Getting Deeper Podcast #35 mixed by D33P

Isreal’s D33P gives Getting Deeper a nice gift as its 35th podcast. His set for Spirit Soul was one of the best sets I had heard in a while, and right then I knew that I had to get a podcast from him on Getting Deeper.  His taste was definitely something that Getting Deeper needed to tap into.

The combination of deep, grungy vibes and melodic sounds is exactly what I had expected from the set, and to my satisfaction the set was much beyond my expectations. As you dive deeper into it, it gets more and more electrifying. It’s subtly dark and mysterious texture makes it a perfect accompaniment to night. And the best part? The vibe is consistent. You get a nice taste of the overall vibe in the beginning, and it promises to remain the same if not more intense till the end.

I like that because when you start listening to a set, you continue to listen to it because you like how it sounds in the beginning. You like the vibe, you like what it makes you feel and more importantly the set feels perfect for the kind of mood you are in. I must mention that vibe is not the same as sound. You can have many different types of tracks, with different layers, variations and even speed. All kinds of genres can be packed in a set, as long as the vibe remains consistent. And when it is, it’s so damn satisfactory from the beginning till the end.

D33P promises to do that with his set for Getting Deeper. So when you listen to it and you like it…don’t stop. It just gets better and better.

Thank you D33P! This is exactly what Getting Deeper needs at this moment 🙂

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