KALIFER | Hadra Altervision Records Series Vol.2 | 17/01/2019



The Hadra Altervision series continues. Carefully blended for RadiOzora, Alexander presents you this set that contains tracks from his latest compilation and some of the finest tracks released the last year.


1-Aora Paradox- Pulsar Alpha
2-State Azure- Emerald Veil
3-Iorie- Creep
4-Jacob Groening- Kopru Ortas
5-Serkan Kalgor- Mystic Codes
6-Shai T- Jericho
7-Shkoon- Ala Moj Al Bahr (JAVID Remix)
8-Karhua- Kugelfisch auf Abwegen
9-Birds of minds- Flying Through the Souls Just_Emma_Remix
10-Shkoon- Letters (Timujin Remix)
11-Shkoon, Fruiterama- Napauken Feat. Fruiterama
12-Jugurtha- Sophonisbe (Jacob Groening Remix)
13-Tony Casanova- Dreaming of Space
14-Jugurtha- Khayyam (Original Mix)
15-Elfenberg- Bazaar
16-Hannes Fischer, Coss- Kabuffeule (iorie Remix)

Dj Kalifer aka SolEye (his PsyChill side project) is known to fill the most beautiful European Chillfloor like Psy-fi , Hadra , Harmonic , South Nature , Karma Kusala , Stone Moon etc …
His connection with the public is hypnotic, intense and favorising interconnections.

2018 is marked by the release of his first compilation “Deep Resonance” release by Hadra Altervision Records.

He is a DJ of ten years of experience. He integrates 4 years ago Hadra Altervision Records.
he is also involved in the programation for Hadra Trance Festival. He is also stage manager for this international festival.

DJ Sol Eye on Facebook | Soundcloud

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