Getting Deeper Podcast #33 mixed by Mr. Randerson

Our 33rd member in the Getting Deeper Podcast series is Rassmus Anderson aka Mr. Randerson.┬áHe brings with his podcast a deep and grungy side to a fairly new genre called ‘Slowmotion Deep House.’ And as the title suggests, the sound is characteristic particularly of the lower BPM range in Deep House.

Mr. Randerson begins the set with an incredibly deep and exotic introduction. I really did not expect a psychill vibe to come out of the first track. Slowly and smoothly, he transitions to much deeper, underground sounds with consistent, clear and compressed beats. There is a very obvious consistency in the set, which is great because it makes the podcast even more deep, with a depth that can only be associated with quality, underground electronica.

It feels like the set was born after midnight in a dark, secret room. I can imagine the room being very minimalist. Dim lighting, mind blowing speakers and a few, true fans and fanatics of underground music.

Very tastefully, Mr. Randerson continues to maintain a sinister vibe throughout the entire length of the set’s time. Sometimes it gets a little funky, just enough to satisfy the need for some melodic groove. The end result: a tightly knit set for a minimal appetite.

Thank you Mr. Randerson! This set is pure class.

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