Raphael Treza – Noizy Birdz



French musician and self-learned filmmaker Raphael Treza collaborates with Getting Deeper to present his music with an exclusive ‘World Music’ playlist only on GD.

Raphael has already produced and shot 3 stunning documentaries featuring isolated tribes from around the world, their culture, and their relationship with wild animals. Much of the music in the documentaries is originally by him. The combination of the music together with the authenticity and rawness of his shots gives viewers a wholesome and invigorating watching experience, inspiring us also to present this experience on Getting Deeper.

In order to feed our love of creative projects and our enthusiasm for good music, we are thrilled to have Raphael on board Getting Deeper with a weekly release from him. All tracks are owned by Raphael and have already been released before.

You can find Raphael Treza and his documentaries here:

Getting Deeper: @getting-deeper

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