Troja – Sutra [Get Physical Music]


“Straight from the train station, we head for a holy immersion into the river Ganges – with Calcutta born DJ & producer Trideep Roy aka. Troja. His offering – Sutra – is a trance-inducing spell, filled with pitched down chantings from holy scriptures & twangy Indian string instruments. ” – Reji Ravindran on Sutra for India Gets Physical

2019 sees Get Physical turn its always pan-global focus towards the shining stars of the emerging Indian dance music scene with a fantastic new 12 track compilation album featuring some of the country’s key contemporary talents. This brilliant selection is compiled by Todh Teri.
When asked about India Gets Physical, he says,” The artists and music I’ve put together for this project are predominantly electronic,
but with just a pinch of India. Clearly steering away from all probable cliches, all of these tracks sound very international but with just a hint of an Indian tone, scale or sound. It is our lil’ nod to the motherland.”

Release Date: 29.03.2019


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