Getting Deeper Podcast #28 mixed by Meise & Huhn

Meise & Huhn – a lovely blend of Frau Meise & Herr Huhn from Germany, have given Getting Deeper just exactly what it needs for its 28th podcast. A deeply melodic and soulful treat welcomed me this winter as I came back from one of  the most amazing holidays I have had till date. It was very nice to come back home and listen to this comforting 1 hour set. And so the entire day consisted of a satisfying win of this wonderful podcast over post holiday blues.

Meise & Huhn have blended a spectacular composition of swirling melodies, earthly beats and intensely emotional vibes that are going to comfort you deep in your soul. Just like the pure joy of finding a connection with beautiful people or beautiful places, this set creates a similar atmosphere by taking you back to the feeling of experiencing such sublime states.

To top all of that, the podcast sometimes takes you to dreamy and surreal dimensions by incorporating electric and colorful currents of melodies, sounds and reverberations. Absolutely fucking amazing.

Thanks to Meise & Huhn, we’ve got a set to blow our minds away from start to finish.

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