Getting Deeper Podcast #27 mixed by Cinthie

As with all good things in life that don’t come easy, this podcast too took us a lot of time and effort but the end result was absolutely worth it. And so, it is finally here – our 27th only vinyl set by the lovely Cinthie – recorded with perfection and lots of class.

Deep House greets us again for our 27th podcast, but this time we’ve got some nice, deep beats and a consistent level of smoothness. It is going to take you back to summer for a good 1 hour. It embraces the hard beats with chopped synths, the subtle progressions and most importantly the good vibes that summer deep house tracks carry.

It is 4 am here, I woke up this early hoping that our final product was ready to be uploaded before I leave on a holiday. It was great to find it done as soon as I woke up. And it is even more great to see it uploaded before leaving. Cinthie has given us exactly what I expected out of her. I have listened to her other sets and all of them carry Cinthie’s own classy and slick music selection and blending capabilities. When the set was finally done, the first thing I did was smile and think to myself,  “Yes, this is it.”

Thank you Cinthie! The pleasure of having this on Getting Deeper matches the pleasure of listening to this wonderful set.

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