Getting Deeper Podcast #45 mixed by Oscar Ozz

For Getting Deeper’s 45th podcast, Berlin based Oscar Ozz has given us a phenomenal set with banging beats, warm tones and a timeless vibe all wrapped around a majestic track selection.

It’s mature and consistent with what it promises to deliver in the beginning of the set, which is nothing but a lovely start to a banging journey. Disjointed synths and varying drum styles make up the hallmark of the entire set, making it perfect for the dance floor. It’s rare to find sets like this because most sets are quite predictable, with consistent beats and tested progressions.

But when a set like this comes along, it shocks you out of your body. This is because Oscar has not only chosen tracks that are banging, but he has chosen them with class. There is much more to each and every track than a mere sound made for a dance ritual. They are intense, divine and sure to create an exciting aural trip for you. It’s far from boring, and we can promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

The essence of the set lies in its extraordinary ability put you in a state of trance. It’s hypnotic, stunning and incredibly enjoyable. The vibe is consistent, classy and smoking hot.

Thank you Oscar. This set is fantastic.

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