Getting Deeper Podcast #34 mixed by DennyD

Today is such a perfect time to upload this set by DennyD for Getting Deeper. It’s the kind of music that is perfect for Sundays. Sublime and subtly melodic, Denny’s set is going to lift you up slowly and consistently from the beginning till the end.

This set has a different texture of deep. Deep music for night has, according to me, more underground, grungy and wicked sounds. But ‘deep’ as a genre during the day has a much lighter, more sublime texture. It’s more melodic, more soulful and definitely more glorious. Not that music for night is any less… it’s just different, and gorgeous in its own unique way.

Denny has created a lovely podcast with an immaculate track selection that soothes you from inside it. It touches you deep in your heart with it’s simplicity and down to earth character. The first time I listened to the set I was so happy. It was a therapeutic dose of loveliness that I needed so badly. It has been on repeat ever since.

It’s great to find artists who can create such beautiful sets with tracks that have so much depth in them. It only makes you think of how the personality of the person who created it is. After all, if you can create something with so much depth, there has to be something in you to reflect that in your creation.

Thank you Denny! This is pure comfort music that we need very badly.

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