UCR #052 by Maguera



As music lovers, we all asked ourselves at least once what music is about. What is its function? How did it become such an important component of our lives? Maguera (https://ift.tt/2jAcpyf) questioned himself about it too, and he concluded that for him it is all about communication and profound emotions. This talented Italo-Danish composer, musician, and electronic producer believes that music is the strongest medium available to reach people, and he employed it to send out a call to self-reflection to our listeners and to himself. In fact, he told us of his thoughts about the decreasing ability of the people to feel empathy and how this is affecting our essence. This is the main theme of the splendid mix he recorded for UCR. His concern towards the rising narcissism and egomania, as well as his hope for an imminent change of direction, drove the artist in the recording of the mix. It’s possibly the duel between these controversial strong emotions that makes this mix so beautifully heterogeneous, with melancholic notes alternating with gleeful and dreamy moments. The set consists mostly of Maguera’s own productions played live, which the artist blended masterfully with others’ tracks, and it’s meant to stimulate our capability to travel through our thoughts and feelings about empathy. Despite his elusiveness and humbleness, Maguera has made great display of the communicative power of his sound and of his moral depth. We at UCR are delighted to share his set with our listeners and welcome his call to self-reflection.

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