collection will feature tracks with the same sound, genre or vibe. This is so that we can keep up with all the good music that is being circulated!

For today’s collection, we have 5 chill tracks to get through the day. Some are jazz influenced, and some just downright chill. One thing in common though, amongst all these tracks is the inherent beauty they carry. They are rich, gorgeous and absolutely stunning. Enjoy 🙂

Includes music by Deejaykat, Clamore, Strangehead, Koen and White Fox Archetype.

1. DJ Kat – Morning Bell

2. White Fox Archetype – everything is backwards… even love.

3. Strangehead – Swerving in the rain

4. Koen – 1140

5. Clamore – Rough Turn (preview)

Getting Deeper Podcast #44 mixed by Inchange

Russia’s Michael Soldatkin aka Inchange was immediately on our radar after we heard his album Found Records. Intense, not overly emotional but definitely very deep, Inchange has the ability to produce tracks that are chill and at the same time edgy. Edgy because they have a certain uniqueness to them. He explores various tempos, soundscapes and flows to create music that is both interesting and great to listen to. A lot of unique, interesting music is great in terms of composition but not something that many of us can dive into. We can appreciate it but we cannot hold it close to our hearts. Inchange, however, combines simplicity with originality that blows our minds every single time we glance at it.

For Getting Deeper 44th podcast, Inchange has impressed us beyond our expectations. This is because he is relatively new to making podcasts. For someone who hasn’t explored the side of making sets too much, this is top class. Downtempo beats, organic sounds and a very intelligent track selection makes this set a must have for anyone who loves their chillout music.

The vibe is consistent, with dark mind-expanding aural trips. Sometimes the set embraces the twisting, mechanical world of breakbeat… enough to to take you to different horizons, just enough so that you don’t get confused with sudden shifts in the set; and that is precisely what chillout music is about.

Thank you Inchange, this set is flawless… and definitely one of its kind on Getting Deeper.

[embedit snippet=”jc”]

Audioglider – Cortexaphan

‘Cortexaphan’ by Audioglider is one of the most beautiful tracks I have come across recently. Atmospheric soundscapes, cinematic beats and chilling synths come together to form a liberating progression in this track. Music like this is a sonic representation of everything stunning in the world. It takes you out of your body and into a clear dimension of aural and visual beauty. It’s centered, pure and divine… and rightly named ‘shoegaze electronica.’

‘Cortexaphan’ comes from an album by Audioglider called ‘Accidental Beauty’ which is due to release on 21st April.

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