Getting Deeper Podcast #43 mixed by Simon Drosten

It’s been 2 weeks since we’ve uploaded a new podcast, and we couldn’t have been happier to break the spell with Simon Drosten’s set for Getting Deeper. Simon has always been respected and admired on Getting Deeper. This is because he has a lovely ability to create sets that carry immense depth and meaning. They aren’t a mere compilation of good music strung together in a tightly knit package. They go way beyond that.

Intensely emotional and touching, Simon’s set for Getting Deeper’s 43rd podcast is a sonic representation of a photographic story. Sensual, mature love, fleeting moments and unsaid gestures are captured in this set, at least in the first half. What comes after is a release… an explosion of everything that was never meant to stay cocooned. It’s the aftermath of a love story – the point when you realize, deep down… that it’s just you. When you know that the time has finally come to create your own story… a complete, uninhibited and very liberating expression of individual identity.  You will know it when the music starts ringing through your entire body. It will come, after the first half of this set. And you will know it.

Without saying much, I think I have still said a lot about this set. For the rest, I am going to leave it to your imagination. Listen, close your eyes and let it blow you.

Thank you Simon <3 We are very proud to have such an exquisite set on Getting Deeper!

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