Getting Deeper Podcast #52 mixed by Der Name

Der Name, i.e., Stephan from Germany has given us a divinely colorful set for Getting Deeper’s 52nd podcast. Soul shattering, mind expanding and chillingly stunning, this set is a beautiful mixture of highs and lows that you can easily get lost into.

When you start listening to it, the set first introduces itself with a deep, rooftop vibe. Stephan then moves on to deeper sounds with more underground tones. At this point a nice, quirky bassline makes a welcome appearance and grungy, industrial sounds take over the center stage. Cross the first half, and you will be traveling through grandiose stretches of deep beats and cosmic, intoxicating melodies. Absolutely glorious.

Unbound by genre orthodoxy, Stephan has interestingly created an aural package of deep house, tech house and finally techno. Sometimes melodic, sometimes deeply banging and other times intensely emotional… you will be surprised by how well this set either keeps you on your toes or keeps you in a dreamy, mesmerized state.

An excellent track selection finally makes up the essence of this set. The end result is a tightly knit package of timeless, sublime music. It couldn’t have gotten more deeper.

Thank you Stephan!

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